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  • poll: Has your SO thrown you for a loop while planning?

    Yes, more than once.

    Yes, but only once.

    No, he likes everything I like.

    No, I don't even bother asking him.

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    • Wedding: June 2012

    My boy is very easy going and is quite happy for me to do all the planning. However, AFTER I had done all the invites and STDs, he decided he didn’t like that I had written the numbers out as words. It’s the one point he keeps going on about, but guess what honey? The invites are formal, that’s how you do it, and they already done – I am not redoing them!

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    I always talk to my Fiance about all the little details, and he never seems very interested. I then showed him ideas I had for some candles, and he saw a DIY I was considering. He loved it, and wouldn’t budge. It was what he wanted and that was that. I even pointed out it would be very time consuming, he offered to help with it. It was so sweet!

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    • Wedding: November 2011

    My favorite was about the boutineer which he flat out refused to wear and then said

    “Did the President wear a boutineer to the inaugural ball?”


    “Well that would have been the place to wear one and he didn’t so I’m not.”

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    • Wedding: April 2013

    OMG YES! where do i start? he had an opinion on things big and small, like reception type and menu, colors, theme, venue, ceremony length and content, sweetheart vs. head table (he’s adamant about having a sweetheart table and that it be “raised and separate” from all the other tables), lighting, music, invites, stds, etc. the only thing he has not expressed an opinion on yet is the wardrobe! He’s even insisting that we need to have a candy buffet!

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    NO purple.  Anywhere, in any shade.  None.  That was a fun conversation when his mother chose a purple dress.

    My dress had to look like a dress, meaning Aline or ballgown, but not lace, not low cut, not see through (Pnina Tornai) and not a “comforter” bottom – his word for any dress with pickups.

    No fondant on the cake.


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    OMG *constantly*!!  If I hear “but that’s not what you do at a wedding” from him one more time I am going to choke him.

    Maybe we should get married by my judge, not in a chuch. “But that’s not a wedding! A wedding happens in a church!”

    Maybe I should wear an ivory dress. “But that’s not a wedding! Brides wear white!”

    Maybe I should wear blue shoes. “But that’s not a weddigng! Brides wear white shoes!” (guess what- I got blue shoes).

    Maybe all the girls should pick their own dresses in a particular color. “But that’s not a wedding. Bridesmaids always wear the same dress!” (although I asked him if he noticed anything about the bridesmaids in the two weddings we went to recently, and he looked at me like “umm… they were there?” They all wore different dresses in the same color)

    Maybe the guys’ vests and ties should just be neutral, rather than matching the girls’ dresses. “But that’s not a wedding! It has to match!”

    Maybe we don’t really need favors, people just throw them away anyway. “But that’s not a wedding. Weddings have favors!”

    Maybe we shouldn’t have programs.  This isn’t anyone’s first rodeo, they know the basics of what happens at a wedding. “But that’s not a wedding! People need to know what’s going on!”

    Seriously. He will choke on those words if he uses them one more freakin’ time.

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    • Wedding: October 2014

    I had a few ideas about what dresses I liked a while back and asked my Fiance for his input.  Surprisingly he shot down a lot of them.  He was even pickier than I was!  “No lace”, “too poufy”, and “too plain” were a lot of his reasons.

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    • Wedding: September 2013

    He’s super concerned about where our cocktail hour is taking place. Like, so much so it’s scary. LOL. 

    Yesterday, we were discusing logistics with my mom and were explaining that our ceremony is downstairs and our reception is upstairs. Our venue has several antique bars, so most people have a cocktail hour on the first floor while the bride and groom take pictures upstairs. He HATED this. He wants the cocktail hour to be upstairs so that the bartenders dont have to move the bar. Weird. 

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    • Wedding: August 2012

    My fiance is obsessed with the rehearsal dinner. First he wanted to do a big bbq party type thing at our house. I told him that the reheasal dinner space was included with the venue. So then he tries to tell me we should have the dinner at the venue and then have a huge after party at our house. Does he not understand that the wedding IS the party and that I will be stressed enough without having a billion people at my house the night before?

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    @LindsayMaree:  Yes! My SO said he would not want to see me in a one-shoulder gown. LOL how random is that??

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    Let’s see… **** Fiance says…

    1. “A dessert bar? What’s that? We should just have cake and a savoury buffet for afters.”

    2. “Cupcakes? CUPCAKES? Instead of a wedding cake? You are CRAZY! No ****** cupcakes! This isn’t some display of how fashionable we are!”

    3. “No, we’re not having a country wedding. It’s in the middle of nowhere… I don’t care how pretty it is.”

    4. “What about the army barracks we met in for a reception? [Soviet Germany style concrete prefab with car park and barbed wire out front]. Why do you need a place to take photos anyway? Besides, I’m sure we can find some sort of green space nearby… what about that park?” I now point out that “that park” is about three miles away and has no car parking within about a quarter to a half a mile, plus we have guests in wheelchairs. How can we possibly manage that? Him: “well, the guests don’t need to be in the photos, do they? You and I can just get a taxi there, take some pics and get one back to the reception.” Me [trying not to have a heart attack] : “No. No. Absolutely not. People will expect to be in the photos. This is a family occasion and we need somewhere accessible to take family photographs!” Him: “Ugh. You’re so NEGATIVE.”

    4. “No dancing. Uh uh. OK, well maybe the guests can dance, but I’m not dancing.” To be fair, I expected that one.

    5. “How about a police themed wedding in the police sports club? [he’s a police officer].” To be fair, he might just get his way on that one, because we are too poor to afford much else… I suggested we incorporate aspects of my job (anthropology) into the wedding. He looked as if I had just suggested an orgy…

    6. “You are considering wearing JUNGLE BOOTS/ARMY BOOTS under your dress? But I thought you loved shoes. Uh uh, hell no… when you get to the end of the aisle I will lift the hem, if need be, and check…”

    I haven’t even asked him for opinions on the dress, flowers and decor. Nor will I, I think…

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    Fiance has an opinion on everything.  Literally everything.  I’ve actually had to step back and say “Who’s the bride again?!” to him.  But, I love that he cares and is super involved in our wedding!

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    • Wedding: September 2011

    YES! My husband shocked me with having opinions about EVERYTHING! Men should become wedding planners!

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    When he has opinions it’s as if they came out of nowhere. It’s so weird.

    The main opinion that I really don’t agree with is that he doesn’t want dancing. I don’t even know why because we both like to dance. Personally the receptions that I’ve been to without dancing, seemed too long and kind of like I was waiting for the after party to actually have fun.

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    “Zusie (message)   The main opinion that I really don’t agree with is that he doesn’t want dancing. I don’t even know why because we both like to dance. Personally the receptions that I’ve been to without dancing, seemed too long and kind of like I was waiting for the after party to actually have fun.”

    Let’s just check… we aren’t marrying the same bloke, are we? Mine’s about 5’6 and blonde… likes beer and reading books on obscure historical facts…

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