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Sugar bee

I remember one time when we were in the early stages of our relationship (I was probably 17 or 18) and Future Mother-In-Law invited Fiance and I over for dinner. Fiance told her we’d bring a dessert and she thought that was wonderful.

My Fiance asked me to make my cheesecake, since I was pretty young I didn’t do a lot of cooking and cheesecake was one of the things I was really good at and he really liked it. But his mother is like a gourmet chef, but anyway…

Future Mother-In-Law asked what I was bringing for dessert, I told her “Cheesecake (strawberry kind), it’s pretty much all I know how to make and Fiance says he likes it!”

So when we arrive for dinner she pulls a cheesecake (PB and chocolate kind) out of the oven and of course its gigantic and aesthetically amazing in comparison to my piddly thing. I said “Oh you made a dessert?” and she replies “Yeah, it’s reeses cheesecake, it’s FI’s favorite…” Ummm ok…

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Helper bee
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Oh wow, these are all hilarious and/or horrifying! Mine’s not too bad in comparison.

Back story: I went to the ER last year and they found that I had to have emergency surgery. Everyone in FI’s family knew what was going on because we had to miss a family event because of it. 2 days later, his mom calls:

Future Mother-In-Law: *garbled phone voice*

Fiance: Oh, she’s good, thanks so much for asking!

Me: *feels loved that Future Mother-In-Law cares enough to check in*

Future Mother-In-Law: *garbled phone voice*

Fiance: Oh mom, she’d never forget her grandma!

Me: What the…?


Turns out she was only asking about our dog.

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ny88:  Oh my god… I pray you do not live in the south lol But that is ridiculous you have to deal with that. I couldn’t imagine and praise you for having patience. 


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peonyinlove:  omg I thought I was going to go crazy. My Future Sister-In-Law decided to haev a Destination Wedding and tell us all 2 months ago. Our wedding is in Septemer 2014, it has been since August 2013 when I booked our venue I told Future Father-In-Law & Future Mother-In-Law the same day I booked it what our wedding date was. 

As we are discussing the weddings in January (we almost changed the date of our wedding because of Future Sister-In-Law poor planning-we didn’t thank god longggg story) 

I say to my Future Sister-In-Law “well I don’t really know how Fiance and I will afford this with our wedding in September and yours 3 WEEKS after ours-(FYI they booked their wedding for October 2014 and decided to tell us in January 2014) we had no plans of going on a Honeymoon” (we already have 2 vacations planned this year alone)

Future Mother-In-Law interrups: “Wait, wait waitttttt who is getting married in July??!! 

Me: “no one?” 

Future Sister-In-Law: “at first we were looking at dates in July around here but everything was already booked for the dates I want, so we decided on a DW” 

Future Mother-In-Law: “what??!!!!” 

I just looked at my Fiance and we litterally had nothing to say. I couldn’t believe it. All we do is laugh now. 

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Oh an my Future Mother-In-Law called me the completely wrong name. When I didn’t respond she finally noticed and corrected herself. I’ve been with my Fiance for 8 years. I just shake my head not even kidding. 

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Oh goodness I could write i book…multiple books….volumes upon volumes 😉

Here is one of my fave wtf convos:

Mother-In-Law: SO where did you guys decide to go on your honeymoon?

ME: Italy! I’ve always wanted to go…

Mother-In-Law: Thats great. Let us know when and we can plan to go as a family.

ME: uh….well its our honeymoon

Mother-In-Law:….ya and?



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LittleE3:  I’m still laughing…but I think it’s kinda cute…we’re all sweet innocent snowflakes..

Waiting on one of my relatives to say something similar to me..which would be funny, except I am not too fond of the person whom I think may express such thoughts..

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Worker bee
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ny88:  I am in absolute disbelief that your Future Father-In-Law would say something so ignorant to your face. My FH is white and I am black and we have experienced our share of racism… but his family has never said anything like thaaaat to my face. That’s horrible.


My Future Mother-In-Law would go, “Are you sure you can’t wait another year to get married? I don’t understand why you are such in a rush” Mind you we already booked the venue at this point.

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Future Mother-In-Law: I clipped some magazine pages of things I think will be good for your wedding. 

Me: Oh, thanks. (I promise I said this in a convincingly appreciative tone and not sarcastically at all)

Future Mother-In-Law: What do you think? (In reference to a picture of a full-on ball gown with white beaded corset and fluffy pink skirt)

Me: I think that might be a little much for our outdoor summer wedding and I’ll probably wear an all white dress…

Future Mother-In-Law: Not for you, for my mother of the groom dress. You did say pink was one of your colors, right?    


