(Closed) SI1, SI2 versus VVS2, VVS1, and higher – is it worth it?

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Honey bee
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@bellajacobs:  Look on jamesallen.com they have large images of actual diamonds. You can look at them with a loupe and everything. Personally I would get VS2 because you will probably have visible flaws with SI1 and SI2. I doubt you would be able to tell the difference between VS2 and a higher clarity grade (unless you had a loupe). Regardless, you will probably not inspect your stone 3 inches from your face very often, and you probably won’t see the flaws at a normal viewing distance with SI1 or SI2.

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I looooove how sparkly and clear my diamond is – it’s a VVS1. Honestly, I’m not into “bling”, so I’m really happy that FH spent the money to get me a nearly-perfect solitaire (1ct RB, H color, very good cut) rather than spending that cash on a blingy setting. I guess it depends on your priorities.

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SI CAN have visible inclusoins, but many don’t. If you were really interested in one, I would call their customer service. Plus there are different types of inclusions– like carbon, which would be a black speck, or a feather– which is lighter and might not be noticable based on the faceting.

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Busy bee
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Cut is more important that clarity to me. Cut determines how much light is reflected/how sparkly the diamond is. Clarity is important only to the point the diamond is “clean” to the naked eye. If the diamond is “eye-clean” but is a vvs2, then there is not real reason to upgrade. The difference won’t be noticeable to you.

We ordered through Blue Nile. Talk to customer service and request an ASET image emailed to you of the exact diamond you choose. This will be the only way to tell if the inclusions/feathers will be problematic or if bad enough might lead to a future crack. PM me and I’ll help you figure out if it’s clear or not.

NO MATTER who you order from, always request an ASET image.

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Obviously if you look at diamonds side by side you might see a difference but to the everyday person on the street I really don’t think that you’ll notice a difference between most SI1s and a VS2. My original ring had a SI1 stone in it and you couldn’t see anything in it unless you were looking at it from the side (you could see the tiniest little yellow speck)…and it took me quite a while to realize that and I was wearing it everyday. Definitely not noticeable to anyone but me. And I sort of liked being the only person to know about the speck…it made me feel more comfortable that if I ever took my ring to a jeweler I’d be getting the same stone back. If you find a few stones that you are considering, you can always ask blue nile to make sure that the stone is “eye clean” meaning there’s no really obvious inclusions like carbon spots.

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Mines a VS1 and I love how clear it is. To me, clarity was more important than color or size. My diamond is .7ct round but looks much bigger because of the amount of light it reflects between the cut and clarity.

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Bumble bee

I will definitely say cut is better than clarity. If you have a fabulous cut and get an SI1, you more than likely will have an eye clean stone and not notice the difference from a VV

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I have an SI1 brilliant round 3/4 carat stone and it really does look great and really sparkles. However, I can see the inclusions in the right light or at the right angle; you do have to move the ring around to catch the inclusions though. Depending where the inclusions are and if they are few & large or many & small, the stone would look fine. I’ve had jewelers guess that my stone is a VS1/VS2. But because I am very detail oriented, if I were to choose a diamond I would probably go up to a VS2 or VS1. It’s all a money game and what you are ok with. As long as it isn’t cloudy, the diamond will look great and no one will notice inclusions unless they are specifically pointed out.

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@bellajacobs:  I second the James Allen suggestion….best bang for your buck is an EYE CLEAN SI1 (you can call bluenile and ask if its eye clean)), sometimes even SI2

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Sugar bee

@bellajacobs:  I love Blue Nile! My ring is from there but before I chose it I saw many of their diamonds and they were all SI’s and very clean. You can always ask them to check if the diamond is eye clean before purchasing. Also looking at the clarity characteristics on the grading report sometimes can helpyou determine what type of inclusions the diamond has. In my experience feathers, twinning wisps, and clouds have appeared colorless so you can’t see them unless you loupe it. Sometimes crystals appear like dark spots and I have seen them before but not with the naked eye. Every diamond is different so it just depends. Blue Nile diamonds are all GIA certified and GIA has very strict standards. There was a few diamonds I was interested in but they came back and said they were not eye clean so I moved on and kept looking. For me personally it’s not worth the price difference.

Cut (to me) is by far The most important of the 4 C’s because it determines the overall performance and light return of the diamond… Who doesn’t love sparkle? This can help hide flaws especialloff you are looking at round diamonds. 

Lim on the Ipad right now so I can’t post a picture but if you look at my posts you can see my diamond. It’s actually an SI2 but is virtually flawless to the naked eye and even under a loupe you can barely notice a small feather that is colorless so you won’t see it if your not looking. It’s the best cut so you really can see anything whatsoever. I can easily say its a higher clarity. And remember that every diamond has inclusions except the Flawless diamonds of course. What determines the clarity grade is how well they can be seen. 

Hope this helps and I’m sure whatever you chose will be gorgeous. Every diamond I’ve ever seen from Blue Nile has been breathtaking!

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Bumble bee
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I think clarity only matters to the point that the stone is eye clean face-up. No one will be inspecting your ring to check for inclusions, and they certainly won’t be using a loupe. So, I just don’t see the point in upgrading clarity if you can get a stone with lower clarity with no easily detectable inclusions. 

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Busy bee
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I have an SI2, colorless diamond and I can’t tell. It doesn’t sparkle as much as the almost flawless Tiffany engagement ring I considered before hand, but I love my ring.

I was extremely picky about clarity, cut, and color when I looked at engagement rings. I wouldn’t touch anything that was graded an I, I didn’t want an SI, I wanted a minimum of VS. Well I ended up with an SI, but honestly I love it.

If its really important to you splurge, but if you want a gorgeous ring and want to save a little money go with the SI.

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Sugar bee
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For me, the ‘clean’ look of my diamond was more important to me than the size.

I ended up being a really lucky girl- my Fiance ended up being just as picky as I am (all on his own- I didn’t know he was proposing!) and ended up buying a colorless VVS1, .51 carats (perfect because my hands are sooo tiny; my ring size is a 4.5!).

I absolutely adore how my diamond sparkles- literally it looks so sparkly and clear that I say it ‘glows in the dark.’ I’d have been much less happy with a cloudy or included diamond, no matter how large it was.

My Fiance said when he was at the jeweller that the sales associate was trying to sell him a larger VS2 diamond which was similar in price. He told me that the difference in the way they sparkled was like night and day.

But I’ll be the first to admit I might be a little OCD about my ring- it’s been 2 months since the proposal and I still move my hand around to stare at my sparkles, so seeing inclusions would kinda bug me. But if it’s something you don’t think would really matter to you, I see nothing wrong with going with a lower clarity. Every bride is different.

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Busy bee
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I have an SI2 F color diamond, it is completely eye clean and sparkly! No visible inclusions at all 🙂 

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