(Closed) Should I sell my dress??? Mom thinks its a bad idea…

posted 8 years ago in Emotional
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    maybe - if it went to someone who needed it... : (6 votes)
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    sure, its not like im wearing it again... : (27 votes)
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    sounds like You want to sell it! so do what you want! You’re right, it’s not like you have a lot of space. = ) And I’m sure there is someone in need who will love it!

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    I agree, you probably should sell it. If your mom wants it so bad, maybe she will buy it! Kidding! I will not be keeping my dress either, closet space is a luxury I can not afford to lose. If I do end up having a daughter there is no way my dress will work for her, it will be out dated, old and gross. So, I plan on having a trash the dress photo session, but majorly ruin it, like paint ball or something….. then I will cut out some sections that I can use to make things. A hankie, christening gown, and a pocket square. If I have enough good material I am going to make throw pillows or anything else I can think of that I can enjoy daily. I just think that since I paid a lot of money, or I hope to when I finally buy one, that I should get some use out of it….

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    Why keep it when it can make the day of another bride? At least thats my thinking! I dont want mine to sit in a closet when another beautiful bride can have the dress of her dreams!

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    @spaganya: I understand your mother’s sentimental feelings, and that’s very sweet.

    However, it seems to me that selling it is exactly what you want to do. Originally, I was planning on keeping mine for our future child, but then I started weighing factors.

    1. Size. No telling if they’ll be my size, or bigger.
    2. Style. Will it speak for them the way it did for me? They may have completely different style.

    Honestly, finding the perfect dress is one of the best experiences I’ve had.

    After weighing things, I realized there are other beautiful things I could save for our child that is far more practical, and just as sentimental. Why save an expensive dress they may not even like?

    *Shrug* I had reasons to keep it and am still deciding to sell it.

    If you think it’s going to collect dust, then by all means – give a bride a chance to fall in love with it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I can definitely understand where you’re coming from.  And based on your beliefs, I would agree with you; sell it.

    I’m fighting the same battle (and I haven’t even gotten married yet).  But, I try to prevent clutter.  So, I’ve already began to think about what to do with all this stuff that we’ve currently dedicated a room to in the house.  lol

    Fact is, youre right, those photos, video, etc will be all the great memories you’ll need.  Not unless you plan on making the dress a shrine.  Laughing  Plus, its really cool that you want to sell it to a bride so it can “live again”.  Great choice of words!


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    @spaganya: it sounds like you mostly have your mind made up ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have friends who sold theirs and are perfectly happy with their extra cash and closet space, BUT I also know people who wish they would’ve held on to theirs. I think it varies from person to person.

    A few weeks ago, my co-worker brought her dress in to work to show me – it’s been 32 years since they got married and she’s held on to it the whole time. She was SO excited about it and even got a little emotional for a moment while reminiscing.

    I would keep mine, just so I can have that ^^^ reaction some day when I go to show my children/grand kids :0)

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    I agree, sale it! Its not something practical and we don’t hand down dresses very often anymore, styles change so much. I say if there is LACE on it or a brooch or somthing that you could keep, keep that. I have some lace from my mothers wedding gown that I will incorporate into the wrapping of my bouquet.

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    I say sell it.  What are you going to do, let it collect dust and turn yellow in your closet then sell it for less since it won’t be in as good condition?


    You have to do what you want to do!



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    I seriously just can’t understand this whole “Your daughter might want to wear it” thing…. who actually does that anymore?

    I can understand the concept once upon a time- Once upon a time, fashion changed really slowly, and clothing was handmade, and there was lots of ease/seam allowance added so you could take it in/out as needed, and it was commonplace to keep your EVERYDAY clothing forever and just alter it with the change in styles. So it wouldn’t have been so far fetched for a young woman (born to a young mother, as was common back then) to be able to alter a dress that was only about 18-20 years old to fit the style, or at least her shape. 

    Nowadays, we live in a world of disposable fashion. The styles change so much more rapidly than they did before, so there is no telling what will be popular when our kids get married. 

    I just don’t understand how this tired tradition is still around. Most of OUR mothers didn’t wear their mother’s dresses, so why do they keep insisting that our daughters will want ours? 

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    @wgowood: Just some other ideas, my sister had a tailor alter our mom’s wedding dress so it suited her tastes, but was still my moms dress. I’ve also heard of using the material to make a  christening dress, or to wrap the bouquet in. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    @tinylittlebird: I would’ve loved to wear my mom’s dress, but she didn’t keep it ๐Ÿ™ (or alter it to wear a piece of it, etc.).

    (To clarify the above post, my sister wore my moms dress from her marriage to my sisters father, not to my father).

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    I am keeping mine, but I am very sentimental.  Twenty years from now, I’ll probably look at it and say, “why have I been dragging this thing around for 20 years?” LOL.  If you aren’t emotionally attached to it, I would sell it and do something fun with the money.  I agree that a veil is much easier to store and more likely to be used again–they’ve only changed a little bit over the past 100 years:)

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    @spaganya: Your dress is so pretty I voted “keep it.”  I know it isn’t rational at all, but I just love your dress.  (Maybe that is how your mom is feeling.)

    It is up to you.  I have learned to separate myself from things that I have had to sell- but if you don’t need the money or something, maybe think about keeping it just in case you change your mind?  Then again if you do not feel too attached, no harm in selling it, right?

    I want to keep mine, but NOT to pressure any children into wearing it.  But just because I love it, it is beautiful and means a lot to me, and just in case someone asks to wear it someday.

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