(Closed) Should I be upset… or am I overreacting?!

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So, I’m going to say what you probably don’t want to hear. I think you’re overreacting. I’ve been in a ton of weddings, and when I get the save the date, I don’t run to text or call my friend to tell her how cute they are. Does that make me a terrible friend? I didn’t think so.

You said these girls are there for you for all of the important and big stuff. I think you’re being a little too sensitive about this. It’s ok to be excited about your wedding and all of the details! But, everyone has very busy lives, and they can’t be as excited over every detail that you’re excited about. They do live 2 hours away, and I’m sure they thought they were cute when they received them. So, I wouldn’t write them off as being terrible friends just yet.

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You may be over reacting a little.


I just got married in July and my Bridesmaid or Best Man werent very “thrilled” either..I mean they had a shower and did the whole stagette but they didnt call over every little detail and get excited…cause well….they will never care as much as the bride does. I was hurt though and took it personally.

THEN i was Maid/Matron of Honor in a wedding in october and she sent me her invited and I was like “sweet” but didnt call her or anything, hosted her stagette, but didnt go to the shower, i didnt even call to see how it went. Thats when it donged on me that I was acting like my Bridesmaid or Best Man in my wedding…which is ALSO when i realized…no one cares as much about their wedding as the bride…Did i change my attitude, no…cause i didnt care that she put a ribbon on her invite…but when she called me and talked about it…i acted SUPER thrilled…

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I’ve gotten many STD’s too and never thought to call the sender up and mention them, and I think I’d be less likely to do it if I was in the bridal party.

I think you’re being overly sensitive too.

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I think you are overreacting.

Nobody will be as excited as you for your wedding. Not a bridesmaid. Not your mom. Nobody.

Make sure that you are doing this to make yourself happy, and not to have everybody fawning over the different aspects of your wedding. A wedding isn’t about how many people you can impresss, it’s about marrying someone you love. Even if they were very impressed, I’m sure they would think that to themselves, happily put their STD on the fridge, and get on with their lives. It’s just a Save the Date. Just keep reminding yourself of that!

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Buzzing bee

Personally, I don’t call or text when I get a STD or invitation. If I happen to talk to the person I’ll mention it but I wouldn’t go out of my way to. But that’s just me. 

I agree with @Baileyh, while your BMs are apart of your wedding, it isn’t THEIR wedding. 

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I bet if you called to talk to them, they would be more excited about it. They probably just didn’t think it was a call-worthy occasion. Your feelings aren’t Bridezilla or anything, you just want your friends excited, but sometimes people just aren’t on the same page. Try reaching out to them and see if they’re a little more excited :).

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I think you’re just having a bad week and letting things get to you. If your friends have never been in a wedding they probably don’t understand the excitement you’re getting from all this. They probably don’t mean to be blowing you off, they just don’t realize how big this can feel when you’re the bride.

If you take a step back, its just a note announing your wedding date. They already know this. Getting a card in the mail isn’t news to them as it may be to some of your other guests who haven’t heard as many details yet.

When weddings roll around, everything gets elevated and put on a pedestal. Cute invites to any other party aren’t as big of deal. True, weddings are more important than most parties but even if they’re your dearest friends, its not their wedding and they’re never going to share the enthusiasm completely. They just don’t understand because they’ve never been in your shoes.

My chattiest BMs are the most recently married ones since they’re fresh on the heels of their own weddings and full of advice. Others are pretty silent on opinions. I don’t let it influence me either way. I send them all the same group emails so they’re on the same page. Some respond endlessly, others don’t.

Perhaps, before your next exciting thing you can try a group email that says what you’re up too and pose a small question you’d like their advice on. I always ask my BM’s random questions “would you eat grits?” “are hydrangeas ugly?” Nothing too time consuming but kind of prodding them to get talking about your wedding. I found that once one of my maids sends a reply all, eventually they all start replying.

Also, you may go above and beyond like your Fiance says when it comes to friendship. Some people are like that. My mom and sister are card sending, care package making crazies who love to do nice things for people and constantly pick up small things to send friends when they’re reminded of them. I’m the worst, I barely remember birthdays…. I don’t love my friends any less, I just don’t show it the way they do.

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By The Way – the bees would be super excited if you posted a fun photo of your STDs!

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Maybe just a little…. but take into considration a couple of things: Were the girls really excited when you told them you were getting maried? Were they really excited when you asked them to be BMs? Have you discussed wedding plans or the like with them already? If you answered yes to these questions that could possibly be why you aren’t getting a super excited response out of them. If they’ve already acted happy and excited for you they might just genuinely not have thought about doing it again or are “all wedding out” lol. Do you know what I mean?

You’re obviously going to be more excited about your own wedding than anyone. I bet your girls are excited, they just aren’t jumping up and down. This isn’t something to be worried about. If they’ve expressed their happiness for you and are pleasantly taking part in the wedding you should be happy!

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I think your overreacting as well. I have been in a number of weddings and never have I called the bride to comment on how cute their STD’s we’re. I also would never expect any of my BM’s to comment on mine.

I also must add that just because they are part of your Bridal Party, does not mean that they need to thrilled about your wedding. Sure, I was happy my friends were getting married but was I overjoyed by the whole thing? Absolutely not. I also dont expect any of my BM’s to be giddy over my wedding either. They’ll show up and do their job and thats really all I can ask of them.

I certainly would not be upset over something like this and I definitely do not think your friends are taking advantage of you, based on the things that you have described.

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I’ll join in with the others.  I didn’t really get any calls or texts when I sent out my Save-The-Date Cards.  It was a little dissapointing until I realized that I probably wouldn’t have called or texted either, it just wouldn’t occur to me.  Did you show them your Save-The-Date Cards before you sent them?  If you did and they already gave their opinion, they probably didn’t think there’d be anything more to say. 

At the end of the day, you can expect your Bridesmaid or Best Man to host your shower and bachelorette, as well as be there for you on your wedding day, but not a whole lot more.  You certainly can’t expect them to feel a certain way or act a certain way throughout your entire engagement.  I mean, you can, but you’d only be setting yourself up for some major dissapointment. 

Some things in life are just out of your control.  Someone else’s feelings towards your big day is one of them. Once you accept that, your wedding planning process is sure to be a lot more enjoyable!

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Sorry, but I also think you’re overreacting.

The sooner you expect your BMs to just get their dresses, show up and party with you on your wedding day, the easier planning will be. Because then when they do comment on something, it’ll be a nice surprise. That’s all that’s really required of them, anyway.

As others have said, no one will care about your wedding as much as you.

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As brides, we care about our own weddings more than anyone else ever will. I doubt it even occurred to them to call! I know I never did, even when I was in the bridal party. I think I mentioned to Future Sister-In-Law that I liked her invitations the next time I saw her, but that was it. 

I know it can be difficult to be so excited about something, but for most people save the dates are just functional. We do these things (the DIY, the little details) for ourselves after a certain point – otherwise they’d just be plain black and white text. 

To me, that’s what sites like Weddingbee are perfect for – people here are actually interested in what we’re putting into the details!

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