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  • Wedding: October 2010

My Mother in law is a peach. 

First off she is a big alcoholics anonymous person. She thinks everyone else must be an alcoholic too. 

So she tells me after my wedding that she thought I might have been doing coke in the bathroom because I was talking faster than usual and I went to the bathroom a lot. Well, everyone I love is in one room and it’s my damn wedding day, I may have been excited. And I started my period the night before my wedding and was way paranoid going to the bathroom constantly to check and change my feminine protection. But you know plenty of normal people are doing coke in the bathroom on their wedding day.

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I like my inlaws alot, so the worst isn’t even something they say to me! My Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law and even sometimes the grandparents in law call my BIL’s second wife by his ex-wifes name.  It is crazy and I would LOSE it if it happened to me as much as it happens to her! Granted that Lori and Lauren are very close names, and that the ex is still in their lives because of the grandkids, and I know its not purposeful whatsoever, but still.   

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Fiance and I were talking about where we might like to go on our honeymoon at the dinner table with his parents and his brother. 

When we mentioned that we wanted to look into this fly fishing lodge out in Montana, Future Mother-In-Law said to me “You don’t really want to go there, do you?” Mind you, this place is all inclusive, with a spa, so it’s not some run down motel in the middle of nowhere. 

I replied with “Yes, actually, it was my idea”. Fishing is a huge part of our lives, Fiance had just bought me a very nice (very expensive) fishing rod for my birthday about a month prior to that conversation. She doesn’t believe that I’m not a girly girl and that I actually enjoy being outside fishing, hunting, hiking, gardening, etc. 

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  • Wedding: September 2015

2 months after getting engaged, 2 1/2 years BEFORE the wedding, via email:

Mother-In-Law:  “I’m going to talk to my parents about who we can send the wedding announcements to.  Do you have enough announcements?  Linda said that there is a printing place in Mayville that can do wedding announcement and invitations.  Do you want me to ask for details?”

Me:  “Announcements?  We’re not planning on doing announcements, just Save-The-Date Cards in early 2015 and invitations towards the end of summer. Also one of our friends is designing all of our stationery and she’ll be working out the printing because she knows more about it than I do.  We’ll print however many we need according to the final guest list.”  Note:  at this point I thought announcements were just something you put in the newspaper.

Mother-In-Law, after a couple more emails during which I try to figure out what the heck she’s talking about:  “We send out the announcement before the wedding.  Probably the same time as the invitations.”

Me, internally:  Whoa, I don’t think it’s good etiquette to send announcements to people before the wedding takes place.  That sounds like we’re saying they’re not good enough to get an invitation, but we still want them to know we’re getting married so they can send money!  And what if they think the announcement is an invitation and show up?!  

Me, to Mother-In-Law:  “Umm, how about we just send invitations to people we’d like to attend, and then we can work out the announcements to more distant relatives after the wedding.”

Mother-In-Law:  Proceeds to add 20 very distant relatives to the invitation guest list, she doesn’t even know their full names or exactly how they’re related, and my Fiance has no idea who they are either.

I gave up at that point.  As long as we don’t invite more than our 150-person limit and MIL’s guests don’t take up more than her fair share of the guest list, I don’t care who she has us invite.  FI and I are paying for the wedding ourselves so as far as I’m concerned, the more distant the relatives, the less likely they are to attend, so we won’t have to pay for them 🙂 

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  • Wedding: March 2014

My Mother-In-Law told me once while washing dishes at her house to lower the water because at one point she says the world will have a shortage of water and we need to be conscious of not using too much. 

I was like… okay.

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ny88:  WOW!!! I can’t even… Wow. Bless you for being so patient.

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Oh man! Some of the stories here make mine look tiny in comparison. I love my in laws and they love me back. Just sometimes I wish they would give us more space. They are super invloved with my  DH and I and we thank them for it, but the funniest one yet has been in the planning of a trip that is a 9 hour car ride. 

Mother-In-Law: I can’t wait to go to (place that takes nine hours)!

Me: Ummm well I’m not sure we can go or not. I am looking for a new job and may not be able to take the time off. Plus its right after our 1 year anniversery. 

Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law: shocked faces. Why won’t you? Anniverseries come and go. It will be fun! 

it finally ended with me saying if I can get the time off we can go. But i don’t think they heard IF. So we will see what happens.

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  • Wedding: August 2015

Oh man, my Future Mother-In-Law has said some gems.


Future Mother-In-Law to Fiance after he tells her I’m vegan: Well, maybe we should bring her to some farms to see how happy the cows are, and then she’ll drink milk.


Future Mother-In-Law about my student loans after I tell her that I’m on an income based repayment plan and, because I work at a nonprofit, my loans are forgiven after 120 payments: Well, you need a real plan to pay off your loans.

Me: *explains the plan again*

Future Mother-In-Law: Well, I raised very financially responsible childrenand they would hate being in debt.<br />

Thankfully FSIL jumped in to say that she’ll have around the same amount of debt after business school and that my debt is normal for people who have graduate degrees.


Future Mother-In-Law on the phone with Fiance after her explained the public service loan forgiveness program again because she was harping on my loans: So, she’s getting a government bail-out!?!


After I told FI’s family (because Future Mother-In-Law asked) that my parents brought me up to be open-minded about religion and believe in whatever I wanted rather than raising me in a specific religion, and that I am happy with that and don’t feel that I missed out on anything:<br />

FI’s Aunt: Well, you’ll never know what you missed out on.

