(Closed) Siblings: How alike are you to yours?

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In most ways, not very alike at all.  Some people who have got to know us separately have actually been shocked to find out we are sisters.

My sister is much more outgoing than I am, and more at ease in social situations, while I am more introverted, and honestly a little awkward.  I tend to carefully plan out aspects of my life, while she takes more chances, and lets what happens happen.  

That being said, we are both stubborn to a fault and tend to keep our emotions under wraps. 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  Not alike at all. My brother is 8 years younger than me and is also autistic. He is what you would call a “nerdy gamer” or something, and he is exactly like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory! He does not play instruments like I do and he does not enjoy music at all.

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  Like you I always wished to have a close, adult relationship with my one sibling, my sister. Unfortunately she didn’t feel the same. We only live 2 1/2 hours apart, she never visits, never calls and I got tired of being the only one, so I quit visiting, quit calling and now we just never speak.

We really couldn’t be more different…

I am divorced, had an 8 year LTR and am getting remarried.

She’s never had a relationship last longer than 6 months.

I have 5 kids.

She has none.

I value family.

She does not. (including being in our hometown for Christmas, our father ate a pizza alone in his house because my sister spent Christmas with her friends)

I’m not an alcoholic.

She is.

I never went to college.

She has a degree in graphic design.

I like small towns living.

She lives in NYC.

I eat meat.

She’s a vegetarian.

I’m blond.

She’s brunette.

I have blue eyes.

She has green.

My wedding dress is the first dress I’ll have worn in 20+ years.

She wears dresses more than she wears pants.

This list is getting really long. You get the point.

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I agree with that.  I was spoiled growing up, at the time I didnt think I could get any more spoiled til now.  I see DH and how he was spoiled and my gosh, he was SPOILED.  I told him our children will not be as spoiled as he was and he agreed.  He said the real world was such a shock to him because of how spoiled he was.  He didnt even pay his own cell bill til I put him on my plan when he was 23!!!!! 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I love my brother. He’s an irritating little shit sometimes, but I love him. We get along very well. There is a 3 year age difference, but we have always been close, so he always trusted me with private information. Of course, there were things he kept to himself, but he could share relationship stories and what not.

He left for the Marines, and it was hard to communicate, but whenever he would come back it felt like he had never left. He was still the same goofball with me. Now that he is home for good, we still don’t talk a lot, but when we do get together, it is a great sibling bond.

We have a lot in common and have the same sense of humor, but as far as interests we differ greatly, but that I think comes down to the fact that he is a guy and I’m a woman.

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It’s ridiculous how different my sister and I are. I also envy women who have a close relationship with their sisters. My sister has always been very emotionally closed off and never really shared her personality with me past childhood, so now I basically treat her like a coworker. Sad really.

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I have two half-brothers, both are the same age, but they are not related.

[Apparently, BOTH of my parents were with other people, had boys at the same time.. and then hooked up and had me, how strange!]

NONE of us are the same.

My father’s son, has done nothing with his life. He is on disability for being bi-polar [honestly, I’ve known him my whole life.. he has some issues but I have never pegged him for bi-polar]. Because of this, he just lives at home with his mother, no job, no money.. nothing. It’s really sad. He’s 31 years old. My father was pretty abusive to all of us, so I can understand having some issues, but he has never tried. He held a couple burger flipping jobs in high school and that was about it.

