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Blushing bee
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Hah I am dreading dealing with her..but my man is worth it. Here are a few.

Future Mother-In-Law “I am sure you want a big ballgown wedding since you are such a city girl. I hope my son doesn’t have to give up too much for that cost” 

Me “Umm grew up like 20mins from Boulder which is considered a rural town…and we are a 50/50 financial couple…so I wouldn’t worry about him

Future Mother-In-Law “I can show you my horses outside, but you know there are spiders and stuff..will that bother you” with such a judgey tone

Another time when she found out our location was in Estes Park

FMIL” well we may come but that’s like a destination wedding and we may not be able to get off work.”

Me “it’s 30mins from our town that we live in and 3 hours from you..so its really not destination. And work won’t give you off with 2 years notice? hmm”


UGH she exhausts me so much. 


Future Father-In-Law “Well June is not a great time for me to travel because my island’s weather is best that time of year and would hate to miss it.”

My Fiance “well dad your island will still be there the week after my ONE AND ONLY WEDDING!” not to mention this guy is loaded and he complains that tickets will be costly for him. 

So essentially they both threaten not to come to their only son’s wedding to his woman of 6 years. HMM..

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Fiance: Yes She (me) will be meeting my dad tomorrow

Fiance wanders off leaving me with his mum

Me: So yes meeting his dad tomorrow-eek!

Future Mother-In-Law: Oh you will be fine with his dad, it is me who doesn’t like you

o.O I think as she got me Christmas Presents and seems happy enough about the upcoming marriage she just has a really wicked sense of humour…..I think

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Sugar bee

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peonyinlove:  My soon to be Mother-In-Law once said to my Fiance “Well I hope you don’t get her pregnant cause then you’ll be stuck there. ” Thanks future MIL! 

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Helper bee
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peonyinlove:  My mother-in-law honestly thinks children must be raised in a religion or they’ll be without morals or any concept of right and wrong. She doesn’t care if the parents don’t really believe said religion, it’s just something children ‘need’. Yay hypocrisy!

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Bumble bee
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Second or third time I had met Future Father-In-Law.

Future Father-In-Law: Leave it to Mr. LMD to leave a prettier girl and find a less pretty one with more money.  Hahahaha.

Me: *blank stare* (Like, did that really just happen???)

Basically compared me to Mr. LMD’s ex girlfriend saying I wasn’t as pretty, but Mr. LMD got with me anyways because I have more money than ex Girlfriend did.  WTF?  

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Sugar bee
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ny88:  she literally said that you’re darker than she expected?  Now that is unbelievably rude & disrespectful.  Some of the other stuff can pass as ignorance,  some, but that is utterly disgusting!  I can’t believe what comes out of people’s mouths. How horrible. 

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Sugar bee
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LMD:  cuz you’re so ugly? ???? Wtf! You’re gorgeous!  I think I would’ve cried.

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Wow, there are some crazies out there! ny88 you are a saint!

I’m planning on starting counseling soon to learn to deal with my Future Mother-In-Law… 

After Fiance and I had been together for about a year, I finally met his grandparents (who apparently had made his brother’s girlfriend cry when she met them). They were wonderfully sweet to me, despite FMIL’S attempts to trigger them.

Within minutes of me being in their home for brunch, I’m offered a drink (alcoholic) and Future Mother-In-Law says, “Oh, you don’t have to ask, redfishbluefish is an alcoholic.” FGMIL gets a concerned look on her face, so I did my best to just brush it off as a joke. But, Future Mother-In-Law doesn’t stop there, and goes on to mention how I am not Catholic and how Fiance and I live together (this was after Future Mother-In-Law warned us not to mention these things as it was thought the very conservative grandparents may be upset by them). These weren’t things that I intended to hide, but it was very clear Future Mother-In-Law wanted to start drama by the way she brought them up.  She still calls me an alcoholic regularly. 

She told us our children will be raised Catholic and will go to Catholic school because we will not make the mistake of not getting them baptized. Because I hadn’t been baptized as a child and had to get baptized as an adult in order for my Fiance to have his Catholic wedding.. 

