(Closed) Should I rater get a Moissy than a diamond to save my FI money?

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  • poll: Moissy to cut on cost and get a better color grading OR Diamond and well...have a real diamond

    0.8ct Moissanite

    0.8ct Diamond (Would be between S1-S3 and I-K)

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    I don’t think anyone can tell you what to do. Getting a Moissy is a personal thing. Most people either love them or hate them. I have one and I love it. My ring is exactly what I wanted, and it happened to be less than $500. But that doesn’t make Moissy the right choice for everyone. 

    I’ve never, ever felt “inferior” because of the stone in my e-ring. It’s beautiful. It’s what I wanted. End of story. Diamonds being “superior” is a matter of opinion. Both have their pros and cons.

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    @EllaM:  “I’m scared I will always feel inferior”

    Don’t worry – in time, you’ll grow out of that and realize that a ring means nothing about your worth.  Are you in your twenties?  When you hit your thirties you should be out of that phase.

    I’d opt for the moissy because they look amazing and it will save you guys the money.

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    If you feel that way about having not having a diamond, I would not buy a moissy.

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    I would make sure to see a Moissy in person before comitting. Many bees have liked them in theory and not liked them in person.

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    I would go with a third option : find a .5 carat diamond you love with better specs that doesnt stretch the budget to the max 🙂

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    If it were me, I would go for .6ish diamond with better specs (H or better, SI1 or better) and maybe a shape that will make the diamond look bigger for it’s ct weight like an oval or rectangle radiant.

    That being said, if you are already doubting that you would like the moissy idea and would actually conceal the fact it is a moissy if you got one….I just would not go there. I think you would be dissatisfied. 

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    @EllaM:  I, personally, would want a genuine stone over something manufactured in a lab. Yes, a diamond is more expensive but it also has real value and is something that will last forever and that you can hand down. Moissanite, while cheaper, is also quite pricey for what it is. I feel  a genuine diamond is more actual bang for the buck.

    No offence intended to anyone. Moissy rings are quite pretty and I totally understand why they are such a popular choice. this is just my personal opinion for me.

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    @EllaM:  There are so many more important things besides a diamond. and this is coming from someone who loves diamonds. You’ll love your moissy, and if not, you can always trade it later. I’m pretty sure moissyco has a return policy (it would be dumb of them to not). Think about this… you could take your extra couple hundred of dollars and put it towards something wedding related, that you could share with everyone you love, instead of getting a more expensive stone that, honestly, no one would ever know the difference unless you told them. 

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    I agree with PP – maybe you should look at a moissanite in person and then make the decision. 

    I also want to mention that at under 1 carat, you have much less to worry about re: colour, but it won’t be much better than the I/J/K diamond you could afford because generally that’s where moissanites fall.  I think even enhanced ones hover at about I, perhaps H if you’re lucky.  So…you’re basically getting the same quality in terms of colour and size regardless of what you choose.

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    If you like the look of it (and learn to get over the inferiority – that’s just marketing and society telling you what is right and wrong. Decide what works for you!) and you don’t mind the color, cut, or sparkle, which are the biggest changes, then I’d say go for it!

    Cost, and not minding the differences between the stones were my biggest factors in choosing an Asha over diamond. Fiance could have easily afforded my ring in diamonds, but I couldn’t justify being young with future expenses on the way, while wearing a $15k thing on my hand. I think my Asha is prettier than most of the diamonds I see out there (I work in a jewelry store) and I get compliments on it literally every day.

    But if you do go with diamond, make sure you see it in person first. There is no SI3, so you’d be getting an I1 or I2 diamond. The store I work at sells those, and in bigger stones (as in, more than .25 cts) it is so easy to see those big inclusions. Make sure you pick a good one!

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    It’s a chunk of metal and a lump of carbon (or, I suppose, whatever elements moissanites are made of). The value of a symbol isn’t in its component parts. 

    As a guy, I was relieved when my fiance cared nothing for having a diamond. Her topaz sparkles like crazy, draws a lot of positive attention, and allowed me to go with a much nicer setting that we may or may not put a more expensive stone in later. I didn’t feel like it diminished me to admit I couldn’t put a $10k rock on her finger.

    At the end of the day, you have to go with what you’ll be content with – but I can’t recommend stretching your finances to get something simply because it’s what you’re supposed to get.

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    I love my moissy but no one can tell you what to do. I would either order a stone to see if you like it and move from there.

    I will say that my Fiance and I had a similar discussion. I wanted a 1 ct diamond from Brilliant Earth which with the specs I wanted was going to cost between 6k and 8k bringing the cost of the ring to between 8k and 10k. He had the money saved up, but with talk of buying a house in the next two years, I just couldn’t justify spending that much money. Particularly because I told him we wouldn’t start TTC until we had a house.

    So I went up to him with all my research and was like have you heard about this? He actually knew about it before me (science nerd) and said he needed me to come to him with the idea because he didn’t want me to feel like he was unwilling to spend that much money on a ring. While it was in production, he struggled with the idea that as a guy he wasn’t proposing to me with a diamond. But as soon as he saw it, he loved it.

    Good luck!

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    @EllaM:  I have a moissanite & love it! That said, my husband was totally on board & I never really wanted a diamond to begin with (we could have afforded about a 1-1.3ct diamond in a solitaire setting, but instead we got a 3ct moissanite in a custom micropave halo).

    If my husband hadn’t been okay with the idea of moissanite & I was already nervous about whether I would truly be happy without a diamond, I would have just got the diamond.


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    Get what you really want.

    Like many things, diamonds and moissanite have almost no intrinsic values of their own to most people. I think their (diamonds) only real intrinsic value is in industry. They have values set by marketing companies.  Diamonds at the level most consumers buy them are NOT good investments, so don’t think of it like that.

    Most people have their own reason for buying moissanite/other stones.  Though I actually love diamonds themselves, I strongly dislike the diamond industry so I didn’t want to participate in it.  I also don’t like being told what I “should” buy.  I also similarly dislike consumerism in this country and our food industry which is why I avoid places like Best Buy/the mall and buying new electronics just for the hell of it and why I cook almost all vegetarian at home. I obviously have to participate in it and I do, but I try to avoid excessive and wasteful shopping.  I mean, make my own deodorant for what it’s worth.  I actually didn’t care for an engagement ring at all and thought it was a waste of money but my Fiance pretty much insisted on it.

    If it’s just to save money, I think you should really think about whether or not you would be happy with moissanite or if you truly want a diamond. If you don’t think you would be then you shouldn’t get one. I would also order a loose stone or see one in person to make sure.

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