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My fiance and I love to camp, kayak and hike. While I was getting ready that am he told me that he had an adventure/surprise for me after work, and my hint was it didnt involve rope. We were camping and kayaking that weekend with our friends in Hocking Hills Ohio, like any other weekend, so I thought what is he talking about we need rope for everything! Later that day he took me to Rock House in Hocking- and the whole you dont need rope thing is because we could scale the walls and not have to rock climb them(big hobby of mine). It was a surprise and a great one at that!  It had rained all day and finally let up when we were hiking, 2miles into the hike the mist was rolling through the woods so thick, it was like a movie! BEAUTIFUL!  After about a hour of exploring the rock house he said are you ready to go on antother adventure with me? Thinking we were leaving to go meet up with our friends, I said yes. He got down on one knee ( where this picture was taken without us in it ) and said I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me. I was shocked and so happy I couldnt move. Best day of my life!

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Every year my best friend and her husband have St. Patrick’s Day get together for close family and friends but this year they didn’t have the money to put one on, so my boyfriend decided to help my friend throw a party at his mom’s house.  My boyfriend made a big deal about my parents and immediate family all going (he said it would be a good way for everybody to spend some time together). I invited everyone and to my surprise everyone said they wanted to go. The day of the party I worked a nine hour shift from 6am to 3pm and really didn’t even feel like going to the party anymore, but my best friend and my boyfriend along with his mom had been getting ready for it all day so I threw myself together and made myself go. When I arrived at the house there was easily fifty people there and I thought it was odd because I was thinking about twenty would have showed up, this should have been a HUGE clue that something was up. My boyfriend’s mom handed everyone a shamrock cut out of paper and told us to write a wish for good luck going into the spring/summer. The Shamrocks would later be passed out at random and read aloud later. After we had eaten dinner we all gathered in the living room (her house is HUGE!) and she started to pass out the shamrocks one at a time for people to read. As they were being read I could tell some people didn’t want to read theirs aloud, especially since some of them said things like “I wish you lots of great sex” lol. When they were all read my boyfriend stood up in front of everyone and thanked everybody for coming out and then made a speech about what he wanted for the next part of his life. In front of all of our close family and friends he asked me to marry him! He had asked my dad’s permission two weeks before hand and everyone at the party was well aware that it was an engagement party for us and not for St. Patty’s day. I later also found that some of the shamrocks had wishes for the two of us in our new lives together. The only other person that didn’t have a clue about what was going on was my best friend and she was just as shocked as I was when it happened!

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I love this! I’m so glad my Fiance got someone to secretly take pictures of us also because the ring was sitting out in the open for anyone to snatch up. We got engaged in Monterey on the beach. Our first vacation we took a year prior in Monterey. A year latr we returned. I love to collect sea shells so he had painted a bunch of shells blue and trailed them (at first it wasn’t as obvious of a trail, just random shells here and there) until we reached dunes and at the top was my ring in a heart of shells. It was sentimental and took a lot of planning on his part. I didn’t get a speech and it happened so fast. The other day I came home and he recreated the shell trail in the house where I found him kneeled for a second proposal with the sweetest letter.


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hello bees!