She has mentioned my mom’s weight to me a few times, and makes nasty comments frequently about overweight people.

Luckily most of the things she says are said to Fiance behind my back. The things she says directly to me are very passive aggressive. 

She has budged in front of me in lines in order to pay for my things, despite my objections.  

She continues to bring up the pact Fiance made with a friend, I’ll call her Em, (one of those, if we arent married by 30 let’s marry each other things). Fiance tells me after a visit to his parents: “Em was visiting and my parents took off on a very long late night walk leaving us alone. By the time they got back, it was late, so Future Mother-In-Law asked Em if she wanted to stay the night. Future Mother-In-Law said Em, you can stay in FI’s room with him. You can do overs-unders with the sheets.” They have a guest room. 

She has accused me of controlling my Fiance… she has recently been complaining about how the wedding is all about me and my family, and how I keep getting my way (which is why we’re having it in their church of choice, in FI’S hometown? My bad for buying a cake topper that I liked!)

She threw a fit when we got a 1 bedroom apartment because “where will I sleep when I visit? In your huge kitchen? You don’t even cook!” She had actually tried to get us to rent a 2 bedroom, saying she’d pay the difference in price. 

When I gave up my hobby (which is also her hobby) in order to move in with Fiance, she lectured me about how she would never give it up, even if it meant living in a tent… Now that I’ve picked it back up, she tells my Fiance, “if she’s going to put her hobby before the wedding you shouldn’t marry her,” this coming from the woman who threatens suicide if it is even mentioned she consider cutting back on this hobby. 

She’s legit crazy! Future Father-In-Law is pretty chill, but according to her, he also hates me. The whole family unfortunately makes racist and classist comments, and judges by the most superficial standards. I turn the other cheek now, but will not do so for much longer. 

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Bumble bee
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Peanut-Sue:  Lol, thanks.  It was one of those situations where it didn’t even sink in until later, but then I was like RAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!


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The wedding is this Saturday. Thank God, my in-laws have been sweet thus far. My blood relatives have been more of a problem.

MOB: So what time should I be there on Saturday? I’m planning to rent a car that morning and drive down some time during the day.

Me: Guests get there at 6pm. The wedding starts at 7pm. You’re the immediate family. You should be there earlier in the day. You have to help me get ready and take pictures. I was hoping you would be there by 2pm at the latest.

MOB: Oh, I didn’t know. I thought I was supposed to be there later than that. How should I know if you don’t tell me?

She has known about our wedding for almost a year. She has the invites and the save the dates. Plus I’ve been discussing things with her and what we’ve been going through thus far.

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Honey bee
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His parents like me and hated his most significant ex, so I wonder how she put up with it!

I’ve been told to stop donating money to charity because it’s a waste. I’ve been asked when I’ll get a real job (I’m a nanny/sitter). 

But, in defense of Fiance, my brother takes the cake, for asking point blank during a family dinner if Fiance and I had sex yet. I wanted to crawl under the table

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We were having a dicussion on how step parents can have it difficult because the children aren’t theirs and disciplining them can be hard.

I responded yeah it can hard but it’s a different relationship we get to have and not everyone can handle it.

She responded with “that’s why step-parents can totally snap and kill children” UMMMMMMMMMM WTF!?!? I am her grandchilren’s step-mother. Are you trying to insinuate that I am going to go crazy one day and kill them!? WTF lady!?!? On what Earth do you live is that Ok to say to me?!

She is the most pleasant person otherwise but that comment totally made me go “WTF”. I don’t think she realized what she said. I hope.

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Helper bee

“STIRRED, not shaken! I hate when they water that shit down”



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Buzzing bee
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peonyinlove:  this was years ago but my fav saying so far.

at the time their was us, brother and prego wife, second youngest brother, youngest brother. then his two parents.

my Father-In-Law: We could all go in on a five bedroom house and each of us can have our own room… we get along so well we should just all live together.

he was serious and tried to push that for a little while till he realized… finally that that just wouldnt work out. did i mention the 5 bulldogs they all have too?

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