(Closed) Should I report this guy? Advice needed. WWYD?

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@ltj14:  I would phone the manager first thing tomorrow morning. I would tell him what you have shared here and tell the manager that I am prepared to meet with him (the manager, not the sleazeball salesman).

I would tell the Groomsmen that I wanted to purchase the car but that I was not prepared to either purchase the car from or meet again with that salesman. I would request that the manager complete the sale himself. How he distributes the commission is up to him.

The Groomsmen needs to know how this salesman behaves with young female customers. He is exposing the dealership to possible legal action.

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@ltj14:  I’d do everything I can to make sure this guy doesn’t make a CENT off of your purchase. What a creep. Don’t worry about it being awkward, it’s his problem, not yours. He was inappropriate, unprofessional, and his boss needs to know. If you’re not comfortable calling him out, DEFINITELY go to another dealer. 

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@ltj14:  I think you absolutely should report him. His comments were sleazy and disrespectful. I wouldn’t even worry about waiting till after buying the car, but if you are concerned about awkwardness, I suppose you could, but remember – this slimeball might get money off your purchase if you wait.

I hate to say it, but your Dad is part of an older generation and was probably around when making inappropriate remarks was a lot more normal and accepted, hence the divide between your fiance’s response and is. Do not feel like you are overreacting because of your dad’s view on this.


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@julies1949:  +1  Do it yourself, your Fiance wasn’t there.

It’s also helpful if you respond in a manner that immediately tells a person you do not think their comments are appropriate, but I know how hard that can be to actually do in the moment!

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Report him.

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Absolutely call and complain. That is completely innapropriate, and this guy needs a kick in the ass.

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@ltj14:  I would talk to the manager first thing when you walk in on Wednesday, tell him you feel as though said salesman does not deserve you business.

You will in no way halt your buying process, they want to sell cars! They will probably either offer you a bit more of a deal (seen it happen, when they’re scared of sexual harassment they sweat) and/or complete the deal with you outside of this salesman. He does NOT in any way deserve incentive for selling this car, and you need to tell the manager you feel that way, or he won’t get the picture and will continue to harrass girls…

I agree with your Fiance, I would be FURIOUS and so would my FI! Im young too, being 20 means I get treated like a child and as though I need to be babied, or pushed around, because I am so young.

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@ltj14:  I’m guessing think this was a deliberate sales ploy.

Assuming he’s been a car salesman for a while, he’s not stupid enough to be doing things which will harm his sales chances. So it’s either a technique to flatter you, or intimidate you. (By intimidate, I mean make you too uncomfortable). Either way, the goal is to stop you asking awkward questions about the car, or be less willing to negotiate, something like that.

So I’d think twice about buying that car, or even using that dealership. Since it’s a new car, I assume you can either (a) get the identical car at a different dealership, or (b) send your fiance in to start the buying process afresh with a new salesman.

p.s. So long as he’s selling cars, his manager won’t care. Still I would report him – after buying the car, so as not to cut out any of my options.

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@julies1949:  100% agree. They are not NOT going to sell you a car because you complain about the salesman. The dealership wants your money. 

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@FutureMrsHallam:  yes exactly!! OP, listen to this advice. You can still get your car ad deal with this creep. The first stuff could have been passable, but the hooters and “what’s the craziest thing you’ve done” comments are just grade A sexual harassment. NOT OK!

Also, lucky girl! I wish I had a Benz when I was 21! 

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@FutureMrsHallam:  & @julies1949:  are 100% on the money here.

You DO NEED to report this Salesman’s behaviour.  And deal one-on-one with the Manager (infact that is what I’d ask for at this point in time)

Chances are good, they’ll make you a better offer.

And if you don’t get the feeling that they take your complaint seriously (cause you look younger than you are) … or it might be a case of the “old boys network” at work


There are other dealerships

A car is a BIG Purchase… and the car business cut-throat competitive (cause of the commissions)

Someone else should earn the sale / commission on the car you want to buy rather than this sleazy guy

(Cannot begin to tell you how INAPPRPROPRIATE the comment “Wildest thing you’ve ever done” was… never mind the Hooters reference)

Hope this helps,

And oh ya for future reference.  In the future, when men say inappropriate things to you and make you feel uncomfortable DO NOT IGNORE THEM… ALLOW THEM to treat you this way (this is WHY they persist), it is what makes it harrassement / abusive.


Tell them outright that they are being INAPPROPRIATE… and if necessary REPORT THEM

And on another note, I never give out any personal info about myself to people like that I do not know… so no way in H3LL I’d had told him what I do for a living etc.  None of his Effing business. 


He on the otherhand OWES you a lot… including COMMON COURTESY – POLITENESS etc as he is the guy looking for you to buy a car from him.

End of the day…

Grade = F.

Epic Fail !!


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I would talk to the sales manager. Tell him what the car salesman said to you and ask to work with a different salesperson. Since you’re worried about running into him I would specify that you won’t do business with them if the first guy is at all involved. 

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