should i tell her?

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mimivac :  I think there’s some rivalry between the sister and “Amy ” too.

You gave 2 examples that happened over 2 years?? The bday party was 2 years ago. I think it’s weirder that you’re hung up on something from 2 years ago. I would really think about whether or not you’re just possessive over your sister and don’t want anyone too close to her.

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alfalfasprout10518 :  Also if someone could answer this for me how is saying that she is the sisters cousin and not sister be a diss like obviously it’s stupid to say but how is it a diss? Since when is being a cousin a diss? If she said yeah her bitchyy sister that would be a diss

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soexcited123 :  I think the suggestion is that OP isn’t as close to her sister as Amy is, as perhaps cousins aren’t as close as sisters since they don’t grow up together in the same house usually. 

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soexcited123 :  yep, I fail to see it as well.

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alfalfasprout10518 :  if I had to guess, she doesn’t believe you regarding your sister not inviting her to the party. She thinks you lied because why would her best friend do that? Obviously you are jealous of how close they are and took it upon yourself to leave her off the list. Now, two years later, she is trying to make sure you know that she is closest still. She is the one beloved like a sister, you are more like cousins to your sis. 

What im saying is she’s likely holding some bitter, misplaced resentment. Feel sorry for her, ignore it. Pity her insecurities, bless her little heart and all that good stuff. If you want to talk to your sister about it, ask yourself first what you hope to accomplish… sister giving her a talking to? An insincere apology? Assurance that you are closer? A laugh? I guess I just don’t see the point. 

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Well, if you’re right and she said it to get under your skin, sounds like she succeeded. 

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….that’s it…?

man, my hopes were so high for some juicy tea after the “and guys. i cant believe this even happend.


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That’s super strange, but I think it’s even stranger to be bothered by it. Also, as someone above pointed out, if she did say it to fuck with you, and she is mean spirited, she’d be delighted to know how much this has gotten to you. Just know that if your sister asks Amy about it, she’ll probably just say it was a lame joke and then later high five herself for rattling you. 

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The birthday thing was ages ago and Amy wasn’t even really weird so I’d forget about that one. She probably thought she’d been excluded on purpose. Which… she kinda had! Tbh the weirdest part of that story is your sister not inviting her supposed ‘best friend’ to her birthday. She just decided Amy wouldn’t be up for it without even asking her, and clearly that assumption was wrong. I mean, it doesn’t sound like a fantastic friendship on your sister’s end. 

Her claiming you’re your sister’s cousin is just bizarre, like too bizarre to even get offended at. It simply makes no sense. Tell your sister if you want, but in a ‘Amy said the oddest thing the other day!’ way, rather than a ‘Amy was a bitch and mortally offended me’ way. 

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soexcited123 :  i feel like it’s a way of saying


you’re not close enough to be sisters, you’re cousins. As if to HER cousin is a massive downgrade to sister. 

I am not close to my cousins, if someone was rude enough to say I was more of a cousin to MY sister, I would have let them have it right there and then. 


I understand why you’re confused by these words, it was clearly a dig at the level of relationship you have with your sister. But I wouldn’t let it consume you, mention it to your sister if you REALLY want to, otherwise, drop it and be ready with some witty one liners for next time.

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yeah, it’s weird. I would have just laughed and gone “okaaaaaaaay…” 
because, if anything, it just reflects on her social awkwardness. 
maybe she was drinking? 

but who knows . who cares. yeah, I’d tell my sister, but that’s because I am a gossip sometimes and it would be fun. 😛 

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nonablu :  yeah I thought I was the only one who caught that to me its weirder that the sister didn’t wanna invite her supposed “lifelong best friend” to her bday party then the cousin comment. Seems like a shitty friend to me. It is laughable that a friend would be jealous of someone’s relationship with their own sister. Naturally of course a sister relationship would be closer and more important they are SISTERS. Even with my super close bff of 20 years I would never dream of being jealous or competing with her sisters they are her SISTERS and it would be foolish of me to think our relationship even came close to as important a sister relationship.

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