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My Future Mother-In-Law and Future Father-In-Law are as bad as each other. 

My FMIl has told me that it’s my fault my mother has breast cancer, and my selfishness brought on my grandmothers stroke.

Because I don’t go to mass twice a week, take communion and make my confession I’m a hypocrite for wanting us to get married in the church. Mind you, they aren’t religious. 

My Future Father-In-Law has called me a gold digging whore. Please – if I was a gold digger would I really have set my sights on an airman? C’mon. When I confronted him on this he told me I was just a cheap piece on the side and his son only wanted me for “what a man wants from a cheap floozy like you”. 

I have no character because i dont participate in the dinner conversation. Fiance has told you many times i dont speak German we ask younall the time to speak in English! Yet im judged as haing no personality because i cant participate. 

When they came to meet my family and saw that they live in a beautiful big house in an excellent neighborhood, I was treated a little better because “oh, so you didn’t grow up in a trailer park?” 

My mum recently completed chemo and was undergoing radiation. She changed around two treatments so her and my dad could travel interstate to visit with them and chat about wedding stuff. This is just after we had my Future Mother-In-Law screaming at me about getting married in a church and how our wedding plans were tacky. We had also told them we wouldnt be having either of our sisters as bridesmaids. 

Future Mother-In-Law and Future Father-In-Law told my parents I had completely excluded them from the wedding plans. They said they didn’t know the date, where, who etc. apparently I hadn’t told them anything. Then my Future Mother-In-Law was telling my mother how she was so excited Future Sister-In-Law would be a bridesmaid when we had already told her we had picked two of my girlfriends. Clearly, if she’s not being passive aggressive she’s being outright aggressive. 

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Another gem: If I try to say something about myself and my husband like, “We don’t really eat Chinese food,” because, in 4 years together, we’ve gotten Chinese 3 times. Future Mother-In-Law always responds to me “We don’t” statements with, “No, Mr Broccoli loves Chinese food. When he was 8 he ate a 4 person serving of lomain and wanted more!” 

So, the basic formula is that she says we should do something/eat something/be like something, I say that we aren’t interested, and she insists she knows my husband better than I do because it’s a competition clearly. 

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Chiming in a little late here….but Future Mother-In-Law is well…interesting….she is also an alcoholic (pretty severe one….were talking jaundiced most of the time…liver shutting down as we speak, but she refuses to stop drinking, hides it, sneaks it, because she deserves it….last nights excues was “well i deserve a drink because i cooked dinner and took a shower, and my life is stressful”, she doesnt work, doesnt have to do anything besides groceryshopping and housework…..)

so here are a few gems:

-Well i dont think that you guys should rush into marriage, you havent been dating that long (uhmm try 5 1/2 years at this point), followed by well how long has it been? oh well thats too soon….(uhmm hi, your perfect daughter got married 3 years in, and both her marriages were at the under 1 year mark from first meeting to wedding  but yeah 5 1/2 years being older than anyone in the family who has gotten married, supporting ourselves since we were 19 and 20, but yeah, really rushing it let me tell you since were not engaged yet)…

-I just wanted to let you know that your christmas gift from Future Sister-In-Law looks really cheap because we didnt want to put our last name on the stamp with your first initial, since you guys arent serious yetl and we dont remember how to spell yours…(this was last christmas a few months before our 5 year anniversary, we were living together, and its no secret marriage is ahead)

-Ooooohhh dont make Mr.Kansas_nurse’s eggs like that, his ex-girlfriend made them like this and he likes that better…he only eats them poached (uhhmmm actually your son hates poached eggs, he only eats them over hard…thank you), followed by, Well, i really dont want to bring this up but Future Father-In-Law and I think you guys need to have a little physical space around us, since it makes us uncomfortable…(we were standing side by side and holding hands with like 1 foot of distance between us)

-the first time the woman ever laid eyes on me, she announced, that if she found any of my underware in SO’s things that she would see that he returns them to me if we ever bump into each other again….(we had just started dating….like 1 month in)….

