(Closed) Shoulder Marks from Bra Straps. Need Advice!

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Do you mean tan lines?

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Ah gotcha! I wasn’t sure, sorry. Well as a fellow busty girl (34DDD) I understand your desire to feel strapped in! Tongue out I have to say that I’ve been fortunate enough to only have indentations for a couple of hours or so after taking my bra off however, I have had straps dig in and pinch me, I purchased these and they worked wonders, maybe buy some and give them a whirl, it won’t hurt (literally) to try.


Btw, something I read online:

“Remember ladies, bra straps that dig into your shoulders can cause permanent indentations, nerve damage in your shoulders, and headaches. So for health reasons super important that bra straps rest comfortably and never dig into your body.”


Headaches and nerve pain, sheesh….who would have thought!?

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Hmm, I would say first, get some new bras!  Ones that don’t dig in as much.  Maybe try going to a store and getting fitted for a bra and explain your problem to the salesperson.  As for getting rid of the marks, I would think 7 weeks would be plenty of time as long as you don’t go back to the too-tight, pinchy straps.  Good luck!

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oh yeah you totally need to get fitted for new bras. Almost all of the support you get from your bra should come from your band (90%) not your straps.  If your straps are putting permanent indentions into you skin then they are working way too hard and your band isn’t doing enough. Really a DD isn’t so big…not to the point where you should have permanent marks on you. Your band is probably too loose which puts all the weight of your boobs on your straps.  Most women in the U.S. wear a band that’s too big and cups that are too small, so you may think you’re a 38DD but you could be a 36DDD (F) or even possibly a 34FF.  I know it sounds crazy but seriously when I went for my bra fitting I went down 2 band sizes and up two cup sizes.

  You need to get fitted by a good fitter (none of that Victoria Secret, mall store BS).  If you have one anywhere close to your area I would recommend an Intimacy…there are only a few in the U.S. but they also have a list of stores in every area (in the blue box to the right) that have good, trained fitters. 

You will really be amazed at how much better you feel with the right bra. Getting fitted really changed the way I shop for bras, how I look in clothes, how I felt at the end of the day etc.  And don’t think you have to buy a super expensive bra either. Ask for affordable options or take what you learned and buy bras within your price range. 

Once you’ve been wearing a proper sized bra I would think your indentions will disappear by the time of your wedding.  

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Strap marks are such a pain! I agree with all the other comments…you need to have a bra fitting. Doing that can dramatically change the way you feel and look. Its not the most fun experience, but go in positively and it’ll be great. I dont know how practical this is but, if there are still marks after the fitting, you could go on a ‘bra sabbatical’ (i.e spend as little time in a bra as possible) or only wear the strapless ones for a little while, to give your shoulders some time to heal/bounce back.  Good luck! Smile

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@BagdhdadBride:  don’tdis on all VS stores!! I worked in one for 4 years while in school.  I think that yes sometimes some girls aren’t doing the best job and some girls don’t know what they are doing.  And women would come in all the time who had shopped/been measure at otherstores.  They had complaints about fit and that they could never get it right at other places (even from other VS stores 🙁 ) 

The trouble is that new associates arent necessarily properly trained or they haven’t had enough experience dealing with the many different shapes that come in.  A lot of it takes learning how someones shape can effect their measurement.  I have seen it happen where if you don’t take these things into consideration you will send someone out with the wrong size!  I have had instances where if you follow traditional measurements 3 different women, 3 different cup band sizes can be measured at the same size!

They have implemented changes in their measuring system at VS and most stores now have a Bra Specialist, whos true focus is knowing bras and fit.  (can you tell I was one of these ladies)

One thing that Iwill say is that be cautious and seek out the specialist. Someone new may sway the size a bit to get a sale :(.  Another thing is that VS stores cap out at 38-40DD so it will be tough for you bustier ladies out there to find something.  It still doesn’t hurt to ask for a fitting though ( I know there are some girls in the stores that can help!)   Oh and yes, you are right! Support should come from the band!!  You should be able to feel safe in a bra even if you let the straps fall off your shoulder.


@Preachergirl:  If you have darkbrown spots I would think that they are likely from the friction of the straps.  I am not sure if you have a darker complexion, but I know that this is often more of a problem for people with darker skin.  I have a slightly darker complexion and have had this problem where my band sits (from when I wore too small a band)  You can try bleaching your skin with a lemon scrub…I haven’t tried it but I hear it is an option.  Otherwise with enough time it should fade away (this was my case).  I think the same goes for the indents, time will be your friend.

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i echo the rest on getting fitted properly for new bras. your current straps are likely too tight. for the dark spots, i’ve heard vitamin e oil helps skin heal faster and minimizes scarring.

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Bumble bee

I also think the other PP are right about getting a proper bra fitting.  The straps aren’t supposed to dig into your skin and you can feel supported without it.  Personally, I’ve never had a good fitting at VS, although you can try it.  I’ve been measured at Macy’s, their intimates department often has special fitting weekends. 

I hope you find something that works for you.  In 7 weeks, you should be able to make a difference so that the strap marks don’t show on your wedding.

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i’m a 36dd and i need to get the bras with the padded shoulder straps

VS makes some and they are definitely uglier and wider (not meant for skinny tanks) but if you switch you’ll be fine. i like mine tight, too and these cause me no problem!

also any bra with significant support already (underwire, heavy padding etc) will provide more than you might have

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