(Closed) Should I get two cats or just one?

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Omg cuteness overload on this thread!!!

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@sweetchiquita12:  I can’t really comment on whether one or two is bettter but since everyone is saying two, I’ll give you some things to think about with getting just one to balance out the opinions lol.  Are you particular about age/breed of cat? Some breeds handle being alone better than others if you were to only get one.

Also, I had 2 cats growing up, we got the first as a kitten maybe 4 years before the second (also as a kitten) and they got along and became best friends. So even if you started with one and decide in a few years to get another I think there is still a good chance for them to get along.

P.s I’m so jealous!! I want a cat but DH isn’t a pet person and complains about pet hair at my parents so says no way to a pet in our house

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I only have one cat at the moment, and I don’t think he would cope if I got another one. He is a mega sook but likes dogs so they keep him company. When I was younger we had 3 and they got on quiet well (as in didn’t beat each oyher up). They would have been much better together if they we’re introduced to the house at the same time though. 

If I was to get more cats I think I’d get siblings, probably brother and sister, but I worry about them dying at the same time :(. I think it would be better for them in the long run though so if you can afford it then definitely do it! 

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I have two cats. First time I’ve ever owned two instead of one. They’re still young (A year and a half) but they definitely don’t care about each other more than us. One cat favours Fiance and the other favours me. One of them is a super whiney, cuddle bug. “Mommy! Cuddles now! Now! Now! Now! Now!” and she’ll jump up on my leg like a dog if I don’t pick her up. Yeah, she’s really spoiled. 

I would get two cats. It’s adorable when they cuddle, and I love having two cats on me when I’m watching TV.

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 Another vote for two! We had two, and when my older girl passed away, Vader moped around and was clearly unhappy. We got him a friend a few months later, and they love each other!

Something to consider – you’ll see bonded pairs at shelters pretty often. They’re  already a pair and get along well, they’ll have an easier time adjusting to their new environment and they’ll keep each other company when you’re at work!

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I would agree with the majority and say to get two! I started with one boy (who I found in my yard – my neighbor took his brother). Then I moved out of my parents’ house and into an apartment and felt awful leaving him by himself during the day.

I struggled with the decision to get another cat to keep him company, but ended up doing so. I brought home another little boy (kitten) and I’ll be honest- it was tough in the beginning. My older boy, who was three at the time, mostly liked to lounge around while the new baby was obviously playful. There was some fighting, but now they are perfectly fine with each other and play together sometimes and even lick each other’s head while the other is sleeping, which is just adorable. 

When my fiance sent me this pic, I knew they’d be okay together :] And this was just after about a month.



If you can get two siblings at once that’d be perfect! Good luck!

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i love having two cats. My boys are the best of friends and it makes me so happy. With that said, vet expenses are definately something to consider. When we adopted Giles and Xander my little orange boy had ringworm. Despite our best efforts my Siamese got it and it cost hundreds to treat them both. 

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If you get two I would recomend getting two that you know get along.  I’ve had issues introducing my kitten to my adult cat, they never got along their entire lives and it was very difficult to deal with.  But now I have two kittens that are brother and sister and they get along great!  They are both super friendly and they always want attention from people.  They are very close but they are also very attatched to me, my sister, and my parents.  It’s nice knowing that they have each other to play with when I’m not there.

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If you can afford it, I would get two. I started out with one, but he would get so lonely when I was at work that he would just cry at me for hours when I got home. Getting a second cat made him so much happier, but it’s double the litter to scoop, double the food, double the hair on the carpet and my clothes, double the vet bills, etc. Just make sure that you’re financially ready for a life-long commitment to two cats because the costs can really add up.

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I originally had one cat. I worked a lot and was rarely home. I thought I should get him a friend so he would be less lonely. Turns out he prefered to be the only cat! He does not like competing for attention, thinks he needs all the food, all the toys, all the comfy spots or he will hiss/swipe/pout. I’ve been dealing with this behavior for years. Also, I have had my fair share of vet bills for when they get sick, which happens. They both now have special diety needs which require special food, that is expensive. And today, I discovered an issue going on with one of them and will need to take him in. They sure are lucky they are cute!

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I would definitely get two. You don’t necesserilly have to get them at the same time as it would be nice to let one settle in for a few weeks before getting the next, and you may find that the first cat seems perfectly content on its own.

We leave at 08:00 and return at 20:00 and felt guilty when we got our first cat and were concerned about leaving her alone. So it was a great relief when we got our second cat a couple of months later and they get on so well. I’m convinced they are happier in each others company and are more occupied than they would be living alone.

It may be worth mentioning our cats are house cats too, so boredom can be an issue.

They both still really like us too, they spend the entire time in the same room as us when we are in and are very affectionate. Our first cat didnt change at all with us when we got the new one, so I wouldnt worry about that.

In terms of cost I that was also a concern for us, however we found that having a second cat didnt cost a lot more than having one as they share most things. Obviously the food cost and vets bills are higher though. We have a bank account that we pay £10 each into a month that goes towards vet bills like injections etc.

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We have always had two but have never gotten them at the same time. With my cats growing up, they were better than my current pets. Our cats now fight sometimes, especially when my husband is traveling for a long time. They don’t cuddle but when they are in good moods they do play together. I don’t think it’s necessary to get two at the same time because it’s possible they could fight too.

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It depends on the cats and their ages. If you are getting kittens, I think it is best to get 2 at the same time so they can grow up together and learn from each other, and they will always have a playmate while you are at work.

If you want to get adult cats, sometimes shelters have bonded pairs that are meant to be adopted together. Sometimes shelters have “buy on get one free” offers too because there are so many homeless kitties. Cats generally get along well, but I had two cats growing up that hated each other and never bonded. When the older one passed away, the younger one was happy to have the house to herself.

If you are getting two adults make sure you acclimate them safely. Right now I have one 2 year old cat but I do feel that he gets bored- we are thinking of adopting another one next year- but I get all the snuggles and he’s such a sweetheart momma’s boy!

You can always get one now and then wait to get another one later- you never know what kind of personalities they have until you’ve had them at home for a while- all cats in the shelter want to be held and snuggled but once they live in a house instead of just a cage their personality might change quite a bit!

Good luck on your search. Take your time looking- the right cat(s) will come along in time, don’t rush your decision just because you want a cat right away or because you feel bad for all the shelter cats- every time I go to the Humane Society I want to take them all home but I’m so glad I waited until just the right cat came along. I love him so much and he’s the perfect cat for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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*sigh* I’m so jealous every time I hear about/see other people’s cats.  I want one (or more!) SO badly but I’m allergic.  Sad thing is, I don’t even care, I wouldn’t mind getting one anyway, but my mom is totally against it and I live at home right now.  And SO says he’s completely against pets except maybe dogs and guinea pigs – he says no cats! ๐Ÿ™ I asked what he’d do if I get a cat after I move out and live alone, and he said that I’ll have to give it away once we get married/move in. SAD!!! ๐Ÿ™

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