the list goes on and on…..and she likes to make assumptions about my family….which are not true just because she thinks she understands my family

-oh and todays gem….(she said this too SO), well Future Father-In-Law and I need you to come over and work on our yard and spend time with us, we understand that kansas_nurse has to work the next 3 nights (which means i will see him about 5 minutes each morning untill im off this stretch), but our yard needs it, and you can not pick kansas_nurse over us on this, (they had a whole 20 leaves in their yard, and of course they wanted it done when i had to be asleep for work tonight, and he is still over there working on it for 5 hours of their crap(they are both able bodied, and just like to make him do shit)), and if he dosent do something because he is doing something with me then he is a shitty son and i am a controlling B word….

-the one that takes the cake for the week (yeah with her they go by week), was when talking about the trip that SO and i are supposed to be taking to see some ailing relatives of his, we postponed a week,because they begged us to wait until they could go with them, and of course then last week, Future Father-In-Law had to work extra and Future Mother-In-Law had a “fat day” went on a bender, and now its postponed again….well, apparently i am a bad person, because the trip we were supposed to take 3 weeks ago, falls during my little sisters final homecomming dance, and 3 choir performances and a musical, and i refuse to miss her last musical, and i have had tickets for SO and I for 2 weeks since they went on sale, and they knew about it, and now im horrible because i am “making him choose”, when his relative arent going to drop over tomorrow, they are ill but we talk to family everyday who take care of them, and they are just sick and getting older and both are recovering now, but they are supposedly “dying this minute”, and im a bitch, because SO said apparently its not that urgent since we last postponed for a “fat day”, so now im am forcing him to pick me, when i told him he could go with out me, and him and i would go later….i was informed, that since her fave store ironically near the family, is having a big sale this next weekend….that “well kansas_nurse is being selfish, why should her family be more important than Mr.Kansas_nurse comming with us and going shopping with me, because we need to see family, and this is just wrong that he would do something with her family over us….its just wrong”…sigh….i just cant win….

ps: great thread…its nice to know im not alone….fyi these are alot of her more mild statements, ive been called the devil because he wanted to come be with me after my sister died, because they had wanted him to help re-shingle the roof, and clean the house….

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Busy bee

Wow!!! These in-laws are crazy!! lol. I hope this weirdness from them is generational and doesn’t pass on… can’t imagine people actually behaving like that.

I don’t know my Future Mother-In-Law and my Future Father-In-Law treats me wonderfully and has never said anything bad at all. Last year, though, he did come to our house and insist on drawing crosses over ALL our doors with “blessed” olive oil from Israel. Ummmm… ok?! lol! I’m an atheist and my SO has a very basic belief that there is some kind of God out there, but neither of us is religious at all. But, it made my Future Father-In-Law happy, so…. not sure what he is trying to protect us from with olive oil.

Honestly I was just worried about it attracting flies.

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I’m so thankful my Future Mother-In-Law is awesome. Thanks for sharing though it has been a good read! lol. oh gosh i feel bad for some of you guys.

My ex Mother-In-Law was satan. her one time comment came the day before before his death ‘if i can’t have him no one an!’ it still chills me to this day 7 years later.

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@Toastymama:  Oh my! Do you mean she said that in reference to her husband, and he died the next day? oooooh, that is certainly creepy….

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@lanalnoco:  Obama is microchipping everyone? She’s batshit crazy! lol.

Future Mother-In-Law aggravates me about how much I love my two pet rabbits, and insists, “They’re rabbits! They belong outside!” (a pet rabbit’s life is doubled by living indoors b/c they’re not constantly in fear of dying, and they get more attention. Plus, my rabbits living indoors doesn’t affect her whatsoever.)

