Should i choose him or my career?

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Worker bee

Hi bee, I am Indian American so I did not have this same situation that you unfortunately do, but my aunt did. She married my uncle 20+ years ago and he made her give up her great career afterwards. She was not happy about that and to this day they still have major marital problems. I know the culture is very different over there but you should go with your gut on this. If you don’t feel ready to marry him, don’t. Yoh want to make a career for yourself so don’t let anyone hold you back. 

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Blushing bee

You actually answer your own question, you said you’re not ready and not sure to marry him. Listen to that

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Sugar bee

Definitely choose your career!! You need to support yourself & you will need solid ground to fall back on if you ever break up.

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Sugar bee
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Career all the way. He doesn’t sound like a very nice man tbh and I think you can do better

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Honey bee
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rebecca7799 :  I understand that cultural aspects come into play in this situation but never marry a person who dictates to you how you should be and how to your life. It sounds like he doesn’t value your imput or opinion and wants a person who defers to his every opinion and follows through on whatever he dictates without question. You have to ask yourself does a person who wants to change parts of you and negates your opinions really actually like you for you or are they enamored with the person they imagine and want you to be?

He’s clearly demonstrated by his action and words that he doesn’t respect you or value you and he puts himself and his belief/ideas above all. The whole point that he even thinks he has the right to dictate whether you can blog or travel says a lot about him and what it says is nothing positive. 

OP, you deserve to find love and happiness with someone who thinks that you hung the moon and the stars. Someone who will value your intelligence, your drive and your dreams and who do everything in their power to support you into making your dreams a reality. This man is not it because he wants to cut the flower shoot before it’s had time to grow and flower into its full glorious self.  Please don’t plan a, life with this man. A life with him would be half a century of living to his way at the sacrifice of your own happiness. 

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Busy Beekeeper

rebecca7799 :  You’re not ready to commit to marriage and you’re not sure you’d be happy together–so don’t make plans to marry him. 

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Honey bee

I only got half way through.

This isnt an issue of choosing a man or choosing a career.

It is choosing this man who doesn’t accept your dreams as his own and is unwilling to be supportive and help you towards your own dreams and only cares about what he wants vs. having a fulfilling life in whatever way that means to you.

Never marry someone who limits you.  Marriage may involve compromise sometimes but it should be two people who help each other towards the life they each want in a way that makes them better together than separately.  

You don’t have to choose between a man and a career.  Just don’t choose THIS man.  This man sounds like a selfish controlling ass who doesn’t respect you.  Even if you weren’t in school and you didn’t have aspirations of being a journalist elsewhere you should never pick someone who doesn’t respect you or who limits you.

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Bumble bee

Like pp said, this is not a decision between marriage and career. This is about what type of relationship you want. Will you really be happy is you have to get a permission to everything and be controlled by your husband? It sounds like culturally he is tradition where as you are not. You should.consider this difference more than career vs marriage.

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Bee Keeper
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rebecca7799 :  There is obviously a huge cultural aspect here that most of us can’t weigh in on fairly. From my perspective it’s a ‘hell no’ because I wouldn’t allow myself to be dictated to in that way. If that doesn’t actually bother you, then that’s fair enough. I’ll also point out that you have three (or at least two) years to decide if this is or isn’t working for you after all. That’s a long time and you don’t need to decide right now (or shouldn’t need to). I’d take the whole conversation off the table for awhile. 

When you are ready to revisit it, ask yourself and only yourself how you really feel about this guy. Not ‘oh I lovvvve him sooo much’ but really, really feel about his values, his respect for you and vice versa. Will you resent him? Will you lose your family to make him happy? Are you willing to spend all that time in school to become a blogger in your free time?  Then, if you still want this, maybe you can even sit and discuss a timeline with his family that allows you to finish your schooling and still marry. And if you don’t want it, then you move on. 

I know what I would do, I know what most bees here would do, but how much your culture influences your decision is entirely up to you.

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Busy bee

Anybody who will “let you” do things to your career is not a person to be in a relationship with. 

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Bumble bee


You’re young and have all the time in the world to find a good guy along the way. Put your career first so you’re set up for a successful future.

I highly doubt you will regret it

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Helper bee


Even if both of you have a wonderful realtionship and marriage, you could have a lot of finanacial problems that will require you to work as well. Sickness or death can hit the family. 

All my Eastern Indian female friends are career women. One person cannot look after a family any more. Some of them are living in India. 


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