(Closed) Should I still be engaged/in this relationship?

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Honey bee
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you are not expecting too much from him. No one, especially your Fiance, should be calling you a F’ing idiot or a bitch. Ever.

Have you tried talking to him? Not in the middle of an arguement, but on one of his good days, about what is wrong?

I would also seriously recommend some kind of counseling before you go through with a wedding. Both as a couple and possibly individually for yourself.

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Helper bee

Honey, if he’s cursing at you and smashing things during arguments, you need to leave and take your baby with you. Like, now.

How about crashing at a friend’s until you can find somewhere?

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hi there, smashing things in arguments/ rage is not healthy for you or your child.

why dont you post on mumsnet relationships board/ forum?

im so sorry for your, its horrible when a relationship doesnt turn out like you had hoped.

an excellent father wouldn’t make the mom feel like rubbish.

take a long hard look at your relationship – are you miserable more than happy?

i second the advice to have counselling of some form before you get married.

hope you’re ok.

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Buzzing bee
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@Littlemissgiggles2013:  You tried to get pregnant after knowing this guy for 3 months? wow.  ok.  Well the first part of your story is typical IMO of most guys in committed relationships.  At first its romance all the time and then when they get comfortable they dont put forth the effort much more unless they are a hopeless romantic or have been trained to do so!  My Fiance was sweet to me as well, flowers, surprises, sweetness.  Now nothing.  But it doesnt bother me cause it just means hes comfortable with me and our relationship.  We have been together for 5 years now and he has never been so angry that he called me a bitch.  I think most men know that is one word a woman never wants to be called and will steer away from that.  As for how he is acting now, it might be that he is stressed that he is in a crappy job, or that he rushed yalls relationship to have a kid so soon and now he wishes he didnt but doesnt know how to express his feelings.  He is a good dad, which is good, but if you are going to stay in that relationship he needs to step it up and become a good husband.  I assume you live together and split everything.  Do you work? You said you paid for most everything.  Maybe you can sit down together and discuss his options of work.  Try for a promotion or look for another job that pays a little more.  Money IMO is the #1 reason for divorce.  Its a touchy subject.  A lot of people find it very personal, and when there is a lack of it, it is nothing but stressful.  I honestly think yall need to have a serious conversation.  You obviously are hurt by him, he is struggling and it is having a bad effect on your relationship and if it is not affecting your child right now, it will sooner or later. 

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Busy bee
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Can I ask how old both of you are? You seemed to have gotten very serious and committed very quickly. Most couples go through an infactuation and honeymoon period during the first year. This time is when you get to laugh, get to know each other  and keep things easy and fun. You guys made some very serious decisions very early in your relationship and it seems like your both struggling to fit into your new family life. Maybe because you have an 8 mnth old which is wonderful but exhausting, maybe because he’s stressed out about money and is worried he can’t provide and maybe because you don’t know each other well enough to understand what the other needs when they are in a mood, struggling or overwhelmed.  

You didn’t once mention that you loved him. Do you? If you don’t, then maybe you need to take a step back. If you do then you need to concentrate on improving your communication. Ask him about his day, listen to him vent about work, encourage him, tell him you’re grateful that he works so hard. If he wants a different job, tell him you’ll help him find one, encourage him to do something that fulfills him. at the core of a good relationship is a strong friendship (which takes time to build). You need to support him, comfort him, love him and show him undertanding. He needs to do the same for you. Use ‘I’ statements like ”I feel like there is a distance growing between us and I’d like for us to close it’ ‘I feel belittled when you use certain language when we’re angry and it puts up a wall between us. Could we talk about ways we can try to hear each other better when we have a disagreement?’ ‘I feel like I need more physical closeness with you but I also want to give you your space when you need to wind down from a long day. Can you tell me what you need from me and let’s see if we can meet both of our needs.’ 

It seems like he is a good father but needs to learn how to be a better partner. For your son’s sake, I think it’s worth it to try to bridge the gap between you.

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Buzzing bee
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@Littlemissgiggles2013:  “Deciding” to have a baby 3 months into a relationship was a huge step that seems to have done some serious damage. He sounds violent, and uninterested in providing for your family. If you are only staying because of your son, leave. It sounds like you’ll be better off, and your son will be just fine.


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Buzzing bee

I’m having a hard time understanding why you decided to have a child with a man who isn’t financially stable three months into casually  knowing each other? You also referred to your son as your (the two of you) first child together. Do you plan on having more even though he is behaving like this? There seems to be a lot of bad judgment here.You’re no longer thinking for yourself as you have a baby now. Focus more on you, your son, and making positive decisions for the both of you. This man doesn’t sound like one of them. 




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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Okay I have to ask…how old are you? Are you working?

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Busy bee

Three months was WAY too soon to make such a huge decision to have a baby together. You need time to REALLY get to know someone, to decide if they are someone you want in your life forever, because having a baby with someone binds you to them in some form or another (not to say you are ‘stuck’ – you’re never stuck, just that you will have to deal with that person forever). You really needed that time to determine whether he was worthy of being in both your lives forever – kids don’t get to choose their parents, so you want to be sure that you’re giving the best possible parent to a child. He sounds like he is very attentive to his son, which is good. But the way he treats you is not. It definitely sounds like the negatives far outweigh the positives – you say yourself that he isn’t often in a good mood, and smashes things – and he does this to hurt and frighten you. I’d be concerned that when that no longer has the desired effect, he may move on to hurting you physically. I could be wrong, but it is a concern. In most relationships, they start out with romantic gestures like flowers and chocolates. Finances can be a concern, so if he is so broke then it’s not reasonable for him to spend that money on those things, but leaving a sweet note etc costs nothing. I am more concerned by his anger, the way he talks to you, his lack of financial stability, and his temper moreso than his lack of romantic gestures. Flowers would not make any of how he makes you feel okay. Your son will get to an age where he is aware of what’s going on, and you have to decide whether you will be okay for him to hear how his dad talks to his mum. Not being with him doesn’t mean that he won’t have a dad, and unless there is real, substantiated concerns for your son’s welfare, you shouldn’t deny his father the right to be part of his life.


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Sugar bee
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I agree with PP that this isn’t a healthy situation for you or for your son. 

How long has his moodiness been going on? If it has just been a couple of months, try to understand and work with him. Men feel that they need to be the breadwinner in the family, and when that isn’t the case, they can sometimes become depressed, even to the point of not wanting to leave the house.

I would try couples counseling and see how that goes. 

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