Future Mother-In-Law: I don’t think that’s right. Everyone needs god in their life (and then lectures me for 15 minutes on the importance of religion and god; Fiance is not religious either)


At FI’s family’s lake house for a long weekend, after I had already set the table and made the salad for dinner, plus made the main dish for myself and Fiance…

FI’s Aunt: Well, TGold, your mom probably had a lot of time for housework and cleaning, but Future Mother-In-Law works and we all need to pitch in to give her a break when we’re here. You should be doing the dishes when we get back.

Me in my head: And I don’t work?!?! Last time I checked, I have a full time job and drove 6 hours to be here. Maybe I don’t want to wash everyone’s gross meat dishes.


Future Mother-In-Law: I don’t know whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah, but we got you a menorah.

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MrsPiggles:  I’m sorry to hear that about your FIL’s and FGPIL’s.I’m experiencing the same thing with both sets of his grandparents. One is trying to apologize by trying to shove checks down my throat and the other set just ignores me completely. And to answer your question, yes, I’ve told my partner of this and he’s shocked as well, he typically apologizeds on their behalf. He’s typically never around when they say those ridiculous things. Unfortunately, I’ve made him very aware of how I feel towards his women in his family. I don’t want anything to do with them period. I say it’s unfortunate because I don’t want him to feel emotionally torn between his family and me. I try to think about if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d question the  longevity with my S/O if I ever felt like he was pressuring me to choose between my family and him. Also, we plan on having children and I don’t want my children to not know their Polish side of the family.

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TGold:  OMG! She really does take the cake. That sucks that they’re trying to tell you what’s important in your life i.e. diet, religion. I’m actually attempting a vegan diet for a month and I have new found respect. That’s a commitment and dedication that I was completely ignorant to. I have debt too because of school and I made sure to tell my S/O to not bring it up to his family. His women would rip me to shreds. This is going to be an odd thing to say, but I’m relieved to see that there are so many other horrible FMIL’s/IL stories from Bee’s like us. It’s sort of nice being able to speak candidly about the idiots that are comprised of  our IL’s.

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My Father-In-Law is German. And my Father-In-Law has a really hard time understanding and speaking English. They own a house in the US where they spend 4 -6 months a year. Poor Father-In-Law was asked what does he do for a living? And he said….

I’m…. R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D!!! Poor thing meant RETIRED. Gotta love him. Now we joke all the time and The time he was angry about paying $2 for a parking spot for like 5 mins. The lady at the paying station said oh nice haircut and he was so annoyed that he didn’t hear what she said so in his very poor English he kept saying Two dollars, two dollars!!! And the lady was like WOW! Way to go… Awesome haircut for just two bucks!!! Lmao!! My Mother-In-Law was dying there. She was laughing and we all laugh about it when we get together and someone brings the story. Now that he understands he thinks it’s hilarious! 

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SarahLulu:  Oh Wow! a part of me would actually prefer that in comparison to my overly nosey Future Mother-In-Law that questions our sex life and makes raunchy jokes about it.

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My Future In-Laws are great actaully, but there is one in their family.  She’s actaully a family friend but she’s called “Aunt”.  This was about 9 months before the wedding, I was at a family function and people were asking how the planning was going.  I had just said that I hadn’t thought about dresses much yet.

Aunt-IL “Oh you’re going to be one of those brides that waits till the last minute.  Come February you’ll be crying to everyone because you don’t have a dress.”

Me …..


And honestly I already had a list of 2-3 dresses I was considering.  I just didn’t want to give her any details because I didn’t feel like hearing her opinion!

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  • Wedding: January 1993

Future Mother-In-Law: How are (my dog’s name) and (my cat’s name). Are they doing good?

Me: Yeah they are they just play around and stuff.

Future Mother-In-Law: That’s good.

(An hour later)

Future Mother-In-Law: So how are (dog’s name) and (cat’s name) doing?

Me: good 🙂

Future Mother-In-Law: Oh that’s good.

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carmelbride103:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this cracks me up.


My Future Mother-In-Law has good intentions but she is soooo persistent and overbearing.


First, we got engaged in July. Around Christmas she asked us about if we looked at what kind of dishes we want to register for for our wedding cuz she wants to get me some for christmas. First, we aren’t getting married until May 2015 so this is like two christmases prior. Second, what am I going to do with dishes til then? Store them? Okay. Third, I hadn’t even looked or thought about it (still haven’t).

She asked me so many times and each time I was like “i haven’t really thought about it yet” or “i’m not worried about that yet” finally she was like

Future Mother-In-Law: So, do you think I could just go pick out some dishes for you then? Since you haven’t looked.

I was like.. Um since it’s something I will be using like daily I’d like to pick them myself thanks.

She finally dropped it but I was like seriously?


Also, shortly after we got engaged I found out I had an autoimmune disease that makes my muscles pretty weak. She has celiac and INSISTS that if I eat gluten-free I will be better/cured. Except, I don’t have celiac I have something completely different.  Last week she bought me and Fiance a nutribullet to use so we can eat healthier, which is great except she insists it will FIX ALL MY PROBLEMS.  THen proceeded to call/text and ask my mom and my Fiance if we had used it yet. I have two jobs and was having some health things last week so didn’t feel like using it yet. Finally we just made a smoothie so she would stop asking us about if we used it yet.


Super frustrating.<br /><br />

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