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    What’s your 401(k) match at your old job?  You should consider that when figuring out which job pays more.

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    Sugar bee
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    I don’t really get the pay breakdown here. If the difference is only like a buck or two, idk if it’s worth it

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    @lifesaver08:  Assuming you afford to stay at your old job…a job you love with people you get along with can be a very difficult thing to find. If I love my job that would be worth more to me than $3 an hour or whatever I would get from a new job.

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    @lifesaver08:  Awww, sounds like a real dilly of a pickle. Good morning, I agree with the bee who said finding a job that you love, with a boss & coworkers that you get along with can be very difficult. She’s RIGHT!

    You sound quite young, so am I, but I’ve had many many jobs, 14 to be exact. I’ve had that kind of harmony in ONE and unfortunately I was laid off from it. In most jobs, I simply kept them to survive and as a means to an end. Your happiness and sanity is worth so much more than a larger paycheck, in my experiences. My personal take on it is that unless I’m making a significantly larger amount of money in another position, then leaving one that I’m happy with wouldn’t be worth it, by siginificant I mean $15K more annually. A few thousand dollars a year will likely not change your life, because it won’t be large of enough for you to feel a markedly different impact immediately.

    I wasted so much time chasing a degree & the typical office career, whenever I landed what I thought was my “big break,” I HATED my job, I HATED my boss because she was a ridiculously controlling B*TCH! And the only great thing there were my coworkers, I was miserable. I even hated where I worked and that poison seemed into my relationship, which made me hate that too. I never had any vacation time because I used it all up to allow myself extended weekends all throughout those years; Seriously, miserable. Now that I’m older & a teeny bit wiser, I’m going back to school for my cosmetology certificate. It’s what I like to do and there is always the option to strike out on your own, independently, I like that aspect most. I don’t care that I’ll make less money, the reality is that I’ve survived on less before & what I lose in $$$, I’ll gain in peace of mind.


    And just a random fact for your information, I searched one day for something pertaining to how much money is enough money or average living needs/wants, etc. I came upon an article that determined through a statistical study that $40K was typically what most Americans needed to live comfortably(assuming you live in America.) I find that really believable. In most areas of the country $40K would be comfortable, but if you want posh, then perhaps we’d need to bump it up to $65K or so. I encourage you to think about what your goal earnings are over the span of your career. This way you’ll have some basis of measurement that is more about self and less about which offer is on the table. If someone had told me that long before starting college, I’m sure my stay would’ve been MUCH shorter! Lol, then again, who knows as there were lots of jello shots.

    If you actually NEED more money perhaps you could make some through a hobby, I have so many talents that I never observed as earning potential whenever I was younger. For instance, I now throw upscale children’s parties & interestingly enough, it pays pretty well. You’d be surprised at all the things that people will pay you to do! Wink


    Sorry my reply ended up being so long, but it’s something I’m very passionate about. I hope you map out what’s right for you my fellow bee & good luck.

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    I agree with what some other Bee’s have said. Finding a job you love is hard to come by. I know a lot of people who hate their jobs. I just started my career just over a year ago and I am feeling that way too.

    While it’s tempting to see more money on the table, you might find that you don’t love the job as much as you thought you would. Then you would also be giving up what you love to do.

    You need to sit down and weigh the pro’s and con’s of each situation. Your new position might give you more money, but what about location? 

    Do you have to move for this new position? Or does it add time to your commute everyday? These are things that you definitely need to consider before switching jobs. If the new job requires a move or more commuting, then there may be added costs. Do you have to pay for parking at this new job? If so, then that eats up your increased wages as well. You will also be working more, so your commuting costs will increase. So your $800-$1,000 increase may not really be that much of an increase at all if there are a lot more costs associated with this new job.

    If after going over everything, you are determined to stay in your current job, think about other ways you can make that extra money each month. Do you own your own home? Is there a way you could rent out some space in your home to someone? 

    Do you have a hobby that you are really good at? Try making money by doing your hobby. 

    You can always use your experience and dedication to your current job as leverage to negotiate a higher salary. It may not be the extra $800-$1,000 a month you would get at this new job, but it would be a little more to get you by each month. 


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