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Honey bee
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“We would love it if you came for a weekend this summer to see our new apartment and spend the weekend with us.”

“No offense, but I’d rather go to X desolate place with my boyfriend on his business trip than come to where you live.”

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a couple things. lol.


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Busy bee
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umm yea I have a few but they arent from my Mother-In-Law they are from my Father-In-Law. 

The time before he met me and told his son not to throw away money and his time on a booty call.

At a dinner with family and friends told everyone he was surprised I wasnt knocked up because why else would you want to get married.

There have been a few other gems but I can remember them clear enough… So yeah hes a real peach.

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Helper bee
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My Future Mother-In-Law brought home fast food literally every single night during my FI’s childhood.  I don’t know how he managed to come out healthy. . . Anyways, most of her stupid comments are relavent to eating and health.

“In N Out is healthy.  It’s got meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato.”

“I just don’t understand why I keep gaining weight.”  She goes out to eat every day during lunch and has at least one Venti Starbucks coffee a day.

I work a physically demanding, full-time and go to school full-time.  Sometimes I work six days a week, and then by time I get home from class, it’s around 9:30 P.M.  She works at a desk job and comes home by 5:30.  I get texts right as I get out of class at 8:30-9:00 asking if I can pick up dinner at Jack in the Box when it’s literally right around the corner from the house.  REALLY?!?!

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Bumble bee

“I’m sorry if  I (or her awful boyfriend) offended you, but I’ve done this before, and …”

Right, the crappiest non-apology ever.

I’m quite annoyed with her right now.

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Honey bee
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“I think you should have the baby at X Hospital, because they have a really nice waiting room and I want to be comfortable.”

Umm…what?! I am not choosing where I give birth based on your comfort level, crazy person.

“I just didn’t understand Inception at all, it was all weird and complicated, there were just storm troopers running around the whole time, I didn’t know what was going on!” 

If you’ve seen Inception, you realize how…well, special, my Mother-In-Law is.

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Worker bee
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Oh my Future Mother-In-Law loves to bring up my fiances ex….ALL THE TIME the first time I went to her house she had pics of the two of them (when they were together) every where in her house. Literally in every room! We had been together for over a year already at this point. Luckily she lives 4 hours away! After we left my fiancé told her she needed to take them down, that it was disrespectful. So a few months later when we went back I was pretty surprised that they were gone! Well my fiancé went off with his grandad and I was alone with her. She decided to give me a tour of the house (which I had already seen) and took me into one of the spare bedrooms and EVERY pic that had been around the house was consolidated into this one room!! Then she said “Well my son said to take them down cause they bothered you but I told him they don’t bother that girl” I told her it was uncomfortable so she said…(and I quote) “Well after you guys get married I’ll put them in little photo album. Wow! Really! I don’t even pretend at this point to understand her!!

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Blushing bee
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My Mother-In-Law saw a picture of our son, (her first grandchild) before she saw him in person and said…….”He looks like you, oh well, at long as he’s healthy.!!!

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Bumble bee
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this is perfect for me today! 

“DO you even know him?” talking about my fiance! Yes I know him!

Then she tried to start a fight today putting words in his mouth! luckly I stopped listening to her when it comes to things he supposedly says

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Helper bee
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When we had been married at two years, my Mother-In-Law said “When you got engaged, I didn’t think that the marriage would last.” That was roughly three years after engagement and been together 7 years at that point. She also referred to me as a “consolation prize” at his ex’s wedding when talking to the bride’s dad about their children’s spouses. 

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Busy bee
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“Your house smells like cat pee.”  (We don’t own cats)

“He’s my SON, you know.”  (When she can’t get a hold of him she has left me nasty voicemails, insinuating I’m responsible for his not answering/returning her phone calls)

“You know what they say is true… when you marry the man you DO marry the family.”

“I don’t care if you’re on your honeymoon, you better make time to call my father because it’s his birthday.”

She told my Mom “It’s too bad they aren’t getting married in a church.”

She called me his ex-girlfriend’s name at a birthday party.

I could keep going but I don’t have time!

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Blushing bee

My husband is Indian and I am Mexican, when we first met she said “At least she looks Indian”. 


When we booked our venue she told me our relationship was over because I did not take her to see the place ans have her make the final decision. I paid for the wedding, I will be damned if I have to permission to make any decisions. 

She said she was going to donatmy our cats to an animal shelter because she didn’t like animals. 

i can write a book about it.

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Bumble bee
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Oh these are super funny! I wont have a Future Mother-In-Law as she passed away 3 years ago = / but when she was around she used to say to me

  ” You took my baby boy away” No your baby boy is old enough to make his OWN choices and I didn’t take him away, HE LEFT . Lol.

   I do miss her tho so be thankful that you have that Mother-In-Law to even make you crazy because I do miss that.

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Busy bee
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I honeslty do not remember her exact words on this one, but she said something to the effect that she does not think I should marry Fi (her son). Her implied reasoning was since she’s not happy with her husband (Fi’s dad) and wishes she wouldn’t have ever gotten married, then I shouldn’t get married either!




Trust me, this woman if full of gems!!

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