Should I Report Social Media Comments from Colleague?

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Honey bee
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Report the fuck out of him. People like that continue to behave the way they do because there are no consequences to their actions. 

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Bee Keeper
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anonthrowaway12 :  

People confuse freedom of speech with freedom from consequences. John is a public figure who is representing his university.

If he was a politician or a movie star, or an employee who made a vile post that went viral, he probably would have been fired.

John is free to speak, however, he is not free of the consequences from his speech, which would include getting reported for online harassment.

If this qualifies as harassment and a reportable offense, I would report it. It would be up to the school to decide what they want to do.

ETA, I don’t think I could view him the same after his vomit inducing “hoe bag” rant.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Report report report.

he followed up with claims that women who dress provocatively are harassing men; that women who dress provocatively invite sexual harassment and are at least partly to blame for any harassment or assault they may experience; that women have faulty logic based on feelings; that women think they are never wrong and men are always at fault.  

This made my skin crawl. 

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anonthrowaway12 :  John does not deserve his job teaching and should be reported ASAP. What he is saying is total out of line. The way he is talking is very scary. He sounds like the kind of guy that wouldn’t think twice about raping a drunk woman and then excusing himself because she was drunk. (I know in reality he might not be that scary but to me he needs to be reported)

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Bumble bee
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Report him. His comments are sexist, that’s a fact. 

I’m of the opinion that he’s lacking in intelligence and thinks it’s ‘fun’ to go attack young women/students on social media is extremely alarming. I hope he gets fired. 

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Honey Beekeeper

Report him. Totally unacceptable. He deserves to be fired. 

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Busy bee
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Yes please report him!!!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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anonthrowaway12 :  I think he sounds like a major asshole, but your university policy to report can’t possibly extend beyond the university to someone else who doesn’t work there. While I don’t consider anything on social media to be necessarily private, I do think there is a difference between expressing your personal opinion (however distasteful) in a social setting vs. in a work place setting. I would ask myself (1) is there evidence that he expresses these opinions to his students? (2) Can his students see this particular post? 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Screenshot everything. Get a screenshot of his profile with his university listed as his employer along with all the vitriol that he’s spewing. Send it to the Title IX Office of his university, or whatever office/department they are housed in if they are not a stand alone entity. 

At best, he needs Title IX training and to learn how not to be a garbage human. At worst, he needs to be fired.

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Sugar bee
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What a sad and gross excuse for a human being. I’d 100% report him. Maybe this particular incident won’t get him fired but it’ll at least put him on the shool’s radar and/or add ammo if they are looking to fire him.

Also, don’t forget to take screen shots of the post just in case he decides to delete anything and play dumb.

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Bumble bee
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anonthrowaway12 :  I would screenshot the shit out of his comments and his FB profile to prove his identity, and email them anonymously to his university’s Title IX compliance officer and department chair. 

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LilliV :  You don’t have evidence that this doesn’t affect his students or his colleagues. You also don’t know this guy’s university policy. They may or may not the same policies as the OP’s university. If she reports it and there is no reason to take action, the university won’t take any action. The guy needs to be re-educated/re-trained on Title IX at the very least.

There is no actual harm done in reporting it. John is posting these things relatively publicly on social media, and any of his colleagues who are friends with him can see it. It’s not a secret.

A member of a lab at my university just got kicked out for sexual harrassment of multilpe colleagues. This stuff happens, and it’s much better to report things and let the university deal with it appropriately than to let things go, and potentially let a predator continue their predatory behavior.

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Busy bee
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It’s difficult, I know his comments are totally inappropriate and wrong, but personal opinion in his own time on his social media should be separate from his professional life and as long as he isn’t spouting it at Students or worse acting on it, I think it should be left be. However in this instance I think they are reportable because he started by saying the university’s policy was unjust, which in my line of work would be what’s described as “bringing the company into disrepute” and a written warning would be issued on the first instance. 

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Worker bee
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I would report it. Maybe nothing will happen in this particular instance but at least it puts doubts about John in the minds of the people working there in case something more substantial comes up in the future (hopefully not). But these comments are absolutely disgusting, offensive and extremely sexist.  It almost seems like he’s poking the bear to make a point here.. like he’s hoping to get reported so that he can say now I will lose my job over social media comments and public opinion

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Bumble bee

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anonthrowaway12 :  At least screenshot the conversation while thinking about what to do… what if he decides to delete his comments? Then the choice is taken from you. 

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