(Closed) Siblings: How alike are you to yours?

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Helper bee
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My brother: smokes pot, drinks underage, wrecked my dad’s car, is never available to take him anywhere (so my elderly father with failing eyesight has to walk to the store), borrows money without ever paying it back, pawns people’s stuff and lies to their face about it, steals money out of my parents’ wallets, depends on social security (for being hard of hearing) for a living, blows all of his money as soon as he gets it and has no money for important stuff later on… So on and so forth…

Me: never smoked anything, rarely drink, always trying to help my parents (even from thousands of miles away), would never dream of stealing someone’s money (especially from elderly parents), work for a living, budget all of my money responsibly to pay off our debts (car payments and such) in a reasonable timeframe…

I don’t even think we look that much alike. I feel sometimes like I don’t even have a brother.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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We’re not too much alike; however we have similarities. 

He’s workaholic; I’m not. 

He’s a morning person; I’m a night owl. 

He’s not very sensitive; I’m too sensitive. 

He’s not into bars or drinking; I love the bar scene. 

He’s not into friends or meeting new people; I like meeting new people & seeing my friends. 

However we both aren’t family oriented people, we both have a stubborn side, we both hold a grudge & give people the silent treatment, and we both love junk food!

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Bumble bee
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We aren’t alike at all. He’s not the kind of person I would associate with at all if it weren’t for the fact that we are related. 

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Buzzing bee

My younger sister and I are almost 3 years apart – we’re very different.

She’s always been concerned with having the right friends, the right clothes, the right interests etc. even if that means behaving in a way she’s not comfortable with; she is not financially responsible and has had to borrow hundreds of dollars of me twice now; she’s very selfish and entitled.

On the other hand, I am more concerned with being happy, even if that means other people aren’t ‘jealous’ of my life; I am very financially responsible (though I did get a $6,000+ loan in my teens, which has now all been paid off); I don’t feel entitled to anything that I haven’t worked hard to achieve etc.

She’s a lovely person, she can be kind, giving, helpful, and sweet, but unfortunately those are not the qualities she portrays on a daily basis. I do love her though and as she’s growing up (she’s 19), she is maturing and I can see us being a lot closer as we get older.

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Buzzing bee
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We are polar opposites. My mother even made us take a personality test once, which showed that we were exact opposites. Funny how 2 kids raised in the same home can end up bei ng so different. Overall, i think they treated us pretty much the same. We usedt o fight like cats and dogs. We get along well now, though we don’t do a ton together because we don’tr eqlly have any common interests.

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Bumble bee
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@Artificial-Sweetener:  Apparentely we look quite similar despite being of opposite sex, and apparently our facial expressions or mannerisms are very similar.  But I don’t think our opinions, or personalities are all that similar

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Buzzing bee
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My brother is hands down my best friend, and probably the person who “gets” me the most out of anyone (including my husband). 

He is 5 years older then me, but we’ve always been very close. He always included me even when his friends were over, even when he was a teenager and I was still just a kid. 

We have silly inside jokes that nobody else understands besides us. We also used to watch all the same tv shows growing up, so basically most of our conversations now consist of bad Simpsons & Seinfeld references. We are constantly laughing when we are together, and usuallly everyone else just kind of stares at us as if we are talking another language. 

He was my man of honour at my wedding. We also look very similar. I always say if I shaved my head we’d be twins. Lol.

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Worker bee
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Different as night and day. She goes by the book whereas I write my own rules. She’s pretty social whereas I’m pretty shy and awkward. I’m the older sibling but she’s far more mature in most regards. Ulitmately she’ll probably be more sucessful in society’s eyes but I’m happy so meh. 

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Bumble bee
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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I have the same issue with my little brother (parents babying him, him being an immature egotistic jackass) He just finally got a job adter being laid off for 3 months. He’s going to work in the oil patch

I also have an older brother(5 years older) who is extremely well put together but we’re pretty different too. He couldn’t stick to one degree, never got great marks but he works his butt off to provide for his family and I’m super proud of him! He’s a cook and a tax preparer.

I on the other hand was the crappiest high school student out of the three of us and the only one to go on to university and stick to my guns. I’m still there, a straight a student. I work with kids with special needs. 

Yup, we all turned out super different!

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Sugar bee

@Artificial-Sweetener:  I have a younger sister (3 years younger) and we’re very different. 

– I’m introvert, she’s extrovert.

– I am solitary, nerdy, I prefer small crowds of people. Obviously, she’s all the other way around : the bigger group the better, she is totally at ease in large crowds and she goes out very often with groups of friends.

– I like humanities (I study History) and can’t even do maths, she’s the ”scientific” one doing chemistry and biology and being incredibly smart at it. 

– I’m emotional, she’s rational.

– I hate sports, she’s all about sports and outdoor activities.

We do look alike though. We’re both tall, thin, light brown hair (mine is dyed dark brown though) and hazel eyes, we both wear glasses. I have my dad’s nose and she has my mom’s nose. That’s pretty much the only big difference.

Also, we have very different styles. She dresses more casual/sporty, I dress very elegant/feminine (ex.: lace, ruffles, cocktail dresses : she would never wear that except for a special occasion).  

Though I always feel my father has a preference for her, being more into ”guy activities” like racing cars and fishing (so they spent a lot more father-daughter time together while I barely ever spent alone time with my dad in my life), our parents have raised us pretty much alike : to make education our priority as young adults ; to be responsible at a very young age. We’re both successful in our fields. 

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Busy bee

I’m different from my sister. My sister and I don’t have a lot in common

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Bumble bee
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My brother and I are a lot alike in some aspects – we hang out with the same people (I married his friend), we both like the same type of music, like the same sports, have the same sense of humour, we get along great!

However I have more of a risk-taking side than him – I am going sky-diving this year and hope to go bungee-jumping and I loveee roller coasters. He wouldn’t ever skydive or bungee-jump!


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