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Buzzing bee
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My Fiance never makes any sense.

But, I can’t think of any good examples at the present moment.

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Bumble bee
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I personally hate “I cant find it/I dont see it” WTF do you mean you dont see it? Its right in front of your face! Are you actually looking for it or do you expect me to find it like always!?!?!? *SIGH* 

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Busy bee

He CONSTANTLY leaves cabinets open.  In the kitchen.  In the bathrooms.  If there is a cabinet, it’s open.

His reasoning: “It’s just going to get opened again at some point, so why close it?”


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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I definitely would have rolled my eyes at that.  My husband is also a smoker; he’s currently not smoking but I refuse to call him a non-smoker until he goes a year or two without smoking.  He quit last year when we moved into our apartment because he got winded and dizzy moving furniture; it scared him enough that he quit for a few months.  Most recently he quit because he found a bump on the inside of his lip and it took him days to research it and reassure himself it wasn’t cancer from smoking.  The bump was just a plugged mucous gland but I’m glad it scared him into quitting again.  Hopefully it will stick this time.

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Helper bee
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@CocoClassic:  OMG me too! “where’s the ketchup?” “did you look in the fridge?”

I’ve been making him put away the groceries and i find it helps alot!

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Busy bee
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@spezia:  Are we with the same person??? This is my DH’s logic too! I come down to the kitchen and its like something out of a scary movie when the poltergiest decides to open all the cabinets and drawers for fun. Drives. Me. Up. A. WALL!

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“You can’t ________! What about the BABY!”

This list has included: Going to the gym, lifting weights (UNDER 30 lbs), eating salsa, eating hot sauce, eating Oreos, driving more than 30 minutes, picking up things on Craigslist, cleaning the carpet…

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Busy bee

He held up a roll of wax paper the other night while he was making dinner, and asked if it was wax paper or parchment paper. When I confirmed it was wax paper, he asked if it could go into the oven like parchment paper.

1) HOW does the roll of wax paper ever become separated from its box?

2) WHY can’t he tell the two apart?

3) WHAT would have happened if I wasn’t there to tell him not to put it in the oven?

Sometimes I don’t even know with him.

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@CocoClassic:  That is my issue right there!!! OMG!!!!   Babe, where the…..WHERE IT ALWAYS IS!!!!! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND LOOK FOR IT

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  Mr. 99 is a geiser of shit that doesn’t add up….I literally gave up trying to talk any sense to him years ago….

I got a phone call from him earlier this week…he’d lost his keys, and wanted me to help him find them FROM MY OFFICE!!  Which I actually managed to do, but still…it was absurd.

He knows I abhor being told what to do, so when he’s got some input on something I’m doing, he’ll preface it with, “I’m not telling you what to do…” and then he’ll tell me what to do anyway..at which point I usually throw something at him.

I’ll ask him what he wants for dinner, he’ll tell me he doesn’t care…so I’ll say, ok, jambalaya it is…oh…I don’t want that…GRRRR

He also blames my cat, for like…anything that goes wrong, missing or gets broken in the house, and I’ll admit that she’s a pretty heinous beast, but she’s not a super villain….so I was talking with a co-worker and she said, if I ever needed a good home for the cat, she’d happily take her…so when I told Mr. 99 that, he freaked and told me how much he loves the cat, can’t live without her and what a horrible person I am for even thinking of getting rid of her….?


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Instead of saying “um” or “uh” or “like” as fillers in his sentences he says “but, fuckin’…” I’m like babe, you sound like you’re talking about butt-fucking all the time!! Just say ummmm when you need a verbal filler!! Drives me insane. He only does it around me and friends, thankfully not in any professional or family settings, but come on.

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Sugar bee
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@spezia:  My Fiance leaves things open too, not even all the way…it’s like almost closed, but that extra inch of effort..not there. LOL. I am constantly going around closing cabinets and doors. He just doesn’t notice. Once he left my freezer partially open ALL DAY. I was pissed about that one.

Other than that I get annoyed when Fiance complains endlessly about the TV remote, I swear he is the only man in American that cannot figure out how to operate a HD TV/Cable DVR/Blu-Ray Player. The fact I have three remotes seems to confuse him, he cannot bother to figure out which remote is for what and just picks them up presses random buttons and then tells me the TV doesn’t work…I’m like..”You have a Master’s Degree! How is a TV remote that confusing?!” To be fair he doesn’t own a working TV or watch much TV..but still. Half the time he turns on the wrong thing. He also doesn’t understand how to use the “Mute” button…he turns the volume all the way down and then back up all the time.

He also doesn’t seem to understand heating controls in the car. It’s like the windshield is frozen so he turns the heat on high blowing at his feet.

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