(Closed) Should I take my ring off for some housework, shower etc? Newly engaged Bee

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Buzzing bee
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I can’t offer to much advice as I only recently got engaged myself. I really only take it off if I’m going to be doing something that will dirty it up badly though. And when I’m sleeping if I wake up in the middle of the night and my fingers are swollen. I hate taking it off though so I try to sleep with it on. I think ultimately it comes down to what you’re comfortable with. I had been taking it off when I showered, but then I realized that with our shower drain there is absolutley no way it could fall down the drain. If it’s loose and you are concerned about it falling off when you’re doing dishes or something I would take it off. Congrats on your engagement!

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Honey bee
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I don’t take mine off to shower and or clean. I rarely take it off – usually only if it needs cleaned or if I’m using my hands to mix something when cooking/baking (kneading a sticky dough, for example). 

If you lift weights, though, a trainer friend of mine told me that it can bend your ring (flatten the part behind your finger), and I know a lot of women remove their rings to work out. 

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Bee Keeper

MissKota1419:  I never take my ring off, whether it’s for wearing at work, working out, cleaning dishes, etc.  But that’s more out of laziness and worry I’ll lose it if I take it off.

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Busy bee
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Oh, maybe I’m in the minority here… I take mine off at night & put it back in the ring box, mostly because I’m afraid I’ll scratch myself in the night AND because when I get up in the morning, I get really excited about opening that box and putting it on again! I also take mine off when I’m washing dishes or cleaning or showering (anything with chemicals or lots of soap), but not when I wash my hands during the day. I just love my ring so much I prefer to baby it… Plus, like I said, I get a thrill out of putting it on every new time haha

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Sugar Beekeeper
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MissKota1419:  I take mine off to shower or bath at my DH’s insistance (he’s afraid of it going down the drain).  I also take them off for things where they might get icky like putting on lotion or doing dishes.  I’m also careful about using cleaning products with them on.  Mine’s white gold with rhodium plating and diamond pave.  I’m less careful than I was when I first got them but i still try to be careful. 

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Honey bee
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MissKota1419:  When I first got engaged I took off my ring to do everything: Sleep, shower, swim, wash dishes, etc. I had a hard time getting used to my ring. The only jewelry I wear on a day to day basis is my ring, so I wasn’t used to wearing rings. It felt uncomfortable and so I would take it off quite a bit. Eventually, I just decided to keep it on all the time. After a while, I forgot it was even there. Now, I only take it off if I’m going to be gardening or cooking with raw meat, or cooking something really messy that may get stuck all over the ring. 

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Sugar bee

I take my ring off for cleaning, showering, working out, and some cooking tasks.  It’s not so much that I’m worried about damage, but it more just annoys me and gets in the way during really messy tasks.  Like yesterday for example, I took my ring off to make cookie dough, then again to do some landscaping with Fiance.  I’m generally very comfortable wearing my ring, but there’s a point in some tasks where it just gets in the way.  I think that everybody’s comfort level is different.  The more you wear it, the more you’ll know when you want to temporarily remove it.

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Sugar bee
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Yes. But make sure you put it in the exact same spot every time so that you don’t misplace it. It’s the best way to keep it in good condition. 

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Busy bee

Its sort of different for everyone when you take it off, and it can also depend on the ring. Since yours is a solitaire, it won’t have as many grooves or spots that dirt could get in and cloud up. 

I know however, most of the veterans jewelry ladies at pricescope (jewelry message forums) take theirs off when doing house/yard work, working out, putting on lotion or when your hand comes in contact with other chemicals, sleeping or showering. I don’t have an engagement ring myself yet, but I wear many different rings quite often. I follow the same thinking really. 

I’d recommend at least taking it off when you cook, clean, do yardwork and workout. Any of those activities could risk damaging the stone or metal in some way. 

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Buzzing bee
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I take it off for bed and when I shower, and I have little ring holder in the bathroom and bedroom so I won’t lose it. I take it off when I’m going to get my hands dirty, like breading chicken, or where I could break it, like playing baseball. I also won’t ever wear it in a pool again after I scuffed it pretty badly on concrete from getting in and out of the pool.


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Blushing bee
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I sometimes take it off when I shower but almost always when I’m doing house chores. Since I tend to lose things easily, I’m always meticulous about leaving it in the box in the bedroom drawer. Gorgeous ring, by the way!

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I’m still waiting for my ring to be manufactured but I have been told in no uncertain terms by two jewellers not to wear it when cleaning, etc – but my centre stone will be an aquamarine, not a diamond, and they get dull and dirty very easily. I always take off all of my usual jewellery to shower, clean, cook anyway so I’m used to it.

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Honey bee
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You should leave it on. (It’s a diamond, right?) It can withstand housework, dishes, etc. The risk of misplacing it if you take it on and off throughout the day is the real worry — so keep it on and enjoy! Congrats. 🙂 

(Btw this is not just my personal opinion; this is what the jeweler told me when I got my ring.)

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