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Helper bee
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My brothers LOVE my husband.. I am the oldest, so they finally have a big brother to look up to instead of just a bossy big sister. 🙂 They also are envious of his gamer/geek knowledge, so they are able to have conversations that just go over my head.

Me with his is a little different. He is also the oldest, with a sister, brother, and sister (in that order). I came off on the wrong foot with the two youngest at first, and they passed on that impression to the older sister, who’s never quite gotten over it. The brother I get along with really well now, but the sisters are tougher. The older one is younger than him but older than me, so our pecking order in the family is confused. She is also very very different from me in personality, career choices, and values, so we talk, but don’t really have much in common except we both love her brother. She does try, though, for his sake. The younger sister is challenging to get along with, because she’s a teenaged girl, the baby, was my husband’s "valentine" every year while he was single, and wants to be like her older sister in every way possible. 

I think in general his family was kind of thrown for a loop when we started dating (I’m nothing at all like what any of them, including my husband, thought he would marry…), so they’re all trying to catch up. 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My fiance’s sister lived with us for a couple months when she was between cities.  We totally bonded during this time (Veronica Mars marathons!), and I missed her a ton afterward when she moved away to Chicago.  My fiance gets along well with my two little brothers–my family has loved him from the get-go.  He just seems to fit right in with my family’s laid back vibe.  (Not to mention the fiance finds my brothers’ arguments hilarious.)  We’re really lucky, I realize.  

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Worker bee
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My brother LOVES that he gained my husband, his brother, and his 2 half-brothers.  He likes to point out that I am now way out-numbered on the girl front.  The Mister also has a half-sister, but I have never met her.

 I like my siblings in law to varrying degrees.  One is crazy weird and makes me a litte uncomfortable, but we don’t have to see him that much because he isn’t super close with the family.  The other has 2 adorable kids who I want to cuddle alllll the time!  They live in Canada though. The Mister’s full brother just got engaged, and they live in the UK.  I’d like to be closer to he and his fiancee, but they are both pretty reserved and we just don’t get to spend that much time with them.  I definetly suffer from the "I’m not sure they like me syndrome" purely because I don’t know them well enough to read them.

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Worker bee
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dh is an only child and i was too, until about 4 years ago when my dad remarried. my step siblings and ss-i-l seem to adore husband. probably because he is adorable.

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Worker bee

my fiance gets along great with my brother and SIL.  his brother, however, HATES me, so much so that he is considering not going to the wedding.  part of it has to do with the fact he’s a misogynistic bastard.  the other part is that he has hated every woman my Fiance has dated.  we think he might be jealous of our relationship.  another theory is that he liked me when we were in high school, before i met my Fiance, and is now upset i am marrying his brother.  it doesn’t affect me much.  i was looking forward to gaining another brother, but this guy is obviously a bit messed up.  i also don’t get along too well with his father, who is also a misogynist.  his mother is mentally ill and because of that it is hard to get along sometimes.  i’m grateful that i have a loving, caring family.

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Blushing bee
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FI’s sister and i have always gotten along fine. and since we’ve both gotten engaged and are planning our weddings we’ve gotten much much closer. she’ll be a Bridesmaid or Best Man in my wedding and she’s asked me to be a greeter at hers. we’re BOTH getting married this year–her in May and myself in Nov!

Fiance had a hard time getting to know my sister and brother because they live in TX and we live in the DC metro area. 1500+ miles makes it difficult for them to get to know each other well enough to be totally comfortable. it doesn’t help that my sister and brother have always been super-protective of me because i’ve had some seriously horrible relationships in my past. BUT… since we got engaged, Fiance and the sibs have made greater efforts to get to really know each other– brother even calls Fiance to get girl advice now!

Does anyone else have sibs that are having a hard time getting to know their Fiance because of long distance??

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Helper bee
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I am an only child and marrying an only child. I kind of always envisioned marrying into a big family, but that’s not the case! He doesn’t even have any cousins!

 I think the lack of "extra opinions" has made the wedding planning soo much easier.

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Blushing bee
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I love my siblings-in-law so much!  My brother-in-law lives in the same city as us, so we’ve bonded the most.

 On the other side, my DH hasn’t had much time to bond with my siblings, and sadly, my sister snubbed him when they first met.  She prejudged him based on him on his faith and religion, but now she’s realizing that she was wrong. 

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My hubs is a twin, so it would be interesting if I didn’t get along with his brother…but really he’s just been like my brother.  Sometimes we make each other mad, but we mostly just make each other laugh and get advice from each other…so I’m pretty luckier and couldn’t be happier with the relationship.  As far as my sister goes, she and my husband also really liked each other and got along with siblings.  Although, my sister and I had a falling out, so we haven’t talked to her for a while and don’t plan on it now…we can’t stand her husband and we both that will FOR SURE never change.

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Worker bee
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i get along with the BILs as well as da hubs does.  i’m super duper dooooper close to my brother so i am soooo glad DH and bro have a fantastic relationship.  someday if/when i get a sis-in-law (bro’s SO), i surely hope she fits right in!

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Helper bee
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Poor Mr. Peep is babysitting my nephew as we speak. Considering he is the only one who has ever baby sat him, I think he gets along pretty well with my fam. And his sister is adorable, what’s not to love? I totally know that I am lucky.

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Buzzing bee
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My sister and her husband just love my husband, and he really likes them.  Unfortunately they live halfway across the country – but we still see them as much as we can. 

My husband’s brother is a nice guy, and we mostly get along fine.  His sister is awful. The only good thing about that relationship is that he doesn’t get along with her either, so we purposely hardly ever see her.  The biggest problem is that his brother doesn’t work (seriously, "retired" at 50, and no, he’s not a Microsoft millionaire or something) and his sister works sort of a dead-end retail job.  Neither one of them is married, and it seems to me that they get along okay on the money they have.  But we both make a lot more – and so they seem to always be coming up with something that we should all do, and of course, he and I should pay for (because we’re so much better off than they are).  Hey, we have two kids (his) in college!  We’re still better off, but it’s because we work very hard.  This is something we talked about before we got married, because I really thought it had to stop – and it has, but they don’t seem to have quite figured that out yet, because they still ask.  We’re in the middle of yet another one of those situations right now, and it’s pretty stressful.

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Sugar bee
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My husband has three brothers, 2 are married, all 3 have kids.  I love the whole bunch! I had one brother so its so much fun to get all these new brothers and sisters.   Although only 1 lives close, FAcebook has been an awesome way of staying up to date on what is going on with everyone and genrally to just stay in touch.  

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Busy bee
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My FI’s older brother (his only sibling) and I get along really well.  Future Brother-In-Law is a high school English teacher and I’m a book lover, so we find plenty to talk about.  The two of them aren’t especially close, but Future Brother-In-Law and his wife (and new baby! SO adorable!) live nearby, and we see them fairly often.

My two older brothers like my Fiance — they like to tease him a little because he’s older than both of them.  One lives about 300 miles away, and the other about 3,000 miles away, so we don’t see them too often, but they get along very well.  I think they would honestly like any guy who made me happy, which Fiance clearly does.

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