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posted 4 years ago in TTC
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    You are waaaayyy to early to get a BFP if you did ovulate Sept 29th.  The earliest you could test would be this weekend. 

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    If you tried on Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday is way too early to be truly feeling pregnancy symptoms.  The fertilized egg would not have even implanted yet.  Unless you O’d earlier than you think you did, you wouldn’t be able to test until possibly this weekend like PP said. 

    Also, judging O by cramping is not very reliable.  You can feel O cramping days before or after you actually O.  To get a reliable O date, you should temp or use OPKs. Apps usually judge O with a 28 day cycle and a 14 day LP…it’s different for everyone though. 

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    Those symptoms are waaaaaaaay too early to be pregnancy related, unless you ovulated a lot earlier than you think.  You will not have pregnancy symptoms until after the egg implants, which usually happens 6-10 days past ovulation (so depending on when that happened, even if you have a fertilized egg, it may not have implanted yet even now).  Since you don’t really know when you ovulated, I’d take the later of the possible dates (Friday the 3rd) and wait at least 10 days after that – otherwise you’ll just be wasting tests.

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    BrookeClouser:  So you felt ovulation the 28th and 29th, but you didn’t BD until the 1st? Did you BD anytime in the few days before the 28th/29th? Obviously, just “feeling” ovulation is not enough to confirm it, and an app tracker without temping is even less reliable. But if you did in fact ovulate when you felt it, then the chance of getting pregnant from BDing on the 1st is pretty small. Although, it is not impossible since you don’t really know when you ovulated for sure.

    Either way, it would be way too early to test. If you conceived on 10/1 then it hasn’t even been long enough for implantation. It takes 6-12 days for implantation and then a few more days (sometimes several) before a test would show positive. All of those symptoms can be normal luteal phase symptoms.

    Good luck!!! Even though it’s too early right now, I hope you get your BFP soon!!

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    I make myself keep track of “symptoms” that happen before 6 dpo, because they’re not signs of a pregnancy.  That basically zeros them out for after what would be the implantation period. It’s frustrating, but it means that I get to find new symptoms to spot.

    I try to think of it like this: I had a copper IUD years ago, and it prevented fertalized eggs from impanting (I was still ovulating). That meant that it was likely that eggs were being fertilized, but at no point did I think I was pregnant because the fertalized egg just bumping along my tubes doesn’t do anything and, more to the point, I wasn’t looking for symptoms.

    That being said, i hope you get your BFP.  I feel like a hyprocrite, because I’m in the middle of my TWW and am symptom-spotting like crazy even though rationally that some of what’s going on has nothing to do with pregnancy.

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    Waaaay too early. Wait to see if you’re late and then test. Good luck.

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    I would test this Thursday or Friday at the earliest. That would be about 9-10 days past ovulation if you’re correct about ovulating on the 28th/29th. That’s about the earliest you’re likely to get an accurate result, but it’s still pretty early.

    And I agree with the others, the symptoms you are feeling are very unlikely to be pregnancy-related. Those feelings don’t really kick in till you’re 3-4 weeks pregnant at the earliest. That doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant, just that those symptoms aren’t necessarily meaningful.

    Good luck!

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    BrookeClouser:  At the very least, I would wait until the day AF is due, if she has not arrived, to test. Our bodies can do pretty mean things to us when we’re TTC. Good luck!

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    BrookeClouser:  I hate to break it to you but so far I haven’t read anything that leads me to believe you’re pregnant based on timing.  Implantation bleeding is widely overblown (especially on TTC sites) but I have had it and it was 2-3 drops- no clot.  And I’ve got my period and also can barely stand to put a bra on or sleep on my stomach because of how sore my boobs are.  If I was a betting woman, I’d say you are about to have your period full force. Sorry, but FX that I’m wrong and there is a BFP in your future.

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