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@outhere2277  Your day is incredibly long, what about DH? Would he be home sooner to care for the dog? Are you considering a puppy? Or a grown rescue dog?

You certainly wouldn’t be the only working dog parent out there. I know loads of people with busy schedules that have pets/dogs. It is doable and entirely plausible but it isn’t really the best for the dog. I can often lead to behaviorial issues when the dog is left to his own devices for that much of the day.

Another thing to consider would be crating. We crate our dog but they are not in there anywhere close to the amount of time your dog would be. Even if you hired a dog walker that would maybe take out 45 minutes from the entire day. In My Humble Opinion that is too long to leave a dog in a crate which would mean you would need to be comfortable to leave a dog alone in your home for 12+ hours. Would you have a doggie door? Otherwise you will likely come home to messes.

It is entirely possible but there would be some details you would need to iron out first.

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Adopt a medium to large rescue that is already house trained and get him to doggy daycare a day or two every week and make sure to walk him extensively when you get home.  Larger dogs can hold their bladders longer and the right breed or mix won’t have the energy that a smaller dog generally does.

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Plenty of people have dogs that work 11-12 hour days and the dogs are just fine.  It’s not the best schedule for a puppy, not sure what age you are looking at but 6 moths or older would be better than a puppy that needs to be house trained.  If you could have a dog walker come every day at lunch to take the dog out it would be just fine.  A 12 hour day every day with no one to take them out at all might be alittle much.

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@outhere2277  I agree with the other posters about getting a grown or even elderly rescue dog!! They are much more content to chill and as long as you take them on walks in the morning and at night they should be ok. Be sure to tell your shelter that you need a ‘chill’ dog/ ie one that won’t be horribly lonely during the day 

Dog walking can add up but would it be feasible to do just once or twice a week during the day? 

How do you feel about cats? Might be a little easier with your work situation!

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No, they will shed on everything you love 🙁

All joking aside, what about an older dog or one with low energy? My dogs as well as my moms are a year old and energetic at that age but my mom has an older dog that is very calm and low energy.

Also, one of dhs co workers works long hours so their dog is always home alone and destroys everything and always has tons of energy from being home alone 🙁 Not saying that will happen but its a possibility, a 30 minute walk ain’t gonna cut it.

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@outhere2277  maybe look into getting two dogs?

I would look into some rescues too instead of just shelters…a lot of the time they foster dogs together or insist that some dogs be kept together because they siblings, grew up together, ect

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We adopted a rescue when she was 7 months old, and we both work.  The longest she has ever been in her crate was 13 hours (and I felt horrible about it, but it was only for a couple days and the alternative was sacrificing all of my shoes).  Usually she’s in her crate for 6-8 hours a day, which isn’t perfect but is doable.  She spends most of her time laying in a ball anyway, so I don’t see how it’s that different to lay in her crate, and I promise you she gets plenty of affection the rest of the time.

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We both work full time, the longest the dog is alone on a given day is 9-10 hours, my DH comes home from work at 3, lets him out then goes to the gym then he’s alone again until 5. He’s perfectly fine. I think as long as the dog you choose is fine being alone, doesn’t have separation anxiety etc, there’s no reason not to get a dog. It is certainly nice if you do the mid day dog walking thing. Everyone likes a walk!

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If you have a yard, depending on your climate it might be okay to keep the dog outside while you are away (so they can do their dog business). Or maybe a dog door to yard access whenever the dog wants. But yes, dogs do need attention. Plenty of people who work have them though. 

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@outhere2277  We have a dog (rescue we got as a young puppy) and when we got her we were lucky enough to have a breezeway that we made into a dog friendly zone (dog door into the fenced and secure yard, dog friendly carpet and furniture we didn’t care about) so she could be comfortable while we worked our normal hours… It worked out really well for us especially because there were days that I think it would’ve bordered on cruel to leave her in a crate! If you could set something like that up for a dog I think you’d be fine, otherwise (or if you live in a city like we do now) a dog walker will work wonders. Around here (Boston) you can have them come twice for a “potty break” during the day, or one long walk mid-day for ~$15 which we did for a while, but now (after a year in the city) our dog is happy to stay inside all day and sleep so we’ve scaled it back to a few days a week or if it’s crappy out and she won’t get much of a walk after we get home from work… 

This is getting really long because I’m tired and can’t write coherently but basically what I’m trying to say is that dogs can be really flexible and adapt for your lifestyle so if you can help them transition into your schedule (and give them a safe puppy-proof place to be while you’re away but I think a crate is too small for 12 hours)! 

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Unless you can train the dog to be left out and have him/her freedom of the home and have his food set out for him than 12 hours is way too long for a dog to be crated. I believe spending quality time with my dogs and they are in the crate for 7 hours max. I am now training them so they can be left alone for hours at a time. But honestly you don’t have time to have a dog you work 12 hours a day and its really not fair to have a dog if u don’t have the time to spend with them. I’m sorry to sound harsh but I think a cat would be better suited for your life style.you should just give them a chance, cats can be just as loving as dogs. I would like to add that I work part time have a 15 month old daughter . the most I work is 4-7.5 hours but I rarely work 7.5 hours due to my availability.


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@outhere2277  First off, a lot of people seem to be knocking the small dogs on here, saying that they are too energetic. I have two rescues, one 80 pounds, one 6 pounds. The 6 pound one is like a stuffed animal that I have to let out every so often. The big is destructive, not fully house-trained, jumps on people, gets into the trash, whines constantly, etc. (FI got him before we moved in together… He’s not an awful dog but I wish that I had pushed for him to get a different one). I think you can get a dog if you are committed to having a dog walker. It also helps when you’re leaving your dog for a bit to leave the tv on for them. I’d highly recommend getting a middle-aged dog. Puppies are so energetic that they wouldn’t fit into your lifestyle right now. 

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