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Here’s a game idea:

I had to organize a lingerie shower/bachelorette party for one my Christian friends (meaning no alcohol or nothing too deragotory), but you can always alter it to fit your personality. We asked the husband to be about 25 questions and wrote down his answers. They varied from “What color are your eyes (hubby to be)?” to “What would Wife-to-be say is your favorite meal?” to “Does Wife-to-be have a rear wheel drive, four wheel drive, two wheel drive car?” to “How many children will  ya’ll have?” and lots of others (google “Newlywed Game” to get question ideas).

For every question wife-to-be got wrong, she had to chew a piece of the double bubble gum (insanely sweet and HUGE–and for those who drink, the wife-to-be usually does a shot when she gets something wrong.). She ended up with like 15 pieces in her mouth by the end of the game! It was definitely fun though!

I have another idea specifically for a lingerie shower, if you’re interested. 🙂

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Just whipped this off an email I sent to my cousin’s Maid/Matron of Honor (I’ve been Maid/Matron of Honor three times and thrilled to hand over the reigns for this one). Have just made a quick fix for anonymity, not all of these may be suitable so just pick and choose:


Toilet Paper Dresses-
An oldy but a goodie, you just need mega amounts of loo paper and sellotape. You can also allow contestants to use anything that they have in their handbags. I think this was one of Blondie’s fav games when we played it at her hens. One of the teams (we split about fifteen people into three teams) created this gorgeous toilet paper rose accentuated with lipstick around the edges and I think Blondie STILL has it a year later

Bridal Quiz-
There are two different ways to do it – quiz the bride or quiz the attendees. If it’s Quiz the Bride you ask J a whole bunch of questions and then S has to guess how he answered them “What is J’s favourite food/place to go on holiday/sexual position”. If you are quizzing the guests then you work with S and J to create a quiz with questions about the two of them and their relationship.

Ode to the couple – 
Give everyone the opportunity to write something sweet or good advice and do it in the form of a poem. Creates some treasured memories.

Forbidden words-
Class some commonly used wedding-related words – fiance, husband, wedding, etc – as forbidden. Give everyone five pegs which they fasten to their clothing. If they use a forbidden word and someone calls them on it, they get the other person’s peg. Whoever has the most pegs at the end of a certain time limit is the winner.

I Never…
The rules for this game are simple: Each contestant admits something they’ve never done. For example, “I never went to a bar without underwear.” Anyone who has ever left the house to do a little cruising commando has to drink. You are perfectly free to say you’ve never done something that you actually have — as long as you drink anyway. 

What’s this?
Get a bag and place silly things/toys at the bottom without anyone looking. Have each girl place their hand in the bag for three seconds and guess what it is. Make sure the girls are as descriptive as possible, stating what they think the item is, the color, the size, etc. After everyone has a chance to guess, pull the item out of the bag and give it to the person that described the item in the most accurate detail.

Pin the willy on the hunk – 
Basically pin the tail on the donkey with a naughty twist. Had lots of fun photo ops with chicks posing with their “willies”.

Playin with playdough –
Making playdough willies – most realistic wins

On the town:

Suck for a buck – bride wears t-shirt with lifesavers on it. You have to get guys to pay a dollar to eat a lollie off the t-shirt. Can also be done with candy necklace.

Scavenger Hunt – Bride has a certain amount of tasks to complete and has to get photographic evidence of each (i.e. dancing on a bar)

Hour of Power – make the bride take shots every five minutes for an hour 🙂

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