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No matter how much you increase sickleave time, nobody is going to take a day or a week or two weeks off because they have caught the common cold and don’t know when they are contagious. It’s ridiculous that PPs expect them to. You’re just going to have to suck it up and take all the advice above with regard to that. 

 I happen to be one of those people who comes into work sick. I’m an occupational therapist. I work with children who are sick all the freaking time. I catch their colds. Sometimes worse. There is no substitute for a therapist and we are legally required to serve our time with our children. That means I come in sick and people just have to tolerate it. Sucks, but that’s life in a lot of job lines. All you can do is look out for yourself and hope for the best.

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skunktastic :  So I guess that means you get the healthy kids sick, who will then go home and get their entire family sick, and they just have to tolerate it? I assume you’re one of those people who gets very mild cold symptoms and doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Unfortunately, some people have more severe symptoms; for them, catching a cold means they won’t be able to breathe or sleep for 10 days. It’s more than a minor inconvenience.

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1st sign of symptom, load up on zinc.

my coworker used to complain if anyone came in with a snivel.  then he had kids.  he came to work with the flu one day.  he was sent home.  then he understood that coming with a cough or runny nose is ok.

wipe down your surfaces, wash your hands, load up on zinc, get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids.

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Unfortunately, too many employers penalize employees who DON’T come to work when they’re sick.  That’s where the problem lies, not with the employee who comes in but the employer who berates them for taking care of themselves.

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Ugh I am going through this RIGHT now. One of my co-workers is like, dealthy ill, coughing non-stop and wont go home. I suggested that she work from tomorrow and she was like “eh maybe. Working with 2 screens is so much better” and I was like, youre endangering and infecting other people. We have the option tow ork from home – USE IT!!!

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karkar1234 :  I agree, wash and sanitize your hands, and keep lysol wipes in the kitchen and common areas at work.  I work in a hospital so between sick coworkers and sick patients, the germs are running the place!  I put on a glove and wipe down door knobs, keyboards, phones, arms of chairs and other common surfaces in my department before every shift and anytime someone sick has been frequentling the area.  I also always wipe the water cooler handle, coffee pot handle, kitchen cabinet handles, microwave and fridge handles before using the kitchen.  I have a few other coworkers who are diligent with this as well, and I think we are the reason our department is fairly healthy!

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Hand sanitizer is your best friend! I also keep clorox wipes in my drawer. I wipe down my desk at the end of the day.

I think that’s really hthe best thing you can do. Try to stay away from people who are sneezing, don’t walk in that direction. 

I once worked in an office where the entire office got sick! Only two people made it in that day! 

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I can’t believe how much everyone fusses over a cold. A cold is like a minor thing. FYI a cold and flu are definitely not the same thing. I mean if people stayed home for the whole duration that they had a cold some people would be out for 2 weeks. And yes i know what it’s like to be sick a lot. I have a very weak immune system and get sick very easily so if i called out every time i had a little cold I wouldn’t have a job.

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skunktastic :  Agreed. A cold is contagious for 5-7 days (and up for up to two weeks). I don’t know many people who can just take a week off for a cold and I certainly don’t want to cover for people taking off for that either. People also shouldn’t assume that coughing = infectious.

OP: at the first sign of a coworker getting sick I take Vitamin C and am extra aware of washing my hands and not touching “common” stuff in our cube. Of the flip side, my coworkers are very aware of their cold and sanitize their hands and stand farther back then normal. We don’t tend to pass sicknesses around the office and I believe it’s due to the efforts of the people who aren’t sick as well as those who are.

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soexcited123 :  It would be nice if all workplaces had the option to work from home when sick, but I understand that not everyone has that option, so they can’t stay home for the entire duration of a cold. Still, staying home for the first day or two, when you’re the most contagious, would be the considerate thing to do.

And I know that a cold is minor, in terms of your overall health, but it can still make you downright miserable and I think most people would rather avoid it. Nobody wants to be sick all the time, even if it is “just a cold.” Honestly, I’d rather have the flu. At least I can sleep when I have the flu! The congestion and stuffiness and “head full of rocks” feeling that comes with the common cold is the worst.

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Research shows that there are over 200 strains of virus that around most of the time

Tje average adult gets 2-5 colds per year and children 5-7

Staying 6 feet away from a person with a cough keeps you out of range of the droplets

The virus has to reach your mucus membranes to infect you.   Don’t touch your face *especially eyes, nose and mouth

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Lol I thought this was going to be a ranty thread about co workers being off “sick” all the time. 

Our admin assistant has only been employed for about 3 months and of those 3 months she’s worked maybe two full weeks (i.e Monday through Friday without taking a day off) 🙄 it’s a different excuse every time, but occasionally she’s not come in the day after she’s said to us that she was going out with friends that night (i.e. Thursday night and not coming in on Friday) or that she had a big weekend planned and didn’t end up coming in on Monday 💁‍♀️ Like does she think we’re stupid? 😂

Its getting to the point where we all feel like she’s just taking the piss, now. 

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