Should we fire the nanny ??

posted 3 months ago in Babies
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    Sugar Beekeeper

    She needs to go, as in yesterday. Why is this even a question? You can’t fix poor judgment, no common sense, ignorance and immaturity with a few household rules. 

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    Blushing bee

    What is “carrying baby by his arms” ??? Like?? How does that look? Im really curious 

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    Helper bee

    I only had one mature young girl as a pet sitter for my cat. Other than her, I declined all other young and immature pet sitters. I could tell from the interview how entitled and irresponsible they were. One girl was very unhappy that I did not want her to invite friends for dinner while looking after my cat. I only go for older and more mature people. BUUUUUT, I have plenty of options, so, I look for the best. 

    I think you should get another baby sitter but if you are worried about finding another baby sitter, you will have to sit down with this one and tell her very strictly all of your concerns. Discuss all your “new”rules with her. Give her the opportunity to quit on her own if she is not happy with the new rules. 

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    dgirl715 :  “Rarely do 21 year olds make great nannies” Seriously?! There are 40 year olds that are shitty nannies. Don’t try to blame age for her lowsy work-ethic or inability to do the job properly.

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    I think you should fire her. Not because of the one-time mess up with having a guest over but because she doesn’t seem to have the best judgement or at least seems to just lack the knowledge of how to carry for a baby. The inability to properly feed the baby and carry the baby is concerning because those are very basic concepts. With your next nanny you need to be very clear with your household rules. If you don’t want baby watching TV then let her know it’s only okay when baby is down for a nap. As far as not allowing a cell-phone within the presence of your child goes unless you personally don’t get on your phone with the child in the room then it seems a bit much to me. Regardless you and your husband need to talk about your expectations moving forward.

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    Gosh hard being a nanny today when big brother is watching you. How unsettling.

    what does carrying by arms mean?

    Judging from the 21 year olds at work who are always on their phones, id hire a slightly older more responsible nanny.

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    Helper bee

    Does this nanny know you have cameras watching her every move? 

    1. I think she has a right to know someone is watching her throughout the day and it would be a huge invasion on privacy if she didnt.

    2. She is more likely to look after your child ‘properly’ if she knows you are watching her. If she is not looking after child properly despite knowing there are cameras then she probably won’t care or change.


    What does ‘Not managing feeding schedule mean or look like. Is this routine something you could expect someone to be perfect at on the first day of minding child or something it could take a day or two to get into the swing of things of…

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    missviolet92 :  big brother = parents. If a nanny can’t handle being checked in on then perhaps they should look elsewhere for employment. If it were not for the camera, OP wouldn’t know about the boyfriend, aka potential pedophile/thief/vagabond, who entered her home and was near her child without their permission. Any way you slice it, that was completely unacceptable and put the baby in harm’s way.

    pocahontas28 :  assuming the nanny missed the doorbell camera on the way in,  in no way would she be absolved of her actions just bc she supposedly didn’t know she was being monitored. Doorbell cameras are usually outside and in full view which in and of itself would put her on notice that the house is being monitored as such. Nevertheless, nanny cams have existed for a long time. She should get used to the idea of being watched while at work if she wants to be in this field caring for people’s children.

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    Busy bee

    This should not even be a question. No matter how inconvenient it is to find someone else, juggle your work schedules, enlist your mom’s help or whatever else you have to do, you simply cannot risk the safety and well being of your baby. Your baby is counting on you and your husband to make decisions that keep him safe, you can’t weigh factors like ‘good nannies are scarce’ or ‘she apologized’ against your baby’s safety. 

    Age isn’t the factor here, I was a young mom at 21 and devoted to my baby. I was also a good babysitter as a teenager. What is a factor here is that the nanny seems immature, irresponsible, and utterely inexperienced. How well was she vetted by you and your husband prior to hiring her? She hasn’t even a clue how to hold a child- many 12 and 13 year olds would know enough not to pick up a baby by his arms! Has she ever even been around a baby before? Does she have first aid and CPR? A basic babysitting course? References? 

    She may not have thought out the ramifications of having her boyfriend over (aka having a stranger around your baby), but it’s pretty clear that between the boyfriend over, the constant cell phone use and TV, she does not take the job seriously and figured it would be easy money to keep a half-assed eye on a baby she has no experience with while chilling with her boyfriend, texting her friends etc. If she’s doing the bare minimum on the first day imagine how slack she’d be with your son’s care once she got comfortable with her negligent routine. And your son deserves someone who will not only take care of his needs, but focus on him, you’re not paying someone to fob him off in front of a TV or in a baby swing all day, you want someone who will play with him, sing to him, take him for walks in his stroller for fresh air etc. 

    Have your mom step in for now. And college aged students are capable, you just have to find someone who isn’t so immature. Checking with the college’s Early Childhood Education program might be a better fit, you would get someone whose career path is in childcare and they could use you as a reference after the summer. 

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    Absolutely fired this girl. The boyfriend I might let slide in that she assumed since she knows he’s not a bad guy that you trusted her judgment. Stupid but not neglectful of her duties. But carrying the baby by his arms, unable to follow a feeding schedule, being in her phone, and putting the TV on would be enough for me to fire her. 

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    I mistakenly voted the second option, but she needs to go.

    I’ve been a nanny and this is just – NOPE. She did a ton of things that were simlply UNSAFE:

    inviting a stranger into your home, near your baby

    carrying your baby in an enxtremely dangerous way

    spending time on her phone instead of caring for your baby

    and that’s not even accounting for the fact that she thought inviting her Boyfriend to your home was inappropriate, or that she completely disregarded your wishes about screen time.

    It’s not a matter of preference or maturity or opinions.

    Your baby is simply not safe with her.

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    lilceeja124 :  Holy shit. Can *I* come over and fire your nanny?

    chocolateplease :  “She is more likely to look after your child ‘properly’ if she knows you are watching her. “

    I genuinely can’t tell – is this supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion? Because I would hope – call me idealistic – that she would do her job “properly” (quotes are yours) because this is what she is paid to do, because doing it improperly could have extremely serious consequences including injury towards a baby, because she has an iota of professional and personal responsibility.

    OP. Once again, fire that girl. If possible leave a review where you found her, so other people know what’s up. This person should not be looking after children if she can’t exercise basic common sense. There are plenty of other jobs that don’t involve putting a child at risk.

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    lilceeja124 :  You have a right to have cameras in your home. I assume other people have certain things in their home and act accordingly, especially when I was babysitting. Bees giving her slack for not knowing there is a camera are wrong. She is either too stupid to notice the doorbell camera and put two and two together, never babysat before, or she doesn’t give a shit.

    Also, the Bees blaming her age, also wrong. I was financially independent when I was younger than she is now, and I was babysitting a six month old with no supervision at 12-13, doing overnights alone by 15 and those parents always came back to me. Age has nothing to do with it, she’s  just immature and an idiot. I like PP’s suggestion of checking colleges for the Early Childhood Education majors.

    What happens when she’s  too busy fucking her boyfriend or texting and your son falls off the couch?

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