Shorter-term postpartum BC?

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I don’t know if this is super helpful, because I got a Mirena not something short-term, but my doctor said that IUDs are very effective and easy to remove, and your fertility should return very quickly. My doctor did not recommend the mini-pill to breastfeeding mothers because she said that milk supply is often affected. 

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So not pp. but just wanted to chime in because I used the depo shot back when I first started bc. It was fine the first few months. But I ended up gaining almost 25 pounds in the first 9 months to a year taking it. I stopped and went to the pill then.

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TheGridMonster :  Babyland is good but busy! She’s no longer just eating and sleeping, I now need to entertain her. It’s more fun but also more work. Of course, I still making lurking and reading Bee drama a priority cool

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I’m 5 months PP, still haven’t had a period since I EBF. I returned to work at 12 weeks, so I pump 8am to 5pm, and still haven’t had my period come back…although I do pump often at work to keep my supply up.

I use the mini pill to be safe, although I doubt I can get preggo…I just wouldn’t want to risk it bc there’s no way I could handle back-to-back babies financially or mentally, plus I want to give my little guy all my attention for at least the first 2-3 years.

I’ve had absolutely no impact to my milk or supply from the mini-pill. I really can’t say if it impacted me in any other way, since being post-partum is such a hormonal rollercoaster on it’s own, there’s no way I could isolate what’s natural and what’s the pill. I’d recommend it though. Only issue I’ve had is with sleep deprevation, it can be hard to remember the pill…also, when I wasn’t working, and my schedule wasn’t as consistent it was also more difficult to remember.

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TheGridMonster :  just keep in mind that you have to be VERY precise with the mini pill or it doesn’t work. Even missing your dose by an hour can make it basically useless since it’s such a low dose. I know a few mommas who got pregnant on the mini pill because they didn’t take it perfectly. 

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I got the Skyla IUD. It’s technically good for 3 years but you could remove it earlier no problem. I got mine November of 2016 and will be removing it in April.

I’ve heard of waaaay too many mini-pill oopsies for my comfort lol.

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Eh, I just got Mirena and took it out after a little over a year. I know that’s not how it’s “supposed” to be used, but I didn’t trust the mini pill, nor did I trust myself to reliably take it with a newborn, since I was barely reliably showering or combing my hair. I had no issues with my milk supply etc on Mirena, and my OB just put it in at my first follow-up appointment after baby (when I got the green light to start having sex again), so it was easy peasy. My GP took it out in her office when I was ready.

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I should add too that I had a lot of issues coming off the pill (to be fair, I was on it for 10+ years), but coming off Mierna nada, and I got pregnant 7 weeks after it was out, so I do think it’s a much easier transition on your body to take it out vs go off the pill.

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I’ve been thinking about this, because I’m pregnant and we will probably start TTC again when this baby is about a year. A little sooner than I’d like, all things being equal, but we’re older. I think I’ll start temping at about 6 months postpartum and just avoid / use pullout method during my fertile window until we’re ready to TTC again. If we weren’t going to TTC for a couple years, I might get the Paraguard – love that thing. 

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TheGridMonster :  I did the mini-pill and it worked well for us. Yes, you do need to be diligent about taking it precisely on time, so I set a daily notification on my phone to remind me when it was time to take it. I started it about 6 weeks post-partum and stopped when our daughter was a year old. We were able to get pregnant again as soon as I stopped taking the pills.

I wouldn’t recommend Depo as a short-term birth control option as it can take quite awhile for it to get out of your system once you stop taking it. I used it for a few years when I wanted longer term birth control and while I absolutely loved it, it took a full year for me to get my period back after my last shot expired and another 3 months beyond that for my periods to regulate.

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Abstinence. cool

I didn’t use the pill post partum, and though we tried a few times with a condom, sex just felt too icky for me while I was breastfeeding.


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