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@lolot:  Our lease allows for pets as long as you put down a deposit for them. It’s not like we asked him to contribute to the deposit LOL. He just has a control problem. We asked him to be our roommate because we didn’t think we could swing it financially with just SO and I, although we now realize we would have been fine. For a year or so before moving in together my SO and I started collecting things we would need-plates, silverware, furniture, etc. just so it wouldn’t be such a major expense to get it all at once when we moved in. RM was pissed that he didn’t like some of the stuff that we brought in, but he never offers anything to replace it. I swear for the first two months we lived together he would complain non-stop about us not having a dish drying rack on the counter, but he never offered or took the initiative to go out and buy one since SO and I really didn’t see the point in having it. I have to continuously remind him to pay his portion of bills, and I do all the shopping, but he complains that I spent too much monthly ($100/person…LOL not much!) so he doesn’t want to pay because he doesn’t feel like he eats that much. Oh god, I could just go on and on about him.

I could understand it being an issue if the pets were always in his room or if we asked him to take care of them. I’ve never asked him to walk the dog, clean the cat box, etc. They don’t just hang out in his room, but the dog does walk in there if he is eating in his room because he ALWAYS leaves his door open. Other than that for the majority of the day we have them both contained to our bedroom/bathroom because I am worried that the kitten will get into stuff if he’s out alone.

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I’ve had up to 6 kitties, right now down to 4 (3 of whom are littermates).  I highly recommend getting a buddy because it gets kind of lonely when humans aren’t home.  I’ve never dealt with a loss of affection because I have mulitples; just more to love.  I do hear you on the possible vet costs.  Several years ago, we had two really sick cats and it cost me a fortune–and even then one of my kitties passed.  They’re part of the family, however, so I do not regret it. 

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I grew up with two cats (who are now gone), but I only have one now. Because my fiancé wanted to get a dog at the same time so they’d grow up together and be friends, but he changed his mind. So now we just have the one spoiled only child… if I could go back in time I would have gotten another cat so that he’d have company. While I love being able to give him my undivided attention (and he DEMANDS it of me), I know he’d appreciate a buddy to play with when we are at work – if they’d both come at the same time. I know he’d hate another cat now though.

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I had two cats at one point and they liked eachother some days and didn’t like eachother others. It depends on their personalities whether or not they’ll be close, just like with siblings, and mine weren’t really all that close.

Now I have just one cat and even though I’m a “cat lady” I have to say, I must prefer having just my Kitty. Less poop, less mess by his food dish, LESS CAT HAIR ON EVERYTHING, less for boarding when my husband and I travel, less expensive overall, etc. However, with that said, I only work 7.5 hour days, I live 10 minutes from my office and get to go home for lunch, and am kind of a loner/homebody so I see him a lot.


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@lolot:  That first picture is seriously darling!!! <3


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I second PPs. Definitely two, but get them at the same time, as kittens! Problems can arise when you allow one cat to rule the house and then introduce a new one, but they can get one well with a friend they grow up with.

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We have two!  They are incredibly loving toward one another and both are still very snuggly with both DH and I.  We travel fairly often and I think it’s nice they have each other.  I’d feel really bad if it was one cat alone all of the time. 

Definitely get them at the same time though.  DH had these two before we moved in together.  I had one.  After moving in together I had to send mine to live with my parents because she tortured the other female cat.  My parents have her brother and she was completely fine with him.  It can be really hard introducing a new cat later.


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@ImaStarr:  Ahahaha, I have so many pictures of my two boys doing exactly this! Love it!!

OP, two is the way to go, IF you can afford two. Check out how much food will cost, how much annual vet bills are in your area, etc. And then get two little littermates!

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I got two around the same time and it was a DISASTER.  I ended up having to (emotionally) part with one of them 2.5 years later.  And I looooove cats.  These are my babies.  And now I have only one.  I think it depends on the personality of the cats.  But sometimes you really won’t know til they’re older.

(I’m aware this isn’t very helpful!  But it’s my experience with multiple cats!)

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@lolot:  Your cats might just be the cutest thing ever!  I was killed by cuteness overload!  🙂 I must get a cat NOW!  Even though he will proably eat my parrot!  Aww, little fuzz balls.  

I think you should start with one cat for two reasons.  One, you might find that having your own kitty is more work than you expected, and you can build a bond with him/her.  After having him for a few years, him calming down, you can add another energetic baby if you want.  

Two, I know this sounds a little mean, but I also think its good to stagger the ages of pets.  It sucks to have a bunch of elderly pets that all have health problems and die around the same time.  Its just really hard and heartbreaking!

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Get 2! If they are both young they should adapt easily to each other. I think they really need a friend when you are at work. Your already going to be buying food and scooping poop, so a second one wont be too much more work (other than the initial spay/neuter). I have always had multiples.

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There are many cats in shelters who are wonderful with people, but don’t get along with other cats and need to be in a one-cat home.  There are also special needs kitties, like those with FIV or Feline Lukemia, that should be kept in home without other cats.  These pets are often overlooked in shelters and can spend months or even years waiting for someone to adopt them.

Since you have no other cats right now, you could consider opening your home to one of these kitties.  It would be more budget friendly, but you may have to be committed to not getting a second cat for the life of the one you adopt, (such as in the case of cats needing to be an only cat).  However, FIV+ kitties can live with other positive kitties, so if you were to adopt one, and then desired a second at some point, you would be able to bring another into your home without worrying about infecting another cat.

Most cats do well with a friend, but cats are generally solitary animals, and do just fine on their own, too.  So do what’s best, (and affordable!) for you and your DH.  

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Twao cats are a handful but they always have each other and so if I could go back I would have gotten two. i just have one and she’s bored a lot…yet it’s too late, she won’t tolerate other animals at her age. 

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@sweetchiquita12:  2. My Calico is a girl named Kinder, she was 2 I think when we got Mr. Whiskers. She hated him at first, but then they slowly became bffs and they snuggle 🙂 Now Mr. Whiskers is a big fan of our dog haha

Hehe the Mr. Whiskers is a big boy now:

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@sweetchiquita12:  I think simple because you said you are on a budget that you should only get 1 cat.

We have 3 cats that were not raised together and whilst they all get along and play occassionally they most play on their own and they definately do not snuggle together. I think raising them from young together increases the chances of them being lovey dovey. But it can also depend on their personalities.

As another PP said get a shelter cat and if you insist on getting two definately get a shelter cat as a lot of little old lady cats get surrendered together and the shelters prefer (well at least here) not to seperate them.

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