so my fiance and i first started dating in august of 2009, right around when i first started law school. we were both living, working, and going to school in nyc. that winter, he moved out to west new york, nj to see what jersey was like. his apartment building was right by the water and so it’s where we watched fireworks on new years eve and where we used to take walks on cool summer nights. after he moved back to the city the following year, we hadn’t gone back since. we talked about making a quick visit from time to time but we never did. i had been getting impatient about getting engaged throughout 2012, but my wedding crazies were temporarily put on hold bc i was studying for the july bar exam. my girlfriends started an email chain about doing a girls night out the saturday right after the bar. they talked about getting all dressed up and celebrating me being done. little did i know, my fiance had orchestrated this whole thing! there in fact, was no girls night out, but was a ruse to 1. get me dressed up (he knew i wanted to look nice in my photos) 2. have all my girlfriends (future bms) together at the same time and 3. get me to the west ny area (convenient meet-up point for the GNO). i was taking the bus from nyc to nj, which stops right by his old apartment, where two of my friends were waiting to pick me up to go elsewhere for drinks. but before we did, they insisted we shoudl go down towards the water and take pictures because it had been SO long since we all went out and because we all looked nice. when we walked down to the water, my fiance popped out of nowhere! at first i was confused (because he had kept begging me to take him on the GNO with me! sneaky!), but then i realized what was happening! he put his arm arond me and we started walking along the river. he gave me his speech and we ended up at the corner of the walkway where he had sprinkled roses on the ground. this place was super meaningful to us because it’s where we fell in love, it’s where we shared memories, and if you took pictures it would capture nyc in the background – where we are now and where we had dated. he knew i wanted a semi-public, semi-private engagement picture with all my friends there and that i wanted photos from it…. and he arranged the proposal so that i could have everything i wanted! my best friends and future bridesmaids were all there, i have beautiful candid photos from the actual engagement, and it was a HUGE surprise! i have to admit, i would have caught on sooner about the whole thing, but i was studying for the bar so i was a bit distracted and since the proposal was only 2 days after the bar i was still a little numb in the brain haha. but it was a beautiful proposal and it was perfect beyond anything i could have imagined! πŸ˜€


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I love this thread!! All of these stories are so wonderful!

Our story is that we had been together just about 6 years (our anniversary was a week after the proposal actually!) We had grown up in the same town and were friends in high school then his parents moved to North Carolina. We we ended up dating long distance, then I moved to NC, then we both moved back to NY. He wanted his parents to be there so he proposed to me the day before Christmas while they were up visiting.

He and my mom planned the whole thing, they had us all over my parents house for dinner, it was just like snacks and appetizers. It’s funny when he tells the story because he kept waiting for a moment to say something and I wouldn’t stop eating. haha. Every time he got up the nerve I started to put something in my mouth. Eventually he got my attention and he started to say something like “I got myself something a little early for christmas and I wanted to share it with everyone,” and then he turns to me and says “All I want for Christmas is you!” and I kind of blushed and gave him the “oh stop…” look because I wasn’t expecting a proposal at all I just thought he was being cheeky, but then I look over and he’s down on one knee!

I was so surprised, I was shaking. It was the best Christmas present ever!

Our pictures came out really grainy because my mom was using her new iPod touch, she couldn’t figure out how to take the video so she just used it as a camera.

Me texting everyone, we actually ended up meeting up with some of our friends later that night and I got to show off my ring. πŸ™‚

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This is such a heartwarming thread! It’s wonderful we can all share one of the happiest moments of our lives, especially since a picture is worth a thousand words. 

My fiance and I started dating in September 2009 (I was a high school senior and he had graduated a year prior). He was (and still is) the best thing that ever happened to me. He had moved from California two years before and was still adjusting to the rural Idaho life. I’ve lived in Idaho for most of my life and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. That being said I’m definitely an outdoors-y person. I love being outside-rain or shine. However, my fiance grew up in Oregon and doesn’t quite enjoy the outdoors as much as I do unless we’re out on the boat wakeboarding in the summer. He’s a gamer and is more comfortable inside playing videogames anyday than hiking. On that note, it was a suspicious day when, after our third year anniversary, he asked me if I wanted to go hiking on the local ski resort mountain to take scenic photos. 

I was incredibly suspicious to say the least, but I got over it because my fiance enjoys photography and I thought it would be a nice day for us to get away from everything. So we hiked down some trails working our way deeper into the woods and stopped here and there to take some scenic shots or posed with each other with the camera timer.

At one point we were on a trail in the dense woods and came out to a clearing where he thought it would be nice to take the last shot of the day. Little did I know the camera was recording when we started posing! I was posing with my back to him and eventually turned around to find him on one knee, nervously trembling, with a box in his hands. 

This is a snapshot from the video. Unfortunately the crickets were buzzing so loud in the background its impossible to hear what he said. 

I didn’t hesitate to say yes, and even after the proposal he wanted to take me to dinner at our favorite restaurant where, unbeknownst to me, both of our families and close friends were waiting to congratulate us. 

