Shower themes…anyone really hate theirs?

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lula0508 :  You have a winner of a husband there! I wish my husband was able to stand up to members of his family like that! The last conversation was left at the baby shower being canceled so that is one less thing to stress over. Let her whine, pout, and make you out to be the bad person. You both have shown her that she can’t and won’t win at hurting and dividing you two. You two are the winners in all of this! 🙂

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Lol wow. Don’t even worry about what she’s saying. I bet she is so twisted that she genuinely believes she’s the innocent victim in this saga and you guys are the malicious game players. Oh well, 2 bad 2 sad, not your problem. 

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I hadn’t responded previously, but I did read every post! I think that this was handled well. There was no way that your Mother-In-Law or SIL were going to back down and give a heartfelt apology; they just weren’t….. and the drama isn’t going to end naturally, either. If your dh consistently has your back and responds similarly the next time something pops up, then this gives a message to your MIL- ‘don’t mess with Lula.’ If she wants to have a relationship with her son and grandchild, then she will learn that she had better be cordial to you. 

I also think it’s interesting in that when a post goes up on the bee, it’s common that half the people that reply often agree with the OP, and the other half have an opposing view. I think everyone here agrees with you! If there’s a silver lining here, enjoy the fact that you have lots of cheerleaders in your corner 🙂 

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lula0508 :  Your husband is amazing, and 100% has your back. I’m happy that the shower was canceled, because I know you’ll feel better about not having to go. It would have only caused stress for you, and right now that’s the last thing you need.

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So sorry I missed this thread. Girl, I’d have shown up in a camo maxi dress with a bow and arrow strapped to my back and would have had the MOST fun. They did it to rankle you and succeeded (whether the shower goes on or not, they won this round). Don’t give them the satisfaction next time and there will be a next time. When people are crappy with me, even though I’m hurt by it I just act unphased and unbothered as if I don’t even notice. It becomes a very boring game for them to play and they eventually feel stupid look stupid and give up. 

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southerngal2016 :  THIS! Kudos to your husband hashing it out with mama. I agree with others to let it lie at this point. The fact that she was going so far as to say she was throwing the shower for just HIM was really icing on the cake. I’ve never heard of anyone hosting a baby shower for just the father (not that I’m opposed, people do it for the mother’s all the time), but that just shows how much she is trying to exclude you. Next thing she’ll be doing is trying to exclude you from your own delivery! *eye roll*

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lula0508 :  Wow sounds like a monster in law from hell. I would just go through the motions get through the shower and try to keep a distance from her. Only socialize with her when needed like on holidays and family parties. I would try to avoid her as much as possible. I would tell your husband that you have tried but unfortunately shes B who just wants to cause problems so you will try on special occasions but you are not going to be spending a lot of time with this jealous lady.

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i want to hug your hubby! 

She obviously wanted to cause friction in your marriage and make it all about her son to make you look bad and THAT is what she is throwing a tantrum over, that her plan is NOT working! WOOHOO

PS: Iʻd cancel that check TBH, personally cancel the guests sure, but reimburse her for her bad behavior? Nah, take each other out for a date with that money


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leilarobs2 :  Nope, Mother-In-Law did not win this round.  OP and her Darling Husband didn’t put up with her sh!t and Darling Husband 100% supported his wife and presented a unified front (which is exactly what OP’s Mother-In-Law didn’t want).  OP and Darling Husband are putting up boundaries and Mother-In-Law hates it. Yes, she knows the theme pissed them off, but she knew that from the beginning.  She expected OP to be a doormat and to create a divide between her and Darling Husband.  Totally backfired.

OP, bravo to your DH!  I would have loved to see MIL’s face when he said he’d be happy to cancel it himself!  You’ve got a keeper there!   

Edit: OP, if you ever need a place to commiserate with others who have psycho MILs, check out DWIL Nation on babycenter.  You’re not alone in the struggle!  And just remember, you have what she wants (grandbaby); she has nothing you want.  You hold the power. 

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Wow lol

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Your husband is amazing!!! I am seriously in awe!

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Id have gone with a Peta top on.

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