(Closed) Should we get a cat/kitten now?

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  • poll: Should we get a cat now or wait to get a dog later?

    No, don't get cat now. Wait to get dog later.

    Yes, get cat now and dog later. There will be enough room.

    Other (explain below).

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    I would just wait and get a dog later.

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    I’m an avid kitty lover myself, they are my furry children with a speech impediment.  As much as I want to tell you “get a kitten now!”, it would be an awful lot of stress for your older cat.  They have a hard time dealing with a new, rambunctious kitten and it might possibly make his personality “issues” worse.  Either get a cat close in age and same gender as your current cat or wait a few years.  Then I’d recommend getting a puppy and a kitten together, so they can grow up together and be the best of buds!  

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    I would wait ,  it seems like your cat may not be open to warming up to a friend too ..and that would be an entirely other headache

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    I currently live in a small trailer (not a double-wide) with three cats and a dog.  I work from home.  It’s doable, but it is quite frustrating at times.  I would not even consider having a child while we live here with these animals – way too small and instead of just occasionally thinking about ripping my hair out, I would be bald.

    While cats can react differently from cats to dogs, I would wait to get another animal.  If your cat is used to being the only animal in the household, it could be quite the shock when they aren’t anymore, and they could take that out in various ways. If you do get another animal, I would just make sure she has a place she feels safe that she can retreat to – my cat doesn’t get along too well with my fiance’s cats, and she gets to high places they can’t reach her at to relax.

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    I agree with @Noodlelurv:, I wouldn’t get a cat just because your Fiance wants a pet who will be nice. I’d say wait until you know for sure what you want – or till you get into your other place and decide at that point whether you would rather have another cat or a dog. The plus to getting both of them young is that they will grow up together and get along well!

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    I would wait. It seems he’s just ready for a pet he likes/can play with, not necessarily a cat. Understandable, yes. But really, three pets is a handful. I have two dogs and it’s a handful sometimes. Add a baby into that mix and I’d be toast (as would my patience) lol.

    Also (not trying to be annoying) but Huskies are not good around cats, to the point where most shelters will not let you adopt kittens/cats if you have a husky. My step-mother and dad have a husky and they weren’t permitted to adopt a cat. Just an FYI if you do end up getting a husky. They are beautiful dogs though and do well with other dogs (my dad has 6!) *PSA: I know this is not always the case, I’m sure some huskies do fine with cats, this is just in general*

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    Two things!

    First, we were in about the same situation, old cat (same age as yours, about 10) and she started getting mean. She started swiping at him first, then me, too. It turned out to be because she was in pain; her joints have started to ache, especially when it’s cold. Mr. Elvis has bigger, heavier hands than I do, so probably he started hurting her first/more. (She loved him from the get-go, so it was strange when she started swiping him.) So maybe have your vet check her for a physical cause?

    We had our cat on Metacam for a while, and still give it to her sometimes in the winter. A bit of fish oil in her food has made a huge difference. I can see the improvement in how she moves and jumps.

    Now the kitten!

    If she’s in pain, and you get a rough and tumble, pouncy new member of the family, she’s going to be even more miserable. But! After our cat improved, we got a kitten. We actually got him because we had a dog and she was so lonely after the dog died, and we were worried about if it would work out.

    She really hated the kitten at first. A lot. She didn’t attack him outright (some cats do), but she wouldn’t let him come near her. We’ve had him for a couple years, and she’s warmed up to him a lot. I think it’s been really good for her mentally; she tries new things she’s seen him do. There are still fights occasionally, but not “I hate you and I want to kill you!” fights. More like “Quit pouncing me, you annoying little shit!” fights, and neither of them has ever seriously hurt the other. (I say seriously, because I think probably when the young cat pounces the old one, it does sometimes hurt her as well as annoying her.)

    So it did work out really well for us, and actually improved things for our older cat. But you should probably talk to your vet before you make any decisions and see if there are underlying issues making her behave that way. 🙂

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    I would wait to add a kitten to the mix.  Especially if you’re thinking about a husky or German Shepherd, (German Shepherds are also rather prey-driven, and many are hazardous to cats).  Do some research on the breeds NOW, if you haven’t already, so you’ll know if they are a good fit for you or not.  If they are not, you still have plenty of time to research other breeds.

    As Elvis suggested, there could be a medical reason behind her behavior.  Has she always been this way, or is this a more recent development?  There ARE cat behaviorists out there.  Watch a few episodes of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet and see if you recognize anything that might be contributing to the problem.  Or hire a behaviorist to come to your house and see if her behavior is correctable.  

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    My cat never liked DH until I started traveling for my job and he was the only one at home.  Now she is pretty friendly with him, although she still hates everyone else.

    If you really want a dog one day, don’t get a cat now.  Also, please research your breeds very carefully.  A husky in a 2 bedroom condo is not a good combination.  Volunteering at your local shelter is probably a good idea, if you have the self control not to bring them all home.

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    Our cat did keep jumping, even big jumps, and even when it got bad enough that it would make her squeak in pain when she landed. We were really concerned about it because she was hurting herself more; the vet said trying to stop her jumping would probably just stress her out. They are such weird little animals. Honestly, you’d think if leaping to and from the top of the bathroom cupboard hurt so bad it made you cry, you just wouldn’t do it, right? Not my cat…

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