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I think any dog might be yappy, hard to housebreak etc if not properly trained. I have a small long haired Chihuahua and EVERYONE said he would be yippy and antisocial etc. Well he’s NOT! We taught him not to bark etc. I had a boss who has 3 ‘weiner dogs’ and she LOVES them. I’m sure she wouldn’t have 3 if they were that much trouble!

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My advice is check out local rescues (seriously just google your city/state/area and “dachshund rescue”) Most provide competitive prices, but you also get to know the kind of dog – no guessing game! We have 3 rescue pugs, and while pugs are known to be quieter, extremely smart lap dogs… I have one who isn’t a lap dog but is really yappy, one that’s VERy independant (we have to drag her into our bed at bedtime!) but um… NOT smart, and one that is EXTREMELY OVERLY VELCRO-d but quiet and sweet. Not all dogs fit the exact bill when it comes to bullet points about a breed.

I see you’re in MO, so here’s a google search to give you some ideas: http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGLS_enUS356US356&aq=0&oq=missouri+dach&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=missouri+dachshund+rescue

But I think the best site for them would be: http://www.drna.org/ (Dachshund rescue of North America)

GL! I know people like getting puppies but if you’re worried about certain personality aspects, rescue is a great idea.

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Hehe my little doxie (Holly) is sitting on my lap as I type this! She is independent, but loves to snuggle. She was housebroken very quickly, but I think that also varies dog to dog. She’s pretty vocal, and surprisingly loud for such a little dog. She’s also very protective of Fiance and I, and growls at other dogs when we’re around her (although I hear she plays great when we leave!). There are pros and cons to any dog. If you love doxies, get one! I think they’re the best 🙂

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I grew up with them and HIGHLY recommend a doxie! They are SUPER smart and independent. They are yappy if you allow them to be. Ours were trained very early on to not be that way and it wasn’t a problem. They are protective. Ours would be esp protective in the car but no where else really and would play well with other dogs in the park. Its really a matter of how you train them. Break the habit early and its less likely to become an issue.

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I love dachshunds! Future Mother-In-Law and Future Father-In-Law have a 10 year old boy. He’s a total sweetheart. I feel like he’s mine too since I’ve been around him for 8 years. I imagine that any dog can be yappy, but he isn’t at all. He rarely barks, and when he does, it’s really low – it’s the funniest thing. He has some arthritis issues now and it freaks me out to see him still jumping all over the place; I’m really afraid he’s going to hurt his back. I know that can be an issue for doxies.

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I agree that it has a lot to do with how you train them. I have a pomeranian which are normally very yappy dogs. Hes extremely friendly and rarely barks. I made sure to train him right from the beginning. Also my Future Sister-In-Law has a dachshund name fear and Ive only heard him bark a few times. hes actually very mellow. I would get the type of dog you want and just make sure to stay on top of the training. Also, please dont buy scooter from a pet store! The only thing I have heard is they have back problems, But alot of little dogs do.

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Dachshunds are such good dogs!  My sister has one (Simon) and he is so friendly and sweet.  Hardly barks, acts like he is a “big dog” and has a wonderful personality.  Dachshunds are a burrowing breed so they like to cuddle!  How could you not want this dog???! 🙂

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We got my mom one last year and he is the cutest thing.  They have a huge bark for such a small dog and can be very stubborn (thus the hard to housebreak), but once you do, they are the best little dogs.  They are also loyal and can be protective over their owners.  Like the other ladies say, it really is how you train them and how patient you can be when teaching them.  Also, weinie dogs are prone to back problems so be careful with exercising them. 

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I say get one!  I had one and loved the little guy SO MUCH! 

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I have two dachsuands! Tate is 6 and Cotton is 3! They are my life, I just love them to death! They like to chew, but mine housebroke easy and they love to cuddle and sit in your lap! They are very protective of there owners! Get one! They are the best! [attachment=631227,82276]

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I just want to throw in a vote for a doxie mix!  They have a LOT less of the chronic genetic disorders that purebreds have (serious back problems that require surgery, prone to cancer, etc.) and they are even more adorable!  Plus you will get a dog with the doxie look but one that is uniquely different as well.

I grew up with a doxie/cocker spaniel mix and he was a wonderful, super adorable dog.  My FI’s sister now has a chihuahua/doxie mix and it is just about the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

Also, I second the “get it from a shelter/rescue” idea!  If you decide to get a purebreed or a mix, they are available all over.  Just last weekend I was at Petsmart and they were having an adoption drive for a local shelter that rescues mostly doxies.  There were more than ten adorable, wonderful dogs looking for homes there!

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I have 2 doxies and I think they are GREAT!  Really smart, loving, and full of personality.  I got one from the animal control shelter in Miami (the same one that they show on Animal Cops Miami!) in 2003. He only cost me $5 deposit to “hold him” for me for the 5 days they give for someone to claim him. He has a cool half-blue eye! (his left one)

The other one I got because I got a mass email from a friend of a friend of a friend who was trying to find a good home for her cuz she couldn’t handle taking care of her.  Her picture was so cute I called and told them I had a doxie already and I wanted her.  So we went to visit and brought her home the same day.  I felt really bad cuz the owner was really upset to lose her, but knew she was doing the right thing if she couldn’t handle her.  I still keep in touch and send her pics. (so she was free!!)

The only not-so-good things about them are:

1. they are GREEDY!!! one is greedy for everything, and one is greedy for human food, but picky with her dogfood.  This is an issue because they tend to have back problems if they are overweight.  We always get tricked by ours, cuz they come and act like they’re ready to eat and lead u to the kitchen.  But my fiance has already fed them. We always have to check with the other to see if they’re trying to trick us. So don’t let them fool you!

2. They have sensitive backs.  The older one (black one) has had to take steroids 3 times because he hurt his back.  He’s a lot better now that he’s ideal weight tho.

3.  They have a LOUD bark.  This can be a good thing for alerting you, but it’s can also be annoying. You need to spend a lot of time training them, and they are a bit stubborn.

But I LOVE them and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!!! And Please look at the shelter before buying one!!! they need u!!!

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oh wow! these pictures are just too cute!

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