(Closed) Should I rater get a Moissy than a diamond to save my FI money?

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  • poll: Moissy to cut on cost and get a better color grading OR Diamond and well...have a real diamond
    0.8ct Moissanite : (65 votes)
    49 %
    0.8ct Diamond (Would be between S1-S3 and I-K) : (69 votes)
    51 %
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    @RedRose1979:  I find large, cracked, low quality princess cuts tacky. Good thing we are all entitled to our opinions 🙂

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    Congrats so exciting!  I also agree that you should consider buying a real certified diamond for half the cost online.  Bluenile, Adiamor and Uniondiamond are all GREAT companies and they have a 100% return policy for 30 days or so.  We saved a bundle and bought online.  My ring actually appraised for 3 times what we paid for a GIA certified loose stone.  We did end up returning one ring but had no issues with either the return policy, credit or the actual diamond (I just liked one shape over another).


    Good luck!

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    I’m a moissy girl through and through, but I’m not sure that you should get one.  

    First off, if you want something that looks exactly like a diamond then you probably need to get a diamond, or if that’s really off the table and you need a temp solution, an Asha.  

    I never feel inferior because of my ring, but I didn’t want a diamond to start with.  It sounds like you do, so you guys should try to find a way to make that work.  

    Of course you should do your research before making a final decision, and you should definitely try to see moissy in real life if it’s something that you’re considering.  But go into it with your eyes open.  Yes it’s white and sparkly, and if that’s all you want then great.  But if you want something white and sparkly that looks like a diamond, then moissy’s flashes of color and habit of reflecting the colors around it are not going to make you happy.   

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    @EllaM:  “5.  Society/Tradition makes us feel like we don’t really have much choice when it comes to engagement/weddings. Especially here in SA there are certain do’s and don’ts you have so semi abide by.  It’s like diamonds are the only option, even other stones like ruby’s ect are looked down upon (its actually quite sad) Some of the jewellers I’ve seen don’t even want to work with Moissies or Palladium.”

    There will always be pros and cons to whatever you end up choosing for your center stone. And people will always have something negative to say. The main thing is to focus on what are the important aspects to you and your Fiance.

    Do you want something that will get you a lot of compliments and attention? Or is it more important that your ring is as low maintenance as possible and you can take it anywhere to get it repaired/resized? And how important is it that it’ll match with the rest of your jewelry/wardrobe? Will it fit your lifestyle in general (e.g., works with kids, does a lot of gardening)? Or by the end of the day, do you just want something pretty on your finger and it doesn’t matter what its molecular makeup is it?

    Be honest with yourself and hopefully it’ll help narrow your search to finding “the one.” Good luck, OP!

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    @EllaM:  I think first off you need to see both and decide which you like best, moissy can have a different look than diamonds and some people don’t like that.

    Also consider if you will be able to lie about your ring. Some people are terrible liars or hate lying so would feel uncomfortable passing off the moissanite as a diamond. 

    I think you shouldgo with moissanite only if you like the look and are comfortable with it not being a diamond. 

    Most people who have moissanite like it because it’s a different gem than a diamond and I think that’s important.

    Also moissanite doen’t come in certain cuts so depends what cut you like.

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    remember that this is also partially your SO’s decision too and his preferences shouldn’t just be ignored.  

    My Fiance knew some other stones were less expensive or he could afford something larger (not that my ring is small at all), but he really liked what a colorless/clear diamond meant to him and what he feels it signals to our friends/fam and “the world.”  For your SO, he might think a moissy is an impostor or “fake” or doesn’t accurately symbolize his love- I don’t know.  I can tell that my Fiance feels good because *in his opinion* he “did right by me.”  

    There’s a pride that can come when you give a loved one something that you think is quality.  I understand that there’s debate over what “quality” means in this arena, but a lot of guys proposing believe that diamonds are what they think quality is, so diamonds are what they want to give.

    If your SO’s preference is to give you a diamond and he has the budget for it, I’m not sure I would take that away from him.  

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    What lab is grading the diamonds you’re looking at? An I/J/K graded diamond by EGL is usually off from what GIA would grade that diamond. I saw a thread on Pricescope once where someone bought an EGL, had it graded by GIA, and the two reports were FIVE color grades off. Something like she bought and EGL-graded ‘H’ and it was a GIA-graded ‘M’. The same can be true for clarity.

    If you buy a diamond, make sure you see it in person, see it under magnification, and see it in natural light. The lights in jewelry stores are there to make diamonds look awesome. Look at it from the side, too — that’s where you’re going to see the most color, and depending on how you set it, you’ll see that when it’s in a ring.

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    @EllaM:  Hi EllaM, I’m a long time married Bee (29 yearsSmile ) so I’m going to give you the super long range perspective. It doesn’t matter what stone you choose (or even if you don’t have an engagement ring) – do what makes you and your future husband happy. When I was shopping around for an upgrade to my original set, I found this forum, Pricescope and BTD very helpful in providing education about various options and I suggest you take some time to explore your options. I was choosing between an estate diamond, a white saphire and an Amora enhanced moissy. Eventually, I chose the moissy.

    Keep in mind that marketing is very powerful and diamond marketing has been around since the 1930’s (prior to that time, the diamond engagement ring industry was dying.) There is no stone that is intrinsically better or prettier for an engagement ring – it’s all in what you prefer (and I mean looks-wise, budget-wise and comfort level.) I don’t think it’s wise to start your married life with debt for the sake of what amounts to a pretty bauble on your finger. Remember, it’s what comes after your vows that is going to show to the world your love and comitment to one another. 

    PPs have offered you sound advice – order a loose moissy to ensure that it is right for you. Compare the moissy to a diamond that you like (my two cents re diamonds – sacrifice a bit of colour but get the best cut and clarity you can afford – you truly wont notice a J – K colour once set unless you are very colour sensitive, in which case a moissy may not be right for you – after colour, sacrifice a bit on the clarity especially if the inclusion can be hidden by the setting.) Aim for a GIA certified diamond to be sure of what you are paying for. Compare both the diamond and the moissy to a white saphire or even other gemstones (who says the centre stone has to be clear/white?)

    This is a very exciting time in your lives! Congratulations and whatever you decide to get, wear it in good health and happiness!!


    PS – Pictures of your final ring would always be welcome Laughing

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    @EllaM:  Are you only looking for the diamond through your jeweler?  My DH and I just upgraded my ering to a new setting and diamond.  I was able to get a MUCH better quality and larger stone for the money through Blue Nile and then have it set into the setting I purchased.  I am talking over $1500 in savings…..I actually stopped working with the first jeweler I went to because of the way he handled the diamond issue. 

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    I’ve had 3 different ering stones: a diamond, an Asha Diamond, and a Moissanite. (Don’t ask…)

    And I must say, while I felt “good” when I had a diamond, I was always more upset about the fact that we couldn’t afford a good color or clarity, even though I should’ve just been happy that I had a real diamond.

    I currently have a Moissanite and it is BY FAR the prettiest of all 3 stones that I’ve had. It sparkles MUCH more than a real diamond and you have to clean it a lot less. It’s almost like dust doesn’t even stick to it!

    Having said that, I would encourage you to get a Moissanite… I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! And keep in mind how cool a Moissanite is… it’s not man-made…  it comes from a shooting star! 😉

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