(Closed) Should I take a pregnancy test?

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The antibiotics could have thrown off your cycle and pretty much made BC type B useless.  Now, you have to start all over with the new one and get things back on the cycle of the BC.  Both BC and antibiotics can cause nausea.  I mean, I would take one because I would be paranoid 🙂 but I think it could be all the meds also.

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It’s possible your schedule could be all out of whack with all the switching back and forth and antibiotics, but you never know. Consider taking one just to reassure yourself, because the stress of wondering could delay your period even MORE if it’s just late.

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its a possibility that your body is just adjusting to the different amounts of hormones from swithching pills – if you dont get your period its def worth it to take a test to be sure – after going off bc in february it took me almost 2 months to get my period.

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I’d bet it probably just thrown off your cycle from all of the switching and the antibiotics and such.  But pregnancy tests are pretty cheap.  Take one in a few days just to reasure yourself if Aunt Flo doesn’t show up.

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Take a test!! 

My girlfriend and her husband never wanted children, she changed her BC and during that time became pregnant. They did a 180 on children pretty quickly and love love love their daughter, but its totally possible to get pregnant whilst changing BC.

Clear Blue is a good brand so I’ve been told. Go get one! 😛

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It could just be your body getting used to the changes and getting adjusted to going back and fourth on different kinds of BC but if you feel like you shoud take a test just do it. Its not going to hurt anything. Put your mind at ease and take one. lol

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@SweetRose2011: They say its best to wait until late into your period cycle for the most accurate results….so I would wait just a bit longer to make sure you dont get a false negative.

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My BIL’s unplanned second daughter came about because his wife failed to mention to him that the antibiotics she was taking would basically negate the effects of her BC pills.

So yeah….I would take a test if I were you! GL either which way you want it to go.

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Just take a test! Peace of mind is worth at least $20, isn’t it?

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Peace of mind is definitely worth the cost of the pregnancy test IMO.  Also, changing BC so quickly can wreak havoc on your body and completely screw up your cycle – I’ve always been told that you need to give any BC you try a minimum of three months before you think about changing again.   The fluctuation of all the hormones can also cause nausea – in fact, it’s a pretty common side effect, just to rest your mind a bit.

Honestly, when I read your thread topic on the boards, my first thought was “If you even need to ask, the answer is yes!”  So go buy a test and know for sure!   🙂

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@Ree723: Lolololol.

These are my favorite thread titles. (I tease because I love, SweetRose2011. I tease because I love.)

“Should I go to the doctor?”

“Should I call the doctor?”

“Should I take a pregnancy test?”

“Should he go to the doctor?”

“Could this be serious?”

The answer is always yes. The answer is always yes.

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Well, if I remember correctly you haven’t been able to have sex lately due to all of your problems “down there” right? Do you have anything to worry about? Sorry, I just thought I remembered you saying you’ve been having problems for the past few weeks and haven’t really been able to do anything. You’re also going through the BC change. I wouldn’t worry about it, but testing can’t hurt anything!

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