(Closed) should I get a baby swing?

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Does your bouncer have a vibration mode?  If not, maybe look for one that does.  What about Craigslist or a second-hand swing at a consignment shop?  Mine is second-hand and went through both my sister’s kids before coming to me and still works just fine.  Same with our bouncer.  If it were me, I’d probably forgo the swing at this point but I also know how much I’ve appreciated having the swing we do so maybe if you can find a decently priced second-hand one, go for it.  Mostly all of that is a non-answer so I’m sorry I don’t have a good suggestion.  I do sympathize with you though.

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I’ve heard of babies who don’t like swings, but my little guy loves his. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. It helps him to nap longer during the day — he’ll wake up sometimes and let out one little pathetic cry but the rocking sensation puts him right back to sleep. Without the swing he only naps for about 5 minutes in the daytime, with it he naps for about an hour at a time.

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Baby T is a big boy!  🙂  We never got a swing for Addie, either; it just seemed like one more big item in our house.  If you wanted to get one to try it out, I’d second looking for second-hand swings on Craigslist or in thrift stores.  No sense in paying full price for something T will only be able to use for a few more months.  Also, travel swings/portable swings are often cheaper than full-size swings; they might have a little lower weight limit, but you probably wouldn’t use it for all that long anyway.

Last suggestion, what about wearing T in a baby carrier?  The majority of the time I was able to get stuff done around the house it was while wearing Addie.  Plus, if you get a good one, you’ll be able to use it for quite a bit longer than you would a swing.

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I used a swing for both my kids and the LOVED it.  So did my nephews who my mom also babysat.  So, four kids and one swing.  It was a LIFESAVER.  Just crank it up and let ’em go!  and it seemed, with these four, that if they fell asleep in the swing, they wouldn’t wake up unlike other times when they’d fall asleep (like your foot and the bouncer).

I second the second-hand/yard sale/consignment/thrift store idea.  No need to pay a fortune for something that they’ll outgrow REALLY quickly 😉

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This may be an odd suggestion, but have you taken him to like BabysRus and tried out any swings there?  I don’t know if they turn on in the store or not but at least you could put him in one and see how he fit and how he liked it.

Another thought, order it from Walmart, they accept a lot of returns.

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I didn’t really want one but my mom got us one for our baby shower anyways and its  been great.  She really likes it, we actually have her sleeping in it now and I think it helped her figure out night and day.  If she’s just done a feeding and wants to play she’s in the wing and either happily swings with her eyes open or it quickly swings her to sleep, usually the latter.  Since she’s been sleeping in it at nights she’s been more active during the days and sleeping better at night. 

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My son loved his swing! I like the suggestion of both trying one out at a Babies R Us and looking at a second hand store for one.

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My swing was my lifesaver!

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My baby liked it off and on through the months, for brief times during the day. It was good for reading to her and playing games with her if she’s mellow or if she is awake but doesn’t want/need stimulation/interaction–after naps, before naps, after being carried for some time. DH says it’s good for when he needs a break but he’s had better luck getting her to be satisfied in there.  Most of the time these days, she hates it or if she decides she’ll ‘allow’ us to put her there she will entertain herself squealing, practicing her singing for about 15 mins. until she gets bored and cries to get out. She definitely preferred the bouncer but got too big for that. Now it’s the Jumperoo(only about 10 mins a day supervised) or Tummy Time in the crib if I need a quick break. She only does the Ergo about 10 mins a day but can last in the Bjorn for up to 30min max with Daddy. So yah, you might be past the point of paying full price for a swing. My dad bought it for us. Apparently he liked to put us in it when we were kids. Must be a man thing. DH really liked to use it for our baby until she started protesting so strongly.

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I say try to find one second-hand.  We found the one my daughter used at a garage sale and it was totally worth it.  My daughter LOVED it.

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At first I thought a swing was a big waste of money, but now I’m glad we got it. While I only leave my son in there for 2 hours a day or so,  he loves it.  Like the others already said, try going to a consignment store or look on CL’s.



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I didnt register for a swing, but the ex’s job got him one for the baby. I put it together and she likes it. If you’re not really ready to commit, go ahead and and get one second hand like from a thrift store. That way you dont pay a lot and you can always donate it back.

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WE got one because we had friends who said they were lifesavers.    But I think that was really the first few months, so if you made it 10 weeks, I am not sure it would be worth it now.  But you could take baby to a store and see how that goes.

FYI, our son really didn’t take to the swing.  He would be ok in there, but I found the bouncy chair worked just as well or better and took up far less space.  So for us, the swing wasn’t worth it (that said it is in storage in case we have another baby who does love the swing!)

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