(Closed) Should I pay for her shoes that my dog chewed up?

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  • poll: Should I pay for her shoes that my dog chewed up?

    Yes, always offer to pay for things your dog ruins, no matter how many times you've warned them

    No, you've already warned her twice, don't offer in the future

    No, you shouldn't have offered the second time it happened

    No, you shouldn't have offered the first time - you warned her!

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    Strangely enough, I only watched the SATC episode where Carrie left her shoes on the floor in her friends apartment after being asked to take them off and they went missing and then there was an issue about her friend paying for them this morning….

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    I think you were only obligated to pay for the first pair of shoes.  If she didn’t learn after that, it’s her fault.  

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    If she comes over when you aren’t home because she comes in for work purposes then that’s on her. You can’t follow her around picking her stuff up and putting it in the closet for her. You’ve warned her, she’s seen it happen, and there for she should be responsible to put them up. My friend had a dog that chewed and everytime I remembered to put my shoes up. Not once did it cross my mind as her dog, her problem.

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    I would. it sucks, and you did warn her, but it was your dog.

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    @Sea_Ashley:  if she is there at the house by herself then it’s her responsibility.  perhaps tell her that if she can’t put her shoes in the closet, then maybe she should find another place to stay b/c you can’t afford to keep paying for her shoes.

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    As a pet lover and owner, my pets are my responsibility.  If they destroy something, it’s my problem and I have to pay it.  It’s your fault for not training your dog.  A guest in your home should not be obligated to try and work around your dog’s bad behavior.  If your dog cannot behave, it’s your obligation to either train your dog or keep the dog in a crate or room where he/she will not be destructive to other people’s property. 

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    Warn her the next time she comes over, move the shoes to the closet each time you see them there and each time remind her that your dog chews shoes and that you’ve max out your “replacement shoe” budget so she will just have to be more careful.  Give her flipflops to wear if need be.  Meanwhile train your dog out of it.

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    @Sea_Ashley:  I probably would try to put them away for her when she comes over, or re-remind her… it’s really dumb of her though.  She sees the dog when she comes into your house, I’m sure, and as an adult, I think that should be reminder enough for her to put them in the closet.  When I go to people’s houses, I put my purse up/away somewhere if they have a dog that might get into it, etc.  That’s my own responsibility because I’m adult, and I feel similarly about her shoes getting ruined. Her fault.


    At the same time, I would still probably offer because it’s the nice thing to do, but I reaaaaaaaally don’t blame you at all for being annoyed about it!  And at what point do you start to wonder if she’s just using you to get new shoes?  Kidding, kinda…

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    If she was coming to visit you, where you should be greeting her at the door, than I would say it’s on you to show her where her shoes could go or for you to take them for her.  Similar to hanging up a guest’s jacket.

    When she has the freedom to come and go at your place though, it’s up to her.  I’ve never had a dog.

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    Once was enough. It’s not like you come to her house with your dog. She is in your house and if she can’t follow a simple rule of putting away shoes, then she can buy herself a new pair.

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    My bigger concern here would be the dangers that chewing foreign objects can have for your dog. I would do two things – put in work to train him not to chew objects around the house other than his toys, but also tell your friend that besides potentially losing more shoes and money, putting away her things is an absolute rule of staying in your house for the added safety of your dog (vet bills for removing foreign objects from his stomach would be A LOT more expensive you you than her shoes are for her to replace.) It’s your (and your dog’s!) house and she’s your guest.

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    @Sea_Ashley:  Then use your friend’s shoes as an opportunity to train your dog.  The dog needs to learn what is and isn’t appropriate to chew on.  Every time our dogs act inappropriately with guests around, they go in the crate.  

    If it were a child destroying something of your friend’s, I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate to replace it, even if your child destroyed that item multiple times.  You surely wouldn’t blame your friend for your child behaving inappropriately.

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    Yes you should regardless if you’ve reminded her. Why don’t you train your dog not to chew shoes instead?!

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    Sounds like she’s going to come to your house any time she needs new shoes!

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    Don’t pay for her shoes.  Having not only 1 but 2 pairs ruined should have put a little dinger in her brain that says “hey, you’re at whatsherface’s house, put your shoes away!”  At this point she’s being careless.


    I agree with some other posters, though; you can train your dog to stop chewing on inappropriate objects.  It takes time, though, so your friend needs to be accountable for her own belongings in the meantime.


    @MariContrary:  it’s totally ok to ask a guest to “work with you” when it comes to a pet’s behavior.  The saying “it takes a village” applies to pets, too.  Friends of ours got a puppy, and everybody who came to their home was expected to participate in their training regime.  If she acted up, the owners didn’t lock her in her crate for the rest of the night – they walked us through the proper procedures of correction and praise.  One acquaintance was hopeless at correcting the puppy if she started playing too rough; that acquaintance stopped coming around for a while because she was letting the dog get away with inappropriate behavior.  The dog’s a great animal now, because she received consistent cues from lots of different people.

    I grew up with a lot of dogs in the house, and they were part of the family.  When people came over, we let them know the various commands we used, as well as rules like no table scraps (or no shoes outside the closet, in OP’s case), and everything was peachy.  

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