My Mother’s son, whom I am most close to, had a pretty rough start. He had the hardest time holding a job, he lived at home until he was 26 or so… never paid rent. Anytime my mom would need help with groceries [which he would sit at home and eat all day], he could make excuses about he needed to pay this and that [he never had any bills, ever]. We used to fight ALOT when I was younger because he had no sense of personal space. If he wanted something in my room, he’d just go take it! It bothered me, but I got over it. We had a HUGE blow-out fight when I was around 17 or so. I had been given a set of turtle doves, and because my brother had a cat, I left my door closed all the time. Well, he came in, took whatever he wanted, and left the door open. The cat ate my birds. ATE MY BIRDS. I was so mad. All that was left were feathers. He never apologized or anything, he tried blaming me! Anyway, because of the abuse of my father, he was pretty wild. [My father would ground us for no reason.. like.. if we didn’t drink all the milk in our glass, grounded for 6 months. I’m seriously not kidding. During that time, he would use us as slaves, basically. My brother would have to fix all of the family vehicles, paint and fix the house. I would have to cook/clean/do dishes. He would also take away everything in our rooms. We literally had a bed.. he even took our alarm clocks away. It was quite disgusting]. At one point, my brother was grounded for 4 1/2 years straight. Once my parents divorced, we both got kind of crazy for awhile. His “craziness” lasted longer than mine. He drank and did alot of drugs, would go on gambling binges and what not. He, for the most part, has straighened up. He still has awhile to go, but I’m very proud of how far he’s coming, knowing the abuse he’s been through.

As for me, I’ve always had pretty good work ethics. Not because I wanted to work, but because I like money! I got my first job when I was 8 years old.. waitressing for tips. At the time, it was nothing for me to bring home $100 a day on the weekends.. which to an 8 year old is awesome! Once I hit 14 and could legally work, I got a part-time job at my current company, and worked up from there. I’m currently 25 and still work there, of course, I make much more money & have a much much higher title! I did experiment with alcohol and drugs when I was younger [nothing heavy], but once I turned 21.. it just seemed less awesome. I moved out on my own when I reached 15, came back when I was 17, and then out again at 19. Around 22 or so, my mom was having some serious problems with making ends meet, so I moved back home to help her out, which is where me & fiance currently are, we do have plans to purchase our first home in 2015, after the wedding.

All in all, I wouldn’t consider any of us alike, at all. We don’t even really look the same, we all have differant morals & goals.

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  Well, mostly because my mother resented my birth in general. When my parents got married they used to go out all the time. Then I was born forcing my mother to stay home, but my father (who’s an alcoholic) continued to go out every night like he didn’t have a wife and child at home. MY parents divorced when I was 7. Also a key contributing factor, my mother had a very rough childhood where her step-father kinda liked her a little too much. My grandmother, instead of divorcing this disgusting child molester, decided to ship my 10 year old mother off to live with her 15 year old sister and her alcoholic husband where all she did was get stuck babysitting her own nephew all the time. So I get why my mother is the way she is, but it really sucks anyway and she blames me for ruining her life and robbing her freedom.

My sister OTOH wasn’t doing damage because my mother was already stuck at home because of me. My mother is in love with my sister. She put her through college for Pete’s sake. MY mother wouldn’t even babysit my son so I could go to college let alone pay for it. And then when I was 14 I moved out and went to live with my father. That really put the nail in the coffin for my mother. Now that we’re all adults I get along with my mother for the most part. I try to ignore the vast differences in the way she treats myself and my sister. It’s the only way I can stand to have any relationship with her.

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I have four brothers.  Other than the oldest one, whom NO ONE gets along with….. We are all pretty much alike. 

We are all competitive, smart, funny, loving and love children.  We all recognize that my youngest brother was my Mom’s favorite, and realize it was only fair since he did almost die twice.  We were all big time partiers, work hard/play hard.  We all believe in God, are conservitive.  My brother’s all even stand the same, have the same hand gestures and laugh the same way. We all love our spouses deeply, would do/have done anything for each other.  We can look at each other across a room and know what we are thinking.  Four of us were at a family gathering and did NOT like the food. We all looked around, caught each others eye, and 10 min. later we all were walking into Paneras, including our Dad.  My older brothers are 17, 18, 20 years older than my younger brother and I.  It is so weird how much we are alike. 

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My brother and I are nothing alike, at all. We don’t even speak with the same accent. We enjoy some of the same movies. That’s about it.

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