(Closed) Should I rater get a Moissy than a diamond to save my FI money?

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  • poll: Moissy to cut on cost and get a better color grading OR Diamond and well...have a real diamond

    0.8ct Moissanite

    0.8ct Diamond (Would be between S1-S3 and I-K)

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    I am scared I will always feel inferior because I don’t have a diamond.  

    @EllaM:  I think this is a very telling statement.  If the type of stone you wear is going to determine your worth, then I think it’s pretty obvious what choice you prefer.

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    @housebee:  +1

    I was deciding between Amora enhanced moissanite and diamond, and I chose diamond because (a) deep down, that’s what I really wanted; and (b) moissanite is NOT a good diamond simulant. If you think you’ll be passing it as a diamond, you’ll always be worried that you’ll be found out.

    If you want moissy, get moissy. If you want diamond, get a diamond. I think you need to do more research as well since moissy doesn’t come in the range of properties that diamonds do. Your moissanite will at best be I colour and good cut, so it may not be particularly superior to the diamond you’re looking it, with the exception of price.

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    @EllaM:  As far as the color grading goes, you’ll likely get a moissanite that is a J/K/L anyways. Moissanite also tends to react differently in light than diamonds do. I have a bunch of videos in different lighting on a thread if I started if you click on my profile and look. I would watch the videos to see if you still like it. That being said, I went the moissanite route and I don’t regret it one bit! I have a larger one (1.4 ct cushion) but no one has ever asked me if it was “real or fake.” Especially since you will be getting a smaller size, I don’t think anyone at all will question it if you’re worried about that, but it’s more about what your personal tastes are. After owning a moissanite, IMO it doesn’t compare to a diamond, I like it better than diamonds because I like the color change and I’m constantly staring at my ring to see how it behaves in all different situations. To me, it’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges, they’re both fruit but they taste and look a hell of a lot different. That being said, after owning a moissanite it far outshines any diamond I’ve seen in real life, and I much prefer it over a diamond. It also helped that it didn’t break the bank. If you like things that are SUPER shiny I say go for it!

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    @EllaM:  I didn’t even bother to read PP’s because the one above me, “no, a moissy will not replace a diamond” summs up these stupid wars these posts start.


    I’m not a moissy person, but we couldn’t afford a bigger diamond, so I am getting a white sapphire instead ๐Ÿ™‚

    I get extra brilliance compared to a diamond (white flashes of reflected light) but I compromise on fire (rainbow flashes of reflected light).

    With a moissy you get extra fire, but compromise a little on the brilliance.

    They both also have their own properties, search for moissy’s on here and you will find discussions on depth of the stone, colour, cut, the way they pick up colours and all the rest ๐Ÿ™‚


    For me it came back to what do I prefer? I will be happy to tell people I have a white sapphire, I wouldn’t be happy telling (and explaining, no one here knows what they are) to people I had a moissy. I also actually prefer brilliance to fire, but many girls prefer fire to brilliance!

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    personally, I would get a .5 quality diamond (shop online), and you can always get 100% trade in value later, toward your dream ring!  That’s what we did.  I started off at .55 and upgraded to 1.21 after 8 years of marriage. ๐Ÿ™‚

    While I think moissanite is just fine, I don’t think it is for you.  

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    Only you can decide if you want a diamond or a moissy.  However with the diamond are you just looking at carat and not the other C’s?  I would go w/ideal or excellent cut graded by GIA.  

    Cut will make a difference on how the diamond sparkles.  When it comes to color, you could go with a darker grade of color but I would use the metal color to add the shade if you want to appear to have a white diamond.  Either rose gold (if the diamond has brown/pink shades to it) or yellow gold.  

    With clarity that’s a personal decision.  SI2 should by difinition be eye clean but my have inclusions under a loupe.  Anything with a lower clarity than that will have visbile inclusions.  Some people don’t mind.  If they are on the edge they may be easily hidden by prongs but some inclusions may effect the intergrity of the diamond itself.  

    I would advise doing some perosnal research and making a decision from there.  Order a moissy stone to see it in person and also look at the diamonds in your price range.  Compare and contrast.  

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    An engagement ring is any ring you wear that signifies you are engaged to be married.  It doesn’t have to be anything.  It can be any stone, stoneless, man made, earth made, any metal, any style etc.  It doesn’t matter.  No one should be made to feel inferior because their engagement ring isn’t “typical”.

    You need to decide what is most important to you.  Are you more willing to compromise on style in order to get something within your budget, or would you rather pick an alternative ring in the style you love that is more budget friendly?

    I have no problem saying I would not have wanted the diamond ring we could have afforded so we got Moissanite.  No one has ever been snarky about it or made rude comments to make me feel inferior.  We made the best choice for us, and that choice was not a diamond.

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    i picked the moissy, but actually i thnk you should just get a smaller diamond that’s better quality

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    IMO moissanite looks most diamondlike in the one carat and under range, and since you’re looking at .8ct there’s a good chance you might really like it! I think you should order the absolute best .50ct diamond in your budget (GIA triple-Ex if possible, at least excellent cut) *instead of* going for a lesser quality, larger diamond. Then I would compare the diamond in person, in many different types of lighting, to a .8 moissanite and you will truly know how you feel about each stone. If you find you really love the look of moissanite, you probably won’t care that it’s not a diamond.

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    Why not get a smaller but nicer diamond, or a sapphire or something like that? You have a lot more options than what you listed. An eternity ring could be another lovely option.

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    It seems like you really want a diamond, and your Fiance definitely wants to get you a diamond…so get a diamond. I wouldn’t recommend getting a moissy and passing it off as a diamond, you’ll always be conscious of it. Just check online for a better quality stone first! Good luck!

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    @FutureMrsHallam:  Not sure if this is in relation to white sapphires, but according to this chart it seems that both moissanite and diamonds have more brilliance.  Hope this helps

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    I’d say get the moissanite if $ is an issue, then use the $ you save towards the wedding! At .8ct I doubt anyone would even question whether or not it was a diamond 

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    @EllaM:  hi there. I’d recommend going on price scope and telling them what your budget is for a diamond. I think they’d be able to find you something with nicer specs than what you’re looking at right now and that won’t blow his budget. As PP mentioned, there isn’t a GIA grade SI3 so you might overpay for a stone in that grade.  The price scope people can really help you search for a diamond in your budget ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck! 

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    OH honey, I’d strongly recommend against a moissanite if you are looking for a diamond or something that will “pass” as one. Personally, I love a pretty moissy, and my husband was totally on board with getting me whatever I wanted, but I’ve never tried passing it off as a diamond, and quite frankly, while to many a white sparkly rock will only inspire people to think “diamond”, people who know even a moderate amount about gemstones will be able to tell you that moissanite does not perform the same as a diamond, they are completely different stones, and one is not a subsitute for the other. You’ll be forever disappointed in getting a moissy if what you really want is a diamond.

    While looking for a diamond, why not go larger than .5 and smaller than .8 and see if you can’t get a really nice looking one in budget? My personal opinion is that cut is king, and as long as the cut is amazing, the other C’s won’t afffect the stone negatively as much should be they fall in the lower categories.

    I second the option of posting the budget online and getting a lot of eyes out there helping you look for stones, it could save you money and help you get the rock of your dreams!

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