She was completely serious. Among other clipping highlights was a SUPER tight full-length turquoise sequin gown for bridesmaid dresses (her daughter is a bridesmaid) which she assured me was available in pink. For the record, we’re having a low-key wedding on a lake in June.

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My sister-in-law is a piece of work. Two years after my DH and I got married I was talking to my Father-In-Law about how my family has ties to the shriners and have been long standing members. Suddenly my SIL is pacing the kitchen screming about how I was sent by the the illumniti lizard people who control the government to infiltrate her family. (no joke) And now everytime since then when I come over she has to remind me that she is on to me and my family and our lizardy ways. Family dinners are fun. 

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This was back in 2010 when I was still a senior in college and my fiance (just started working for a couple of months) has asked me to marry him (the first time… :D)

Fiance: (phone): Mom I just asked her to marry me and she said yes!

Future Mother-In-Law: (not knowing I was sitting in the passenger seat right next to him): Four or Eight?

Fiance: …

Future Mother-In-Law: the ring? Four or Eight (Thousands)? ……….  

Ilater found out that his parents loaned him $2 to help with the ring.  So (according to him) that was the ONLY reason why they seem more concern about how much he paid for the ring than the fact that their eldest son just got engaged… may I add that fiance only spent $4k for my ring and was saving up to pay them back next month and my Future Mother-In-Law not once said congrats during that whole phone conversation…

I returned the ring, asked him to pay his parents right back, and, after I graduated, worked and save a little, and he got a big promotion, we finally bought an engagement ring together last year… He got to get on his knee a second time! (Needless to say, I got one fabulous ring that I picked out for myself!)… 

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FI’s dad once told me that I remind him of a porn star. 

We were standing in the kitchen a couple years ago. I don’t remember what the conversation was about, but it led to him saying, “Yeah you look a lot like thiswoman.” I was flattered, but didn’t know who that person was. Looked her up online, and BAM. She was a porn star. 

I was shocked but still flattered.. Though it was a weird compliment coming from my SO’s dad lol. He’s completely harmless.

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the problem with this is that these people are probably 100% serious

at least theyre not trying to be dicks, but just ignorant

you get to educate them now cause they literally just dont know

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Worker bee
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I love this!

FMIL/FFIL are not bad at all, but FGrandmotherIL & Future Sister-In-Law…

FGIL after I finished grad school: “Well I suppose you’re going to need a car now? You know, all our cars have been paid for from the day we drove them off the lot!” … I nod & smile while pouring myself more wine (I actually already have a car and it’s paid for..)

FGIL wants us to come to dinner every Sunday even though she lives an hour and a half away. And we have to RSVP a week in advance or there won’t be enough food for me to come (for some reason there’s always enough food for Mr. Lovebug even if he doesn’t RSVP). Then, even when I have RSVP’d sometimes there won’t be a chair for me to sit in… and/or she comments on how much food I’m eating & how there’s not going to be enough… 

Finally, shes told me I’m high maintence and spend too much money – mainly because I’m insisting S/O buy me my own engagement ring (the one I want is $2k). Traditionally, in their family, they reuse old family rings. When I brought up the fact that we could get divorced down the line (not something I’m planning on, but.. who knows what could happen?), she told me if that happened I’d have to give them their ring back… Right. That’s why I’m getting my own ring!

FSIL’s biggest doozy was when she informed me that if she had a son she was naming him Mr. Lovebug (after my S/O)… so hopefully we didn’t want to name our son after his father because then we would have three people with the same name.. Uh… Ok. Thanks for the heads up I guess?

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I really love my Future In-Laws, but sometimes the closeness between SO and Future Mother-In-Law can be annoying. Future Mother-In-Law is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that SO and I will be moving in together in a few months, and has been kind of in denial about it. Apparently, she told SO that it was a waste of money for us to pay rent, and that we should just move in with them. They live in a tiny townhouse on a single lane street with no room for cars, SO’s room is barely larger than a closet with no room for my things- are they crazy?! Plus, we’ve been together almost 5 years, rent is a small price to pay for PRIVACY. Turns out, she was concerned that I wouldn’t be paying for anything when we moved and that I would be entirely living off my SO. I was really hurt by this, since we know eachother quite well and she knows how independant I am. To her credit, she recently bought us a wok in what I can only assume is a peace offering and show of acceptance for us moving out. 

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