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snowflake8:  Drink til Pink. I enjoyed a few glasses of beer or wine during the tww, especially more towards the beginning. A few days before we got our BFP I just had a feeling so I avoided alcohol and stuck to gingerale. But I also had a sip or two of champagne at my cousin’s birthday party, post bfp, because I wasn’t ready to tell yet (my aunt guessed anyway!) 

Good luck!

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Here are some links. Sorry, but they don’t all have the same conclusion!

Don’t drink at all: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11402397/Women-who-drink-while-trying-for-a-baby-risk-miscarriage.html

While this one says low amounts (up to one glass a day) is ok: http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/study-no-connection-between-drinking-alcohol-early-in-pregnancy-and-birth-problems-201309106667

“It is in the third week after fertilization that specific alcohol-induced birth defects begin to affect the developing embryo” – See more at: https://embryo.asu.edu/pages/developmental-timeline-alcohol-induced-birth-defects

I would drink the *tiniest* amount. One thing I like to do (even when not pregnant) is have a half full glass sitting there which I hardly touch, with a glass of water nearby.

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If you conceive this cycle and you are weeks pregnant I personally wouldn’t. You would have missed your period by then, and by the time you miss you period you are considered 4 weeks pregnant. If you can POAS and its positive, drinking is a no no (especially on your first trimester when everything is developing so much, there’s studies about drinking after your first trimester that say it’s OK but I still personally don’t)

If you don’t conceive this cycle and Christmas would be just a few days after ovulation, I wouldn’t worry about it because you don’t share a blood supply yet. For me, if I was 12dpo or more I’d POAS and if it’s positive I’d refrain. 

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I wouldn’t take a chance. My method, ask the bartender to pour ice water in a Martini glass add olives and claim martini.

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I agree with the “drink till its pink” mentality. But I have become a master fake drinker these past 6 weeks as I’m just announcing my pregnancy now.  Empty dark beer bottles filled with water, personal small vodka bottle filled with water, O’Douls in a glass, limited sips of wine/giving to Darling Husband, get to bars early to come up with a mocktail arrangement with the bartender, etc.!

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I got a positive test the day before going interstate for the weekend with some very nosey friends. By my calculations I was only 8 or 9 DPO and didn’t want to share the news with anyone but my husband so I did sip on some sangria to throw my friends off the scent. I rationalized by telling myself that if I hadn’t have tested so early, I wouldn’t have known. It’s also true that the embryo doesn’t actually share a blood supply with you until week 4 or 5. Personally, I wouldn’t go crazy but there probably isn’t any harm in having a small glass of wine.

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Well if you don’t have a positive pregnancy test…drink however much you want.  Because you’re not pregnant. 

Personally, I think you would be fine taking some sips of wine or something as long as you drink lots of water and have a full stomach.  I drank occasionally when I was pregnant (Like a 1/2 glass of wine over 1.5 hours on the holidays- thankingiving, christmas, new years).  But I was in my late 2nd /3rd trimester by then. 

If you conceive this cycle I would probably avoid since 5 weeks is an important developmental time.  If you aren’t pregnant this cycle I would drink as normal until you get a positive test.

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I am firmly in the “drink til it’s pink” camp. After 12 cycles of TTC, I grew tired of altering my lifestyle for something that may or may not happen. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not binge drinking, but a drink or two shouldn’t do any harm. There are women who conceive and have healthy babies while doing far worse!

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snowflake8:  If you have those 2 pink lines – NO. If that’s the case and you don’t want to tip anyone off you have a glass and fake drink it. People notice if you REFUSE a drink – people barely notice if you are actually drinking a drink or not. If you don’t have those lines yet, but it could be possible, have a glass or two and nurse it. No reason you have to have a going out of business party with yourself and get loaded. It’s not worth it

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snowflake8:  Darling Husband and I aren’t trying, but we aren’t preventing… That being said, I am not a heavy drinker, but the possibility I might be pregnant isn’t going to keep me from drinking for the majority of the month. A little drink once or twice a week isn’t going to hurt anything IMO. I know a few ladies who had such irregular periods that they didn’t even think that they might be pregnant, so they lived their lives for a couple months as if they weren’t pregnant. This included drinking, one of them smoked, and their babies all turned out fine. One of them was a heavier drinker as well, and after she found out she was pregnant, she was going nuts worrying that she had hurt her baby. Until I get a positive pregnancy test, I will not live my life as if I’m pregnant. I’m sorry, this just seems ridiculous to me.

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Having 2 glasses of wine over hours, while eating before you even know you’re pregnant is really not a big deal.  Then again, people have varying degrees of tolerance on this subject but that is my personal opinion.

I drank many drinks while celebrating a friends birthday 2 days before testing positive and I have had one of the most perfectly healthy pregnancies the whole way through (due the 21st).  I didn’t feel guilty, I don’t think you should have to give up everything while TTC because the process itself is stressful enough.  Do what feels right for you…

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snowflake8:  I’m in the same boat! This is my fertile week, so I’d know just before Christmas if I was pregnant.

My family isn’t big drinkers, but DH’s is. We’re just doing Christmas Eve with his, so I can always just say that since we’re driving home that night (they live 45 minutes south of hwere we live), and Darling Husband will be drinking… I’m staying sober to drive home. Or, just have Darling Husband make my drink all diet coke instead of my usual diet coke/captain morgan, and be sad to turn down my MIL’s booze ice cream!

As for my family… they don’t drink much. However, a couple of my cousins will bring beer and wine, so that usually gets passed around. If I didn’t drink, no one would probably bat an eye.

As other PPs have said… you don’t share blood for a few more weeks, so I think you’d be OK with a glass or 2 of wine. I may need to tell Darling Husband that, IN CASE this is our month. But, I’ve also scaled back drinking while we’ve been TTC so my drinking has only been a couple drinks a night if we’re out.

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I don’t really drink, so I’m not super helpful in that department BUT I have found that people tend not to judge you if you just say you’re on medication (such as antibiotics). If you decide not to drink, you can use this excuse because you shouldn’t mix alcohol and antibiotics 🙂

Otherwise… a glass here and there won’t hurt. My SIL drank spritzers all through her 2 pregnancies and was fine.

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I’m not anywhere near TTC but I have some friends who party wayyyy harder than I like to and I’m always able to fake them out by having seltzer water with a lime. I genuinenly enjoy it and everyone thinks I’m pounding vodka sodas. Plus, everyone else we’ll hopefully be too smashed to notice 🙂

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As long as you are not drinking none stop… I think 1 or 2 glass of wine is safe.  My BFF drank like no tomorrow both time when she hit jackpot (she didn’t know both time and one time was at Vegas and the other time was at Mexico All inclusive hotel), and she turn out fine. 


It’s something I debating too but I decided just drink moderately during TTC….. I still have to live… what if I don’t hit jackpot for years… I cannot quit completely since Darling Husband is a wine collector and all his friends and my friends are drinker… 

When we had our first cycle of TTC (last month), I avoid drinking and his BFF already keep asking me how come I’m not drinking… 

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