(Closed) Show me your large breed dogs.

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The fluffy one in the front is Simba, he’s a Great Pyrense / Retriver mix…heavy on the pyrenese…a really quite, unassuming animal…he’s not really playful or affectionate, but a nice companion that balances out the insanity of the other two…Mr. 99 saved him from being put down at 12 weeks, the people who had him realized he was going to be HUGE and didn’t want to keep him…it was a prety unhappy home from what I understand, so he’s a little gunshy when it comes to loud noise.

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We have a female maremma sheep dog. She is 5 months old and presently weighs 43 pounds. At full grown she will weigh in anywhere from 80-90 pounds and will stand approximately 2-3 feet high (floor to top of back). We bought her from a breeder when she was 10 weeks old. She has so far been pretty good with smaller animals and with other adults. I haven’t had the chance to introduce her to any children yet, but she will learn to adapt because our first child is due at the beginning of June. They are a breed that is very loyal and child friendly but also very independent. Since she’s a puppy she is pretty energetic, but she enjoys her naps and relaxing with us in the house. 

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We have 2 Siberian Huskies, which most people label as “big” dogs, but they’re technically “medium” sized. Our male is now 7 years old and a solid 67lbs; our female is 5 years old and weighs 44lbs. We adopted them both 4 years ago (our boy was 3, our girl was 1), about 2 months apart. They are amazingly loving family dogs and are great with people (in other words, they make the worst guard dogs). Both are smart, but stubborn, which makes training interesting, and they are VERY energetic. We have to walk them daily (going around our block is 1/2 a mile) and I take them for 3-5 mile runs about 3 times per week. 

This is them at our wedding last August:

For size reference, my husband (below) is exactly 6′ tall:

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This is Jessie, our 1 year old German Shepherd (trying to convince me not to study).  We adopted her at 8 months old from our local shelter.  She is super friendly towards people/kids.  She is usually good around other dogs, but can get a little rough when she plays so she needs supervision.  She thinks smaller animals- cats, squirrels etc are chew toys and tries to chase/eat them.  

On the plus side for adopting from the shelter, she came to us fully potty trained.  She is one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever owned- her favorite thing is to be snuggled up with Mom and Dad, or following us around the house.  She picked up commands like sit, down very quickly. 

On the downside, we are slowly training our way out of some negative behavoirs. She was abused and starved before we got her, so we are still dealing with food agression (not towards people, but we can’t feed her and the other dogs in the same room).  She is also prone to jumping as a greeting- which would be cute if she was a little dog. With an 80+ pound dog its dangerous so we are working on breaking that habit.  She is also working on walking on a leash instead of dragging me down the road.  

She has a ton of energy, and this is common in large breed dogs.  I can take her for a 5 mile walk and she still is full of energy and ready to play when we get home.  There are definitly days she drives me crazy, but we love her and wouldn’t trade her for anything.  We know that eventually we’ll get through this stage and things will calm down with her.  

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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: Such a great idea for a post!  I love ‘meeting’ other people’s pets.

@Nona99: Your dogs look like such loves.  I almost missed the black one hiding out.

@Sweethart: I have always loved this breed!  Such an adorable face.  Congrats on your upcoming addition πŸ™‚

@Miss Mauverick: That is so cool you had them in your wedding!  They have gorgeous coloring.

@nikkialys: How can you say no to that face?  Jessie really doesn’t want you to study!


Here are my babies – more of a medium breed but I guess it depends on who you ask!

This is Lucy.  We adopted her from the shelter when she was 6 months old.  She is part American Bull Dog & part Boxer.  When we first got her, she chewed EVERYTHING!  Countless bras, aluminum cans, the siding off of my house, etc.  When we adopted her “brother” 6 months later, she calmed down a lot and I swear she aged overnight.  She was now the role model and knew she had to behave πŸ˜‰  She is usually pretty social but can get a bit protective when there are strange dogs around my daughter.  As long as I introduce them first, its not a problem.

And here is Cooper – he is full blooded American Bull Dog.  He’s my big doof.  We rescued him at 6 months.  He came from a breeder who was going to kill him because he was chasing and killing the mini goats on the farm where he lived on.  In no way was it a violent act, he thought they were playing with him and then he would get sad when they would die πŸ™  He is the biggest love and very excitable.  The only thing I am still working on is his jumping when people come over.

Both pups are kennel trained and listen fairly well.  They get along magnificiently together.  They love our cats – Cooper a little too much, but its all in curiousity and the cats can usually out run him.  On the rare occassion that he is able to corner them, he’ll usually get in one quick nose bump before they hiss and he gets scared and runs away.

My 6 year old tortures (in a good way) these two & they soak up the attention.  Most Saturday mornings I find her laying on top of them while watching cartoons.  They’ll start to wag their tails but don’t dare move because it might disrupt her πŸ˜‰

Here’s another example of the torture they endure:








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Zeus is a 4 year old Weimaraner. He is just over 100 pounds. Mr. Honey got him when he was 8 weeks old. He has quite a bit of energy – part of the breed but also his age, so he gets quite antsy if he doesn’t get good exercise. He may be huge but he is really a gentle giant, so good around kids and we have three cats that he absolutley loves.

We are both big-dog fans and can’t wait to add another one to our family. Let us know what you decide to get!!

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This is my Bernese Mountain Dog, her name is Bailey and she is just over 8 months old. She is approx. 70 lbs at the moment. We got her from a breeder when she was 8 weeks old. She is FULL of energy, but super smart so training hasn’t been a big issue, although she does jump up on us a lot, but we are trying to train her not to.


We were having another issue with getting her exercise, we would take her for an hourish walk (mostly up hill) and she was more energetic after the walk then she was before the walk, so now we take her to a fenced dog park and she can run around (and socialize with other dogs). We don’t have a lot of kids for her to be around, but the few she has been around she has done fairly good, again some issues with jumping up but I try and stay close so I can pull her away. My fiance and I love her to pieces, and we are so glad we went with this breed, she is so fun, we love her expressions, and so far everyone who has met her falls in love with her instantly too! 

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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose:  I can’t post any pics from my phone but he is an Australian shepherd rottweiler mix! He is 90lbs and is a giant teddy bear. He was very energetic for the first two years and now he sleeps all day and is like a giant piece of furniture πŸ™‚ he is absolutely the prettiest pup ever and he definitely fits the category of a gentle giant.

edited to say that when new people around he is extremely energetic and jumps a lot which I’m still trying to break him of. He is not really aggressive, but he has growled at a man who approached me late at night at a gas station and at a friend who came into our house when we weren’t home. The friend was a stranger to our dog btw

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@shopaholic85:  I love these dogs!! So pretty!

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Love all these doggies! Mine are about 50 and 60 pounds so not really that large but I’ve always had a soft spot for the large breeds.

Uh oh  . . . I think the youngest one knew what I was typing. She giving me the side eye now. 

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Porter! He is part lab, blue healer, and sheppard. We adopted him from the shelter at 9 months. He is now 5. He is great with kids (we have 2 boys) and smaller animals. He is a lover, and is very protective. He knows Fiance is the alpha male, and I’m the nurturer. Which is why he always runs to me when he’s scolded. One day, we had visitors at our backdoor. (Not common) he climbed up on the couch, laid across me, and growled at the people at the door. He’s very loved. Sorry for sideways pic.

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