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sc5645:  No truer words were ever said. Amen to that one sister.

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This is another thing that is all relative in my opinion. Clarity enhanced diamonds are another WB taboo… If you intend to keep your diamond and maybe pass it down, this is a great option. I don’t think that it is worth trying to sell them. It is really difficult to get a good price for nonenhanced diamonds, and it would only be more difficult for CE diamonds. I think that an enhanced diamond that was SI1 and was lasered up to a VS1 would be a much better option than one that was I3 and lasered up to SI2. If it started off heavily included it will still be weak, perhaps weaker. I think that it can be really affordable to get a lovely and still true diamond at a fraction of the cost. I believe that I read once that the laser process may have to be done again because it can go back to being a lower grade diamond, but I am not an expert on this subject. I have seen Ebay listings for CE diamonds from jewelers that guarantee the life of the diamond. Look into them, and ensure that you get your certificate stating that and keep it safe. 

I do agree that getting a name brand setting and skimping on the diamond is a bit of a silly notion. You could recreate the setting as a custom made piece and it will still be cheaper. The extra money should go to getting a higher quality diamond, not a price-inflated setting. Otherwise, just get a smaller diamond. You could get a .85 diamond instead of a 1 carat and save thousands on the cost. Most people will not even notice the difference with the naked eye. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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nikkibollinger:  I actually bought mine from a seller on ebay who I have tried to look for but can’t seem to find any more.  I think it was Israel the diamond was from. I don’t think it is dull it really does just look like my friends ring she has a princess cut too and she doesn’t feel hers is as sparkly as say a round diamond might be and I agree with that but I think it might be the shape that is limiting light in it or something?  I just love my ring and my partner was so happy with it especially the price we got it for. Needs a clean actually lol. 

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pumilionis:  hi who did you buy your  CE diamond from??

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Hi everyone,

Wanted to say that the weddingbee forum has been so informative and inspiring for me. Everyone’s rings are so pretty: big stones, small stones, alternative stones… simply lovely 🙂

I have come across several posts/threads discussing clarity enchanced diamonds and hoped that by sharing my personal experience and information gathered through much research it would be useful to some, and atleast informative to others.


Most people don’t know that the majority of diamonds are clarity enhanced. Most diamond manufactures use the only GIA approved/sanctioned enhancement process of deep boiling diamonds in special acidic solution that removes black surface inclusions. It does not fill the cavity of the removed inclusion; this process is commonplace, and is not looked at as a negative whatsoever.


Laser drilling is used for inclusions below the surface. A laser is used to drill a microscopic hole to the inclusion… the diamond is then boiled and using the commonplace boiling method to remove the black inclusion. There is also a “special” laser drilling method that does not drill a hole, but rather burns a plane to reach the inclusion within the diamond, leaving in it’s place a more natural looking feather.


And finally there is the fracture flling method that is used mostly for feathers; feathers are usually clean, open cavities that become nearly invisible with the microscopic solution is inserted. This process is usually used in tandem with the special drilling method … for the correction of feathers within the stone.


Contrary to myth, not all clarity enhanced diamonds are I1/I2/I3 clarity, opaque diamonds, or low-grade “dirty” diamonds. In fact, only 1 in 500 of imperfect diamonds are eligible for quality enhancement treatment. Operative word here being “quality”…. meaning if you’re going to spend the money on an enhanced stone, it should be clear and not still heavily included after the process (otherwise I’d recommend a big house certified diamond instead – like GIA, etc).


The clarity enhancement process can only improve an diamond 1 grade (so if you have a lower SI1 diamond, the enhancement will only boost it up to a VS2; if it is a higher SI1 diamond, the enhancement might be able to boost it to a VS1… all dependent on what type of inclusion(s), location of inclusion(s), size/quantity of inclusion(s).


Ok, so now that we have covered what the enhancement processes are, let’s get to the nitty gritty: Is it worth it? The answer is dependent on what the purchasers goals/desires are. Some people just don’t like the idea of it… and that’s fine. There are plenty of un-enhanced diamonds for purchase so this would not be a consideration for them. For others who want more bang for the buck, but are not really into the many beautiful diamond alternative stones out there, clarity enhanced diamonds are a possible consideration.


Just like any other diamond or gemstone, seeing the stone in person is important in deciding to keep the stone, or send it back. Every diamond is different so therefore the enhancement process will acheive varying degrees of impact. From my own experience, on the low-end, I would stay in the VS1 (post enhancement) category; but that’s because this is the same low-end for my un-enhanced diamonds. However I have seen eyeclean SI1, SI2 and even I1 unenhanced diamonds as the inclusions could be covered by prongs/setting or is just absorbed within the cut of the stone…. so the same could apply for clarity enhanced diamonds.


