(Closed) should i be safe rather than sorry??

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  • poll: is now a good time to check? (see OP)
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    I say it wouldn’t hurt to find out – especially if it will cost you less now with the insurance.  And then if (god forbid) you do find out you’ll have difficulty conceiving, you and your FH will be fully informed when deciding when you do want to TTC.  You’ll be able to plan for a longer time TTC and therefore choose to start earlier (a choice you could really make if you didn’t know).

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    do you have an gyn/ob that you currently see?  it depends on each doctor/patient/circumstance, but a few of my friends who have been trying were told to hold off on seeing a doctor for tests and whatnot until they’ve tried for 9 months.  *however*, of course, that is my uneducated two cents and you may have other factors in your situation that warrant testing, and/or your doctor will have a different opinion than the 9-month thing.

    hope everything works out!

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    I don’t know if you can get tests done to see if you can conceive befor you start trying. I think you have to be working with your OB for a year without being able conveive before the next steps can be taken.

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    I think since you’ve only been doing it for 3 months without birth control, you need to actively TRY first. Chart and everything, and see a doctor if you’re having problems.

    I don’t know that most insurance plans will cover fertility testing if you haven’t had so many months of actively trying and seeing a specialist. It seems too jump the gun, honestly.

    When you get married, you can go on your husband’s insurance and get off your dad’s.

    You should try for a baby if it’s what you want and if you can afford to have one and it makes sense. Don’t do it just because “it’s cheaper now”. And even if you get the tests done now–the delivery will cost you far, far more.

    I think you’re being premature by suggesting tests. I don’t think any doctor will prescribe them because you have been having unprotected sex for 3 months and aren’t pregnant yet, even though you aren’t actively trying.

    It takes most people 6-12 months to get pregnant….while actively trying. Give it some time.

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    I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to find out, although my doctor said they wouldn’t do any tests on me til we were actively trying without sucess for awhile, so I’m not sure if your doctors would do testing just to see. I had asked because I had concerns about my irregular/infrequent period even though we weren’t TTC yet. Also FWIW, I didn’t get my period for 3 whole months after I went off bc, and I was told that that’s pretty common, so I wouldn’t let that factor stress you out.

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    I “think” most drs. will want to make sure you have actively been trying for 9 months – a year before they will do a lot of testing. 

    If you can go for it I would though.  There is no harm especially if its free on good insurance now.  You may want to think about going ahead and starting to chart asap.  Even if you don’t have major tests run it can be valuable information for your dr to look at to help if there are issues.

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    It wouldn’t hurt to find out (though you won’t know for sure until you try).  That being said I had the same worry about TTC that for some reason it just wouldn’t work but first try and I was pregnant.  I know that doesn’t happen for everyone, and I probably would have regretted it if something was wrong and I didn’t find out before TTC.

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    I should add that I know I have will have problems conceiving. I have the best health plan money can buy and I still will have to ry for a year before I will be able to work with a fertility specialist. But maybe your doctors are different.

    Also if you are not going to have health insurance in a year or at least not good health insurance then please be careful just in case you do get pregnant because I know people who had babies without insurance and the costs are through the roof.

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    most doctors will tell you not to worry until you’ve been trying for 12 months, especially since you’re still young. when you go off bc, it can take a few months for your cycle to regularize itself, and many women don’t have periods at first. i know how you feel, because i have an irrational fear that i won’t be able to get pregnant when we start ttc, but that’s just it — irrational. totally, completely irrational.

    don’t worry about it until you actively start trying. there are a million factors going on here, and none of them point to infertility. good luck!

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    3 months really isn’t a very long time to go without conceiving, even if everything is in total normal and working order, so I definitely would not assume that something is wrong because it hasn’t happened yet. Medical workups aren’t cheap, and I’d actually be surprised if an OB was willing to order one for you at this point, after 3 months and without trying something like charting first.

    You didn’t specify what type of BC you were on- it’s not uncommon for your body to take some time to readjust and get back on a normal menstrual cycle after getting off several different kinds of BC.

    All that said, it never hurts to make an appointment with your doctor (maybe call it a preconception visit?) just to talk over your plans, concerns, etc. Your physician can help determine whether there’s a basis for running tests, and can definitely give you some valuable ideas about the best strategy at this point.

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    @MamaHusky3: I feel like I could’ve written your post a few months ago! Some circumstances are different – I’m 30 and we are actively TTC, but I hadn’t gotten my period for over 80 days. I also always had this weird feeling that I’d have problems conceiving. Nothing in particular made me feel that way,but I just felt like it would be me having those issues.

    So though I don’t think your OBGYN would let you go through fertility testing right now, they will check to find out why you haven’t gotten your period yet after you’ve gone off the pill. Like you, I was testing every so often and getting a negative test. So, I would call your doctor about that first, and make sure you get that straightened out before you start thinking about the fertility aspect of things. Once you start getting regular periods again, they’ll be able to tell you more about if you do ovulate.

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