(Closed) Should I get braces?

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Blushing bee
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Do it. My Fiance did it and it did wonders for him. In the top teeth he put the braces behind the teeth, it was more expensive but totally worth it. But do it NOW or at least consult someone now, because it took him over a year to get them out (they thought at first 6-8 months).

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Buzzing bee
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I say go for it.  I realllly want to get braces, and I would have liked them before the wedding, but it’s just something I keep putting off.  My top teeth are fine, but my bottom teeth are awful, just awful.  It’s not noticeable in pictures, but it bothers me. 

My friend had teeth similar to mine, and she got braces on for about a year and she said it was the best decision she ever made.  I’d totally do it, it’s a worth while investment, IMO.  My work offers 50% orthodontia coverage, regardless of age.  I had no idea until my friend told me!  Maybe that’s something you could look into, if you have work provided benefits.

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A friend of mine got invisalign braces and he loves them. He is 26 too. I would look into it! If you go the invisalign route, you will also not have to worry about them being off by the wedding if perchance it takes longer.

I think this would be money well spent. Your teeth are one of the most prominent parts of the face and obviously play a big role in your self-confidence. If you have saved up the money for them, then you have earned (quite literally) the right to do this. It’s not irresponsible—you have done the responsible thing in saving up for it with money to spare. It’s probably going to have a big impact on you too; that makes it even more worth it.

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Honey Beekeeper
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You need to check abot the invisalign.  I think they are only for mild problems so they might not work in your time frame.  I would go talk to an orthodonist now so that you can work hard to get them off before the wedding.  That being said, definetly do it!  Teeth are so prominent and you are going to have them the rest of your life so it isn’t vain to want to fix them a bit.

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My mom had a huge gap between her two front teeth for the first 50 years of her life. She’s never let it preventher from smiling or anything, but deep down, she didn’t like it. She got invisalign about two years ago to correct it, and she BEEMS now. She’s so happy it’s gone, and you can just tell in pictures when she smiles she feel so much better.

I was against it at first because it was REALLY expensive and it never seemed to bother her, but now I eat my words … it was totally worth it.

Just keep in mind that EVERYONE I know that’s had braces (including myself) has had to wear them longer than the orthodonist originally said. I had to have mine on for three extra years (extreme case), and most of my friends had to add abuot six months or so. Just something to keep in mind!

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Busy bee
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If it is something that you’ve always wanted to do, I say do it!  It is okay to spend this money on yourself – it isn’t selfish at all!

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Busy bee
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I have Invisalign right now!  (And had braces for 4 years as a kid.)  I’m currently 29.

I am so happy I finally went in and got them because I would have hated my wedding pictures because I would only focus on my one stupid snaggle tooth that totally sticks out.

Invisalign does do complicated cases now – yay – because I am complicated.  BUT they add attachments to your teeth kinda like braces.  I have 6 attachments on the top and 3 on the bottom.  They are exactly the color of my teeth so they aren’t super noticeable, but they definitely need to come off before the wedding!  The cool part is that the top is only going to take 8 months! and the bottom 10 months.  Super quick.

That said…they are kind of a pain in the butt to get off…and they are expensive.

PM me if you have any other questions…(braces or invisalign).

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Helper bee
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Hello,  I have personal advice on this one as I’m currently sitting here in braces.  My orthodotontist told me with any kinds of gaps expect regular braces.  I have an overbite/crossbite and he immediately looked at my teeth and said no to invisalign.  I have benefits but they don’t cover anything on my orthodontist.  Everyone I’ve talked to has said it is sooo worth to get it done now rather then wait.  I got mine on last january and my orthodontist told me to expect at least 2 years, now its looking like I may get them off early but only because I’ve done everything he’s told me to the T.  He told me orginally to plan on two years because thats the average length of time (he’s been practicing for 30 years).  Just thought I’d put my input in.

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I agree with the above posters – if you have gaps, regular braces will probably be the norm for you. I had braces as a teenager, and I had HORRIBLE gaps between my upper front teeth, and a few crooked lower teeth. I wore my braces for one year to the day, then a retainer day and night for one, and then just at night for another one year. I LOVE my smile now.

Definitely get the braces if you can afford it! But if you are concerned about having braces for your wedding, definitely talk to the orthodontist and gain an estimate about how long you will have to wear them for. Becuase if it is for longer than a year, and your wedding is in that timeframe, then you have to evaluate wether or not you want to wear braces at your wedding.

I have no idea if its possible, but has anyone heard of photographers photoshopping out braces?

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