She also bingoes me about having kids. SO and I do not want kids, now or ever. She tells me, “It isn’t so bad” and, “I can’t imagine my life without my kids.” She has 5 kids btw, and the four girls do not appreciate what she has done for them at all. They constantly ciriticize her for being late. I defended her once because her daughters were trashing on her behind her back, and the oldest one said, “well, we didn’t ask to be born, so it doesn’t matter what she’s done for us, and what she’s sacrificed. She needs to actually be on time for once.” Ugh, kids. Such a joy.

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I could go on and on but here are the highlights… After a friends of my sister-in-law said how rude and selfish it was to have a destination wedding, I was in the middle of planning my Destination Wedding at the time, I tried to end the conversation by saying “l hope people don’t feel that way about my wedding” (passive aggressive and a mistake on my part, maybe) my FML replied “Oh, they do.” Then today she told me that it was “ludacris” that I was hurt that her family brought an uninvited guest to my wedding. On what planet is it okay to invite people to someone elses wedding?! After that I was told about 30 times by my Father-In-Law that I “carry hated in my heart”. Because I asked why they brought someone to my wedding who was not invited. FYI I’ve carried this supposed “hatred” since last week! We’ve been married 12 days! They don’t talk to eachother, just behind each others backs. Shame on me for trying to have a dialog about anything. I’m getting snarky, obviously I’m still a bit angry, sorry ladies : )

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My future mother in law told my Fiance He was getting a belly and fat…what have I been feeding him? Ummmm FOOD…good home maid food at that and its not like I shove it in his mouth…he eats what he wants so why is it MY fault. Plus, my fiance is skinny he has room to gain weight.


OH and my Fiance grandma….asked me the day we got engaged when the baby was due….UMMMMMMM WHAT BABY? Ugh, dont like her that much.

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lollllllll most of these are hilarious! Some are pretty malicious, though. Yikes. Sorry to those of you who have mean IL’s! 

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I talked to her on the phone today and she said when you get married I don’t want the two of you to have kids for a few years because I’m not ready to be a grandma. She knows that we want to try right after we’re married.

In August she said we are going to have 300 people to our wedding. She’s trying to be in control of our wedding because she never had one. She’s pissed because I told her we’re only having 75-100 people.

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Before Darling Husband and I had our daughter, when he told them we were expecting, we got “can’t you have an abortion, you don’t need to have a baby, we’ll pay for a vasectomy so you can still have sex”. FML.  Now of course, they adore my daughter, but still….Really lady?

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my first Christmas with Fiance… his mother gave him and his EX… not his most recent ex, but the one before that.. the one they WANTED for a DIL… a joint gift for Xmas. 6 tix to a Sports team. 

That was the same Xmas that when his uncle asked how long we had been together and I said “oh about 9 months” he said…. “well we know it’s not cause you got pregnant from a one night stand then!”

Finally DESPITE telling Future Mother-In-Law that I had my tubes tied after my 2 children because my daughter came very close to killing me and my uterus wall is far too thin to carry another child. Not to mention her son loves my kids and doesn’t want any more, She STILL insists on telling people that she can’t wait for Fiance to have his own kids!!! Every holiday, OMG…. She is good to my kids… she really is and they never hear this… but I do… and I feel bad, because the choice was taken out of my hands a little bit. But We have a great family, accept it!!! Recently when dealing with people who aren’t close to us, I catch Fiance saying “My son” and “my daughter”… Step doesn’t matter to him.


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my favorite funny one:

at my bridal shower i open a gift from her- and its a garter set. she says “one to keep and one to toss!”. then i say (quietly): “oh i think illl just keep both, thank you!”

later that weekend my husband’s cousins somehow brought up thongs in front of her. she gets all disgruntled and says “those things are DISGUSTING!”


hahahah so a thong that no one else will see is “disgusting”, but my husband going up my dress in front of 180 people at my own wedding to fetch an undergarment to throw isnt?

i love her, but she is an enigma

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My Mother-In-Law isn’t too bad, but she’s a little on the fundie side. I think the most obnoxious thing I’ve heard her say was “I like Bill O’Reilly. I think he’s funny!”

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