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    I say get a second dog – you really see a difference in their personalities and energy levels when they have company.

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    @Missbigdreamer:  My [& my FI’s] criteria for if we’re ready for another pet: can we afford the emergency vet care if they get sick/injured simultaneously? Can we afford the day-to-day expenses?


    That ultimately should inform your answer, because you don’t want to be one of those people posting about how your dog has a condition you just can’t afford. But if you can, I highly support getting a second dog! Although, you seem concerned about the food costs (and shit tzu’s are tiny….), so I would recommend against it at this time. Food cost is a small part of owning a pet (especially if you know to shop the sales at stores like PetsMart (dunno about the others)).


    Right now, we’re only ready for his dog and my cat. And that’s okay. Because we can bend over backwards for them if we need to. Everyone’s situation is different though, and if you go ahead, best of luck.


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    @Missbigdreamer:  Also, I highly recommend training against pee-pads. They encourage “going” inside. Have you house-trained or crate-trained?

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    I would wait. If you’re friends with the breeder, she’ll have more litters and you can totally get another dog in a few years.

    Never get a second dog to get your dog a friend. Sure they’ll appreciate the company, but it’s twice the walks, twice the vet bills, twice the emergency vet bills, twice the leashes, collars, heartgard, frontline, poop bags, etc. You’ll also either have to board your new puppy or leave it with friends/your mom in another month as you go through the big changes of your wedding, and moving, and the honeymoon. All of that can be stressful in a puppy’s life and can delay hosuetraining, obedience, and bonding with you.

    And because of the age of your current dog, you’ll probably spend a great deal of money all at once in 10-15 years once they get older. We waited on getting our second dog because my friend asked if I could handle losing both my dogs in the span of a year or so. I couldn’t.

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    I say go for it!  But with a few caveats:

    Remember that if you have two dogs about the same age, it’s quite likely they will be old at the same time.  One elderly dog can be expensive and heartbreaking to look after – imagine two!

    Food does become more expensive – it also means you can buy in bulk now.  You can buy the GIANT bags and the GIANT cans without worrying that you won’t use them all before they go bad.

    Shihtzus are prone to luxating patellas – I have two crosses, and one has this problem.  Be prepared to get this fixed one day if it’s an issue.

    Also be prepared for your older dog to regress back into puppyhood a little bit – she’s still only a year old, and when we got our second dog, our eldest decided that he too wanted to poop on the floor instead of going outside, and he too wanted to chew on things because the puppy did!

    The older dog may not be friendly with the puppy, it depends on their personality.  The older dog might also wear out your puppy, or vice versa, so you need to be watchful for the first few weeks.

    But in all seriousness, go for it.  Our older dog was a basket of energy, and it was driving us crazy to entertain him all the day.  Getting a second dog meant he spent his days wrestling and playing instead of napping, and now we getting to spend more time cuddling them of an evening instead of watching him do manic circles around our couch because he was so hyped up!

    And more importantly, as PP mentioned, your dog’s personality changes completely, and it’s great to see.  Our oldest is more loving, open, and affectionate, and he’s turned from a fearful, shy dog into a big brother who rolls his eyes at his crazy puppy sister’s antics.

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    @beeintraining:  Agreed – my post didn’t cover the elderly dog expenses.

    I disagree that emotional reasons are reason enough to subject another pet to what could become subpar health care. Yes, my/Fi’s dog Duke LOVES being around other dogs, but can we afford it right now? No. Will we get another dog in a few years? Absolutely. =) Your dog can wait a few years or litters to find her a new playmate.

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    @Missbigdreamer:  When Darling Husband and I moved in together we each had a dog so I wondered if two would be different then one. Nope! Not for us at least. I take them out to use the potty the same time, feed em at the same time, play with em at the same time… It’s actually been better. My DHs dog was only 80% potty trained and since being around my dog he never has an accident and my dog who was ridiculously clingy to me has become less so now that he has a partner in crime! Shih Tzus are tiny so I can’t imagine it’s going to cost a lot more, but maybe wait til your moved in together? Would the dog stay at your moms or FIs house? You will always be able to find a puppy when you’re ready 🙂

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    I feel like if you’re busy with wedding planning and the date is soon approaching, I would say No. But if you have time and money, yes!

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    Omg, I just couldn’t. One puppy is more than enough to handle, in my opinion. (I guess the grass is never really greener on the other side.)

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    If your already buying food and picking up poop, adding another dog into the mix is not a big deal. I think its the first pet that makes it a big deal. 

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    If money isn’t an issue than go for it! I think it would be fun. Little dogs don’t take up too much room. I don’t think I’d want to labs or large dogs, but little laps dogs sound good!

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    I have to say, I think the “companion” aspect is overrated.  Our neighbors have two dogs and they have to walk them separately, seems like even more than 2x the work because you also have to make sure they’re not getting into trouble together.  We have one dog, and she loves to snuggle and be the center of attention.  She has fun playing with other dogs, but you can tell she loves to come home and just be able to curl up and snuggle with her parents.

    If you want another dog, then get one.  But I don’t think you need to feel obligated to just so yours has a playmate.

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    We just recently got a new dog when our first dog was a little over a year old. She wasn’t a puppy. She was a rescue that is about the same age as our first dog. They are both chihuahua’s, so they are small. It really isn’t that much more money to have a second one day to day. It’s mostly vet bills that cost more. Getting a new puppy all of their puppy shots can cost a lot. How old is this puppy? Could it come home to you after the wedding? That may make more sense than shuffling the dog around just a few weeks after getting it. 

    Also, our dogs are pad trained. They never have accidents. I think it’s a very valid form of potty training for a small dog. Our dogs can’t hold it the whole time we’re gone to work since they are so small. Using pads just makes sense.

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