(Closed) Should I be upset? Sister-in-Law issue

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I would be inclined to not talk about it with her.  

1. She either knew what she was doing and it and was trying to aggravate you with her comment, making it clear that she was doing this intentionally. If this is the case, there’s not a point in talking because she probably hopes drama will ensue.

2. Or she really, really didn’t think you’d mind and is a bit clueless (the clueless part I’d have trouble buying since she made that preemptive comment).  If this is the case, there’s no point in making her feel badly!!

Either way, I’d keep my distance except when necessary, and in situations with her, be very nice but not buddy-buddy.  Observe her actions and words over the next few months and decide which of the two scenarios fits what occurred, and make your choice of whether to be close with this woman based on those observations.

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Huckleberry is right and much kinder than I am.  Pretty much everyone knows not to wear white to a wedding if you aren’t the bride.  I don’t believe she is one bit clueless about it.  I do think she is looking for attention in a weird way.  For that reason alone, I wouldn’t bring it up again. I am sorry you are upset, but don’t let a tacky person take away from what was a wonderful day.

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She clearly is a huge b**** and wants to get some sort of reaction. She is the one that already looks bad for doing that.

Remember this in the future with her, she clearly will try to steal attention at other life events. I wouldn’t trust her. But don’t her actions spoil your memories of your wedding day. It’s not worth t.

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I wishe she wasn’t part of the family or I’d say, write her a nasty email.

“Thanks for trying to steal my thunder, but it didn’t work. 😉 My husband only had eyes for me and that’s all I care about !”

But seeing as she is family and you have to be civil. Bite your tongue and don’t go out of your way to be overly nice to her !

Some people are so rude !!!!

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I don’t know if she was trying to be mean.  I would give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.  She probably meant for that sarcastic comment to be a way of gauging your reaction to see if you would be upset or not, and when you laughed it off, she thought “oh good, she’s not super traditional and won’t mind”.  If she was trying to be mean and passive aggressive she wouldn’t have said anything to you at all, she would have just worn the dress.  Besides being white, was there anything bridal looking about her dress?  I personally would never wear white, but a lot of people think that as long as your dress is not even remotely bridal, then the color doesn’t matter.  So I knew a girl who wore a cotton white sundress to a wedding and her justification was that her little sundress would hardly detract attention from a bride in a satin ballgown…

Even if she was trying to be mean, this woman is in your family now.  What’s done is done and the best thing to do to keep the peace would be to just move on.

I’m sorry she was so inconsiderate (even though I think it was unintentional.)

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Ugh, I have a crazy sister-in-law too.. if she wasn’t in the wedding party, I’m sure she would of pulled something like this.So I feel your pain.

I did have a 15 year old girl wear a white dress, but like you  other guest who wore white..they were not in pictures..

With your SIL saying what she did the day before knew what she was doing…:(

BUt the only advice I can give you, wait a bit..as it sounds you are still riding the high off your wedding..give it another week or two and see if it really matters to talk to her or not.

My sister-in-law pulled a ton of crap.. and I was really upset once the wedding was over and I could think about all she did.. it was the only thing I could think about for awhile.. I ended talking to my mom about it for a few hours one day, and let some time pass and now I have no desire to talk to the SIL.

If you do want to talk to her, I would just casually mention it.. like “hey, so what happened with not wearing the white dress on my wedding day?? did your other dress catch fire?”


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You should have your photographer color in her dress!  So when you get proofs back with her in she won’t have a white dress anymore…you can make it any color you want LOL.


But don’t worry, if anyone else noticed at the wedding..they are thinking that your SIL is trashy because seriously….who does sh!t like that? They are all thinking that she is a jealous little girl…


ohhh envy green would be a good color to color in her dress 🙂 

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Sugar bee

She’s a bitch.  That’s all there is to it.  My advice, don’t let her know it bothers you or else she’ll feel like she “won”.

Usually I would say she was being remiss, but the way she talked to you the day before says otherwise.  I agree with pinkpinstripes, be vigilant b/c she’ll try to steal your thunder in the future.

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I agree with greenleafmountain that she was probably trying to guage your reaction when she made the comment.  She still made an idiotic choice when she picked out her dress though.  Just make sure when you pick out your pictures to hang in your home, you hang one of everyone else but her!  Maybe she’ll get the hint.

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I love @Ms_Sassy’s response… that’s EXACTLY what you should do… And just let it go.. Don’t be mad just act like it never happened! Oh that would be so hilarious.

Probably not the most “adult” or “mature” way a dealing with it but if her in the pics bothers you that much then I would definitely to do it.

As for talking to her about it… If she did do that purposefully and with ill intention then bringing it up isn’t going to fix or change anything.. Just accept her as she is and ignore her behavior….

But for sure fix your pictures! 😉

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Well she’s a jerk for doing that! I wonder what the brother was thinking letting her come like that. I’m sure the photo people can change the color. I guess some people always have to create drama because they’re jealous and insecure.

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Have you talked to your husband about this? What does he think?

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What a pyscho! I’d stay as far away as possible, but at the same time, I’d be pissed and want to say something, like what the F**K! really messed up…I hope noone wears white to my wedding!

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