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This is a more condensed version of the full story I posted yesterday, but we were in Melbourne visiting some friends (we’re all from Scotland but in Australia for a year, myself Mr Scottie & his sister – also my BFF – are living in Sydney).  We planned a big touristy day, ending with a trip up the Eureka Tower to the sky deck (88 floors up).  We also paid extra money to go on ‘the Edge’, which is basically a 4cm thick glass box which comes out from the side of the building.  So the 5 of us are in the box and it’s dark as it moves out from the building, the music builds up and suddenly the frosted glass has become clear and the view is absolutely spectacular!

Next thing I know, Mr Scottie says “There’s actually something I wanted to ask you”, in my head I said “oh my goodness, he’s going to ask me to marry him.  No, don’t be rediciulous no he’s not”…but he did!  I was shaking for ages and then realised I hadn’t spoken and said Yes!!

Our friends had been snap happy during the whole thing, but the flash reacts with the glass so it just looks cloudy.  However, the people working there had been taking pictures on the webcam the whole time, before taking one of the two of us and a group one which they kindly gave to us for free!

And here is the wonderful moment!

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Hello bees! While I don’t have any photos of us.. I have the one photo that Fiance took as a “cover” before he proposed. We were visiting my home town in NC (we live in TN) to be with my family for my sister’s baby shower. We were driving home that evening after dinner and he told me he wanted to go to that “rooftop spot” that I took him to when we first started dating and he came to see me. It was really beautiful that night and I thought we were just going up there to reminisce! I had no idea he was going to propose while we were visiting family because he told me he didn’t want to take the limelight away from my sister and really wanted to wait until we were back home in Nashville. Long story short, he acted cool by taking a photo on his phone, and then we hugged and he talked about how he was looking forward to making more memories together in the future. He got down on one knee and I said yes! 

PS- It is Morganite and rose gold. Favorite combo!






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This is the cutest thread in the world.  I love all the stories and photos!  And I’m adding mine! @langel86, I like your story!

We were camping up at Ricketts Glen in PA  for about 5 days – it’s kind of “our place” with it’s amazing views from the campsites, the lazy lake for kayaking, and the most amazing 26 waterfall hike.  We’d gone there last year, and we’re avid hikers.  Whenever we go hiking, we play, we don’t just go places.  We climb on things, make up stories, tell stories, make cairns – rock piles – and take lots of pictures.  We were nearing the end of the hike, and hit the tallest waterfall, so we decided to build a giant cairn.  We finished and were decorating the top with colorful rocks.  I turned to get one, and when I looked back, on top of the cairn, right in the middle, was a little wooden box.  Then he opened it to reveal the ring, and he asked me to marry him under the waterfall.  I was so shocked! 

I said yes πŸ™‚  We feasted by campfire and started to plan our lives.

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This thread is making my heart smile!

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these were all so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!

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@MissComicBook: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanggg that’s cool!! Look at her face! Look at yours! Ah! so cute πŸ™‚

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So fun to read πŸ™‚ 

FH and I are college students, and he is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (men’s music fraternity). Together with the women’s music group, PMA hosts a musical production on campus called Campus Lights every January. This past year, FH was Set Director for Titanic the Musical, and he built a 2-layer 50 ft long ship, part of which sank! He invited all family and friends to the performance to see his awesome set (and to propose, although I didn’t know it!)…

It was after the performance on Alumni Night of Campus Lights. Tradition holds that all current and alumni members of Phi Mu Alpha circle up on stage and sing — thank goodness for that tradition, because it is wonderful to hear! My dad, a PMA alum, had joined the singing circle on stage. I was so worried about whether or not he was having a good time (because if so it’d be a good bonding experience – right?) that I barely noticed FH dragging me on-stage to the middle of the circle. He got down on one knee, had a sweet speech and those lovely four words, and then serenaded me after I said yes – along with the rest of the Phi Mu Alphas on stage!

Family, friends, and fraternity brothers (Titanic set pushed off to the sides): 

Close up pic! I so wish it wasn’t blurry, but I love the fist pump in the background πŸ™‚ 

Video here! πŸ™‚  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idOIvRsEFdM&feature=share

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Oh man, this thread gives me the warm fuzzies! So many beautiful happy couples here.

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