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Blushing bee

Oh I love this! Here are just a few of mine, the rest are at my other house at the moment!

The one on the left was a gift, it’s rose gold if I’m not mistaken (although it looks a lot more like white gold in the picture). The one on the right is just one of my favourite pieces of costume jewelery. 

This ring was my grandmothers, but as you can see the diamonds have fallen out, and I need to replace them! But the ring still holds a lot of meaning to me, as my grandmother passed away when I was really young and this the only thing of hers that I have.

This is my favourite ring! It is a pink saphire, with a white saphire halo, and diamonds on the sides. My mom gave it to me on my 18th birthday.

And yet another piece of costume jewelery! I have an obsession with rings!


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Bumble bee

OOO Ill play!

Not all my rings, but here are the ones I wear on a daily or nearly daily basis. from left to right: 

a ruby and white gold ring given to me by an old family friend who isn’t my grandmother but thinks she is. It is lovely and I wear it all the time. 

Amber set in sterling silver. I got it in highschool while living in france with my step dad, I don’t really remember the exact day I got it but it catches the light beautifully and has a cute little bubble right in the middle that plays tricks on your eyes. 

A white/yellow gold spinner ring my mother got me from israel. It says “may the universe keep and protect you”

the bottom ring is a russian wedding band I made  out of some scrap white gold wire a few years ago as a sample and just decided to wear it for some reason. It is incredibly comfortable and I haven’t taken it off since I made it. (in 2005!) 


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Sugar bee
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@Jezika:  I wish my ex had ever given me fine jewelry, goodness.

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Bumble bee
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Im gonna go take some pictures! I love rings. But I own over 100 of them, so I think I’ll only take a few that stand out lol.

I need to go and find my good camera!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Oh, this was a fun excuse to take pics of my rings!

The left is a tanzanite ring from my parents.  Then a pink sapphire I got from my ex for a birthday, and then another tanzanite that I bought.  It was on clearance from Filene way back when for only $200, and I couldnt pass it up. And it’s trillion cut, which I thought was really unique.

Left to right again, Another tanzanite (I was a little tanz crazy), a blue topaz and a little diamond accent ring, which is now missing a diamond ๐Ÿ™

These are jsut two yellow gold and diamond rings I bought myself while in Thailand.  I wear the left one now on my right hand, and used to wear the left on my left index finger until I got engaged.

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Blushing bee
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Oh my gosh – my future mother in law would love this post, except we would be here forever.  I made the mistake of asking to see the sparklies that she keeps telling me about and I was stuck for at least two hours and she said “that is just what’s in my jewelry box here”  Ugh.. this woman has some serious Bling!  I think she will outshine the Bride on my wedding day – hoping the photographer has something to take the glare away.

Pretty Pretties ladies

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Sugar bee
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@MrsKeAloha:  My Future Mother-In-Law wears  5-6 rings at a time. All the time. But theyre all nice rings ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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@Jezika: Haha well once I get a good way to store them that’s photograph-able, I’ll take some pictures. Right now, they sit in five different bowls on my counter (whch drives SO crazy) and it’s hard to get photos of them!

Here’s some of my current favourites/high rotation/sentimental rings (THESE PICTURES ARE HUGE AND IM SORRY!!! AHHH!)

The top left is a half white gold, half yellow gold sapphire and diamond ring that my dad gave to me from my step mom’s colection after she passed away. Next is a garnet and white gold ring that was a gift to my sister that she didnt like so I kept it. Beside is a diamond and tungensten ring that was a gift from my mom for getting into university.

Bottom left is a CZ cocktail ring that I love because it’s completely ridiculous (I have such small hands that it covers my pinky as well as my ring finger!) Beside is a blue topaz and sterling silver ring that was a christmas gift from my grandparents. Beside that is my diamond promise ring from my SO, and on the end is my “fakegagement” ring that I wear when I go to the bars or somewhere alone (like a bussiness trip or whatever) to make men leave me alone.


Top left is a green aquamarine from Mozambique my mom bought me. Beside that is a black diamond ring that was my great great great aunt’s and was willed to my mom but doesn’t fit her, so she gave it to me.

