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@gangqinjia:  your best bet is probably to skip your period ASAP to give your body plenty of time to adjust. I say now because I did that once and ended up with a period that was 3 weeks and it seriously messed me up. I have had so many issues on bc that I stopped taking it. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she recommends. 

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Hiya i have been the same wen i went on holiday. so i was going to just keep taking the pill and so miss it and just take another 3 weeks worth. then have a period.

however when i got back from holiday i felt terrible so instead of waiting the 3 weeks i just took the pill for one week extra to stop me having it while i was away, and then had my period . then started back to normal after.

I was told by my doctor both of these ways were fine.

Also try to keep taking the pill within 6-8 hours of the same time my doc said. ie if you take it at 1 pm, the next day try not to take it any later than 7PM-9pm.

I would give your doctor  a call and ask to double check. just for peace of mind.x

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@gangqinjia:  You can skip your period by going straight to the next pack of pills. My OB/GYN actually told me about that and it is perfectly okay and safe! Skipping your period is perfectly safe and it’s not going to increase your risk of getting pregnant. Also with birth control, you’re taking to eliminate the chance of getting pregnant, so there isn’t one specific time where you would be more likely to get pregnant. 

I’m no doctor obviously haha. So if you are really concerned talk to your Gyn to make sure it’s okay. I skip mine constantly and they have pills like Seasonique that are designed to give you 4 periods a year. You should be able to enjoy your honeymoon, having your period would be the worst!!

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@gangqinjia:  I have adjusted my periods to suit certain situations in the past.  The easiest way to do this is to skip a period and go straight to the next month’s pills.  (However, be aware that you may experience some random breakthrough bleeding during the next month or two.  It’s not super heavy like a period, but it’s definitely not the kind of surprise you’d want on your wedding day or during your honeymoon.  I’d do this soon if you’re planning to switch up your period for your wedding/honeymoon in May.)

As I said, I’ve done this several times in the past and I haven’t had any pregnancies.  You mentioned that the two of you plan to use condoms as well, so I think you should be covered (especially considering the fact that you’ve been on the pill for quite some time). 

I hope this helps.  I can only speak from my own experiences, but I haven’t had any issues with doing this in the past (other than the breakthrough bleeding I mentioned earlier).  

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Skip your very next period by going right to the new active pills. Shouldn’t increase your chance of pregnancy at all. I had pills prescribed like this to me so I only had 4 periods a year. Do it this month because there may be breakthrough bleeding. Remember it only takes 1 weeks worth of pills for them to be working full strength .

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What I’ve done before is start taking it the pill a day later after my period and if you do that each time, by the time the wedding is here it will be off by a week

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I would plan ahead and skip your period before your honeymoon so that things line up better.

My period lined up with a trip to Hawaii. I was told just starting my next round of BC right away with no break would do the trick. It somewhat worked, I still had some spotting which was annoying.

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PPs are correct that you should just skip to the next pack of pills instead of taking the placebo week. Do NOT let time pass between the placebo pills and the next active pack because you could ovulate during the in-between time. It is true that you don’t ovulate while on the pill, the only reason you still have a period is because when you’re on the placebo pills and not getting the hormones, your body will naturally bleed, but there is no egg for it to be getting rid of, the pills are just tricking your body. It really doesn’t hurt anything to never have a period while on the pill, it’s more for your own peace of mind.

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Isn’t trisprintec like orthotricyclen? Every week has a different level of hormone? I suspect you will still have a period or spotting even if you move to a new pack skipping the last week, because there is still a change in your hormone levels. But if you go ahead and do it now ahead of the wedding at least you can get ahead of schedule.

Ever consider taking a monophasic pill? My doctor told me to always skip the last week and thereis no reason for me to have a period at all, it won’t hurt anything.

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In order of importance:


1) DO NOT take a 2 week period. You will not be protected from pregnancy.

2) The best way to fix your cycle would be to decide when you want your period to start, and count back from there. If you’d like me to do the counting for you, feel free to message me.  For instance…

Let’s say you want to push back your period by one week. I use this option since it would put you on the same schedule as me and I can just follow my own calender, lol.  :)So working backwards, you would start a new pack on May 3rd, April 5th, and March 8th.

So then the question is: can you start a new pack on March 8th without going more than 7 days between taking active pills? It doesn’t matter if you have extra active pills. Just throw them out.

3) How the BCP works: There is no fertile period on the pill when it is taken as directed. You should not be ovulating, and in the slimmest of chances that you do, the egg will not be able to implant to your uterine lining since it’s being kept at a low level by the pill. When you stop taking the active pills, the uterine lining that was being supressed finally has a chance to grow, then shed, resulting in a period. Though it is not truely the same as the type of period you’d have naturally.

It is very important to take your pill at about the same time every day or else you won’t get the full protection.


Hope that helps!

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Yep, I agree with most PPs – skip a period by skipping your placebo week and going straight to the next pack. I’ve done this plenty of times due to being long distance with my military FI! Time is precious, lol!

It would never have even occured to me to skip the period now, but actually, that does make sense. That way if you do have any weird spotting or your body decides it’s confused and will just bleed for 2 weeks instead (happened to me once, the month after I skipped a period), everything will have time to clear up and be totally regulated by May, at which point, voila! No period your wedding week!

PS – I was on Tri-Sprintec (which yes, is a generic of Ortho-Tricylcen, for the PP that asked) for a couple of years, and didn’t really have any major issues skipping periods, even though it is triphasic. There was some spotting here and there. I did end up switching to Sprintec (monophasic) just to make the period skips a little smoother and more reliable.

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I would definately check out Flo Living @ http://floliving.com.  It’s a great resource for ladies who have period or fertility questions/concerns!!

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Talking to your OB/Gyn will straighten things out but Koi424 really has great advice!

I’m going to emphasis: do not take two week period

And in addition, I’d get started on the switch sooner rather than later so you don’t have to worry about your body adjusting so close to the date. 

Good luck!


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