My experience:

I owned a 2.24ct emerald cut clarity enhanced diamond solitaire. Loved it. Eyeclean… VVS clarity. The enhancement process was applied to remove a (that’s right, 1) feather, and a couple of below surface black spots: which means the special drilling process, along with the fracture filled process, were used. Brillant, shiny, eyeclean, stone (color of the stone: H). I wore this ring everyday, cleaned with a toothbrush along with warm, soapy water (ok, I did even clean it with a brush and toothpaste often lol, but would not do this today) …. never any issues. Never saw any imperfections. Cleaned the house with it on, did laundry with it on, cooked, grilled, went out on the boat in full Florida sun, etc…. Never an issue.


My cost of the beautiful stone back in 2006? $4900… set in an 18k white gold solitaire setting. When it came time to sell it in 2009, I sold it to a pawn shop (which always pays significantly below market), for $5200…. and that ofcouse was with the insurance appraisal the ring came with disclosing the enhancement process and the pawn shop’s gemologist review of the ring/stone. So no monetary loss…. at all. Since buying a clairty enhanced diamond is less expensive than a non-enhanced diamond… when you go to sell it, you will also receive less than you would if it were a non-enhanched diamond They increase in value just as non-enhanced diamonds do… just at the discounted (enhanced) level.


Thank you for letting me share my experience and information regarding clarity enhanced diamonds. For whoever is considering this route, I hope you found this useful. If you do go for a clarity enhanced diamond, just follow the instructions of using only warm, soapy water for cleaning (no sonic cleaners), no ammonia products, and if you bring it to a jeweler tell them its an enhanced stone… and have them remove the stone before using torch/heating work (which they would do with a non-enhanced diamond too). In other words, treat it the way you would any other expensive piece of jewlery you own 🙂


Best wishes!

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pumilionis:  Where did you get your laser drilled diamond? I have been searching everywhere and can only find 1 website (Hadar Diamonds) that has them! Thanks 🙂

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I’ve come across several CE diamond sellers these days as this has become more popular.  Here are a couple that may be useful to you; they have ebay stores as well, so you can view some of their offerings: Zamir diamonds and US Jewelry Factory.  There is one more I’ll find and come back to you with that offers video viewing of the rings they offer.  To find the stores, just google the name as follows: zamir diamonds ebay, and US jewelry factory ebay….google is much faster than searching through ebay for their store names.

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Here is the other one… I go to this site often just to enjoy the beauty lol… Its Liori diamonds. Here is the link to the ebay store, they also have a regular non ebay site, like the other two stores


Enjoy! 🙂

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nikkibollinger:  did you ever purchase one? Have you looked into lab created diamonds from a reputable seller like brilliant earth?

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Sorry for the huge pic 😀 My diamond is a 1.30 ct clarity enhanced G color and I2 when you look closely you can see little  carbon but am amazed at how pretty it is i clean it with dish soap and a little toothbrush and its like new and I couldn’t believe the price 😳

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More details please.where did you buy the clarity enhanced diamond and how much? I’m considering one on overstock.com?

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1.9 Carat (Size 7)

Brilliant Cut

G Color

Laser Drilled and Clarity Enhanced

14 Carat White Gold Setting

Before we got engaged we talked extensively with my jeweler about clarity enhanced diamonds and decided it was the best bet. Now we’re engaged and I absolutely LOVE my ring. 

However, after the fact the jeweler mention that this is the best CE diamond he’d ever come across and that they’re usually dull and have less sparkle. (In my head I was like, well then why were you pushing these on us guy?) He also says that many people get sold CE diamonds by jewelers and charged full price without being told they’re CE.

In any case if you’re considering getting one make sure your fiancé uses a great jeweler and looks at several stones over a few months to find the best one.

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2.3 carat center CE diamond. 

Purchased it from Patrick Fay at Big Diamonds USA. His office is in Chicago but he also sells on eBay. We went to his office and looked at many rings and they were all beautiful. 

If you buy from him he has a lifetime guarantee on the enhancement process and if for any reason the process is altered they will fix it for free, for life! free ring sizing for life and free ammonia-free cleaner for life. Also, GIA certified and comes with the paperwork to prove it. 

I love my diamond and I love Patrick Fay. Trust-worthy, reputable and honest jeweler. 

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