Bottom left is a ruby heart shaped ring that I bought because it was pretty lol. Beside that is my 16th birthday gift from my twin brother, which we think is a blue opal but can’t remember. And on the end is a green CZ ring that my dad gave me on my 18th birthday.

Top left is a pear shapped sapphire and diamond ring that my great grandma gave me. She bought it when Diana got her ring, and then found out she was allergic to the metal. I was the only one who wanted it, as the rest of my family all thought it was cheesy costume jewelry. Nope, real sapphire, real diamonds.

Beside that is an opal that my mom gave me to wear for my graduation pictures, that she wore in hers and I plan on giving to my future daughter to wear in hers. 

Bottom left is a ring I bought from Claires that says Love (it was pretty!) and beside that is my new wonderful piece of jewelry, a blue topaz and diamond ring from my SO, which is too big (hence the elastic band on it!) and is going to be resized next week and I’m going to miss it.


And finally, 4 of my favourite rings that I never get a chance to wear.

It’s hard to take a picture of a ring with words on it, let alone four, but they each have a different Hogwarts House on them! I wore them to every single Harry Potter related preiemer I went to, books and movies. And they have a spot in my heart.

So yeah, that’s the main part of my collection. Those are the ones I wear a lot. 

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Blushing bee

@Jezika:  Thank you! I am obsessed with antique jewelery ๐Ÿ™‚ And I lovelovelove my saphire ring, you should see it in good lighting. You’re rings are lovely as well!


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@pinkshoes:  I love all of your rings! You have great taste in jewelery!

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Bumble bee
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@pinkshoes:  Your topaz ring is beautiful! Love all of them!

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@globalmargaret:  That amber ring is stunning. I’ve never seen anything like that!

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Busy bee
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alright, alright, i got nuthin better to do tonight.  lol.  of all these rings, the only ones i wear every day are my ering on my left ring finger and my wedding band from DH1 on my right ring finger.


pinky: delicate 14K yellow gold with four loops surrounding a tiny diamond chip.  the first diamond ring i ever got, when i was like 9(and only one of 3 rings, one of 4 diamonds i own)

ring finger: my lovely orange sapphire ering

middle finger: two estate pieces my aunt gave me, both sterling silver, the top amethyst and marcasite, the bottom a rhodolite garnet

index finger: a sterling silver band with runes stamped into it, given to me by my mother

thumb: sterling silver ring with a pear cabachon garnet set over a square piece of mother of pearl


index finger: sterling silver with what i’m pretty sure is a chunk of dark red glass in it, and the wire ring DH1 made for me that i wrote about in another post.  i wore both as “promise” rings before i got engaged to DH1.  (i don’t wear either any more, but they’re highly sentimental.)

middle finger: my heirloom rings from my nana (my stepdad’s mom).  the top one is 14K yellow gold with some sort of raspberry pink stone in it…either a pinkish ruby/really dark pink sapphire or a pink tourmaline, i think.  the bottom one is 14K white gold (no rhodium plate, because they didn’t do that back then) with two round diamonds set in it.  i think they used to be a pair of earrings converted to a ring.  supposedly that was a popular thing to do in the ’20s or ’30s or something like that.

ring finger: my asscher aquamarine in 14K rose gold that i just bought on top, and my wedding set from DH1 on bottom.  the ering is 14K white gold with a .32ct D/VS2 oval diamond with .10ct mozambique garnet side stones. (DH1’s birthstone is garnet.)  the band is also 14K white gold.

pinky: my stainless steel order of the engineer ring, lol.


another shot of all of them.  ๐Ÿ™‚


and just for fun…my heirloom rings, the asscher aqua, DH1’s ering, and the “promise” rings are kept in ring boxes.  i always wear my ering and DH1’s wedding band.  all the rest (except the amethyst chunker, because it’s too big) are kept jumbled up in this pretty little enamel and rhinestone box.  can you tell i like bugs?  my stepdad gave me this.  i love it.


ETA: i almost forgot one!  i wore this as a placeholder (FI didn’t actually give it to me, i already had it, lol) until the official proposal.  it’s a cheapie sterling and…i THINK it’s an aquamarine.  either that or it’s a blue topaz that’s not very saturated.

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