(Closed) Should we Cancel out Honeymoon due to Riots?

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I’m a UK bee. It’s pretty bad TBH. I’d advise keeping an eye on the news.


The cities are the worse affected: London, Birmingham etc and have been damaged by what has gone on. (Shops looted etc). I really can’t get my head around it. The news reports are accurate regarding the extent of what has been going on. London has been the worst hit.

Sorry I can’t help more, this is usually a great place that has been temporarily spoiled by some absolute imbeciles.

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Worker bee

Oh I live just down the road from London and I feel I need to watch the news!!!!! What are you talking about?

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@Sarbear108: I’m another UK Bride (based just outside Edinburgh) and while areas of London are bad, a lot of London is still fine and anywhere outside of the big cities is absolutely fine (as is Scotland at the moment).

I would be very surprised if the rioting continues more than another couple of days or spread to rural areas, so I’d say not to cancel your honeymoon. If London is still bad next week, skip it out for the time being and spend more time elsewhere (I doubt it’ll come to that).

I’m appalled at what’s been happening, but I’m hopeful that it will end soon. 

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Worker bee

Let me just add so I don’t sound like a recluse, I am self employed and I work from home in my studio in the country and I only got back from a short break away on Sunday evening.

Not sure what to say really, I go to london regularly for framing and its not going to bother me, your going to get stupid people trying to ruin anything when you have planned something nice. Someone was shot outside my hotel when I visited New York in 2007 but I am still going back in December ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t let it ruin your honeymoon I doubt you will be going to the back streets where this appears to be taking part? I would however keep an eye on the BBC news if you are planning on traveling in the next week. 

I feel somewhat embarrassed hearing about all this now, London is usually such a Lovely place, don’t let it put you off ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I also live in London and i’m truly shocked by all this…

However i am expecting the government/police to be able to put a stop to it in the next couple of day at least. So if i were you i think i would not cancel the honeymoon, but make a plan B (go straight to Scotland for example or to some lovely rural B&B on the coast….) just in case.

Hope you have a lovely honeymoon despite all this!

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I think you should go.  This sounds dumb, but London is huge and there is so much to do.  Even if you just stay near your hotel for the first two days, you can still salvage the rest of your honeymoon. 

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I’m also a UK bride. I would say just go anyway. London is a really big city (ok maybe not by American standards, but it is by ours!). The rioting is awful but it’s only in specific communities and none of them are in the central area that I assume you’ll be visiting. Almost all of London’s famous bits are right in the middle, these riots are in residential communities for the most part, not outside Buckingham Palace!

As for the rest of England you should be fine. If you’re going London to Edinburgh I assume you’re not going as far out as Birmingham. Most of the East coast/M1 corridor is smaller towns and cities so you’re unlikely to come across anything there.

I also agree with the pps, the police are quite likely to have this under control pretty soon. Obviously we can’t be sure of that but it is hopeful.

Enjoy your trip – there are some wonderful places in the UK and it’s quite nice to see that someone from ‘across the pond’ is coming to find out! The only thing I would say is you’ve missed out Cardiff. Ok, I’m biased but it really is the best city in the world! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I live in London and fairly close to where one of the riots was taking place. Most of London is fine and perfectly safe. They are stepping up the police presence, so I’m hoping we have seen the last of it.

London is usually a great place. I think everyone is in shock. Fingers crossed that it all works out for you hun.

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Bumble bee
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The whole thing makes me sad, as London is my favorite city in the world and I hate to think of all the damage being caused.

Like other posters said, the rioting will hopefully be under control within a week. If you get to London and you’re not comfortable, maybe you could go to your next destination a day or two early?

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Honestly, I’d go. The rioting is bad but conatined to more residential, non tourist areas. I know a few people who have gone in to London today for various commitments and they have said nothing about the riots so not bad everywhere. You’ll be fine, I imagine, doing the tourist things  and sticking to the nicer spots! The rioters seem to be looting more than anything and aren’t hurting random members of the public- not that I’ve heard- don’t let a bunch of morons ruin your honeymoon. London is a big place, I bet you could be there without even knowing about it.

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I’m in London and the central area with the tourist attractions has not been affected. Also if you’re coming in a week that should be ok; I think they will have better control in the next few days. There will apparently be 16,000 police on the street tonight as opposed to the 6000 last night.

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Worker bee
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DONT CANCEL! I live and work in Central London- you wont be going to the places they are rioting in and im sure it will dye down by then.

Honestly please dont let them ruin your honeymoon, thats what they want. they are all idiots to be honest. Its not riots- its just kids committing crimes because they are bored. It would be very British of you to keep calm and carry on ๐Ÿ™‚

Have fun in London- looks like the weather will be good next week!

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I’m another vote for just going! Taking a look at the maps of problems, they’re not anywhere I was when I was there for 3 weeks last month. You’ll be in the touristy places, where I haven’t seen that there’s any problems as of now. Enjoy, I loved it (even if I was in a classroom for 8 hours a day!)

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