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My mom and grandfather had them. What are your symptoms?

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I had shingles at 18, they were stress induced from my senior year in high school. I had a mild case but I ended up with numbness on the left side of my back, that spreads around under my arm and under my left breast (and parts of my nipple) are numb.


Shingles are pretty easy to take care of. I was on an antibiotic for two weeks with an OTC pain killer for the pain (which varied from moderate to intense depending on the day.) Some clothing hurt me, and I had a school uniform so I had to get a doctor’s permission to wear clothes that didn’t cause me pain.

Take a breath. Shingles are no big deal!

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@MrsConnolly2bee:  Definitely sounds like shingles 🙁 I’m sorry! It isn’t a fun thing to go through.

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I had shingles a couple years ago when I was 20. It started out as two bumps under my breast that itched and were a little painful and then within a couple days turned to a linear rash that wrapped around to my side and back. It was very itchy and felt like a very painful sunburn. I couldn’t wear a bra and had to wear loose clothing because if anything brushed against it it hurt a lot 🙁

I was in college at the time and health services gave me humongous anti-viral pills to take and it cleared up in a couple weeks. I wish I asked for anti-itch cream or something though. I don’t think they saw shingles enough there to know what to do, lol!

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The quicker you get them treated (antibiotic), the better.  My husband got them, got on meds right away, and they were cleared up within a week with very little pain.

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@MrsConnolly2bee:  Yuck, sounds like it, def get to the doctor, the sooner it’s treated the better. I hope you feel better soon!!

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@MrsConnolly2bee:  See the doctor as soon as possible. Contrary to anyone saying shingles is not a big deal, it definitely can be. Post herpetic neuralgia is only one complication.

It can also be extremely painful- to the point that patients need narcotic analgesics.

You also don’t take antibiotics for shingles unless you have a secondary bacterial infection.

Shinges is caused by a flare-up of the chicken pox virus.

The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you can be put on an anti-viral med . It  will help to reduce the duration and pain of the shingles.


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I got shingles when I was 14(!!!) due to stress. It was an itchy rash that wrapped around my stomach onto my back. I don’t remember it too much I just remember putting a pink chalky medicine on it to prevent itching I believe and took an antibiotic.

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@MrsConnolly2bee:  I had shingles this summer and it wasn’t fun.  Shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus re-awakening in our bodies.  When we get chicken pox as children it never goes away, it just lays dormant in the nerve cells and can re-activate when the immune system becomes stressed and unable to keep it under control.  The most important thing about shingles is to get diagnosed and start treatment with 72 hours.  After that, the antiviral medication doesn’t work. Antivirals don’t kill the virus like an antibiotic kills bacteria, they simply prevent it from replicating so that your body’s own defenses have a chance to mount an attack.  I work as a pharmacy technician and knew exactly what the shingles rash looked like but because I was only 27 the first doctor refused to believe that it was shingles.  I was determined to get treated in time and went to another doctor who told me start on medication immediately.  You’ll most likely be prescribed valacyclovir and will have to take 2 tablets (1000 mg) three times per day for 7 days.  Make sure to space them out evenly to ensure a constant blood level.  The side effects from the medication should be mild and would most likely consist of nausea or upset stomach, which can be minimized by taking it with some food.  You’ll also want to drink a lot of water to flush the kidneys.  Most of the time the pain will go away once the rash heals but in some cases it may persist even after the rash has healed.  This is called post-herpetic neuralgia and can last for months of years.  The faster you start treatment the less likely you’ll be to develop PHN.  If you have pain now you could try Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (ibuprofen) and calamine lotion might help the itch.  Wearing loose fitting clothing and no bra will be the most comfortable.




There are some additional measures you can take which I believe helped my shingles heal in only 8 days.  I mixed 15 drops of tea tree oil into 2 tablespoons of olive oil and lightly dabbed the rash about 5-10 times per day.  Tea tree oil is a topical antiviral and the mixture seemed to help a bit with the pain as well.  I also took a Lysine supplement with every dose of the antiviral medication.  Lysine is an amino acid found in food that can become unbalanced if you eat too many foods that are high in the amino acid arginine.  Lysine helps to prevent viral replication while arginine encourages viral replication.  I also avoided high-arginine foods such as chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, beans, brown rice and oatmeal until the rash had healed. 




Shingles emerges in people with compromised immune systems and when it appears in young people it’s usually due to stress.  It’s super important to take a step back from wedding planning and manage your stress.  Get tons of rest and take sick days from work if possible.




I hope you feel better soon!  Sorry that you’re going through this.  Feel free to message me with any questions. 




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